A Beginners Guide To A Grocery Price Book (Free Template Included)

Why Make A Grocery Price Book   For many families, groceries make up a large portion of their monthly spending. If you’re looking to spend less every month, it’s possible to save a considerable amount of money on groceries. Knowing your prices is one of the best strategies to save money on groceries. It helps you evaluate the sale flyers to know if a sale really is the best price in town. Prices are always changing. If you track the prices, you’ll know when to stock up and how much to buy. The simplest way to really understand your local food prices is to create a grocery price book. What is a grocery price book? A price book, also called a price comparison chart, is a sheet that tracks the prices of the items you buy most often. It takes sometime to set up, but you’ll earn back your time quickly. To really see this in action, take the example of my favorite brand of bouillon, Better Than Bouillon Chicken Bouillon. Here are the prices at my local grocery stores: Wegman’s: Regular price of $3.99 Giant: Sale price of $3.99, Regular price of $4.49 Walmart: Regular price of $3.58 When […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge #11 March 11-17, 2013-Shopping Twice A Week!

I know I said we would work on staying out of the shops during a “no-shop week” and we’re working hard at that. We now have to worry about us going back into the shop a second time in the same week. It’s not much and we aren’t over budget and some of you might laugh but for us we are trying to work at making this a way of life so we aren’t spending more in the grocery budget. It’s all these triggers that keep popping up that make us think about our actions. If we went out everyday to a new grocery store I’m betting it would make it tough although some people do enjoy shopping like this. We like to get it all done one day a week and move on with other projects in our lives. Being here is what is keeping us on track especially posting the grocery shops where we need the most help in our budget. What Went Wrong Mr.CBB? It’s simple, we forgot our coupons on the kitchen table that we were supposed to take with us in addition to what the wife had stashed in her luggage (a.k.a-The Handbag). We normally […]

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