Home buyer is scared to submit house offer for one reason : The Saturday Weekend Review #144

THE ENDLESS REAL ESTATE SEARCH   Buying a home is a big deal or should be a big deal to anyone who is in the market to buy real estate. Every now and then my wife and I enjoy trolling through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to see what homes are for sale in our area. It’s nice to get any idea of where the house prices are at and what people are selling. While at work the other day I was having lunch with a colleague and I knew that she was looking to sell their home to buy a new one. They were struggling because they have looked at houses for the past 2 months and nothing has come up that caught their eye. Every evening after dinner they would sit at the kitchen table and look at MLS listings writing down any potentials and letting their agent know that they would like to book a viewing. If it wasn’t the price that pushed them away it was the shady renovations or the property was too small. It was always something. They are not new to the home buying process as they’ve owned 2 other homes prior to […]

How We Renovated Our First House For Under $25,000

We renovated our first house for under $25,000 can you believe that? Purchasing your first house is an exciting yet stressful time for anyone. Trying to decide between ‘turn-key’ or a ‘fix-er-up-er’ is often a decision people face. There are advantages to both, but for us, we knew we wanted something we could make into a home with a little good ‘ol fashion blood, sweat and tears. This was always going to be our first home. We bought knowing we would probably be here 5-10 years until we built up enough equity to afford our forever home. Finding a home we could put some sweat equity into, but not get so deep into renovations we were knocking down walls and moving bathrooms, proved to be more difficult than I thought it would be. We were looking for a nice house that needed a little TLC.  We eventually found a house and managed to snag it up for a steal of a price. The sellers were motivated to sell due to a job taking them out-of-town. Saving as much money as possible on the purchase was important because we had a long list of things we wanted to renovate all within a […]

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