How A Gift Closet May Be Your Secret Source For Savings : The Saturday Weekend Review #245

FINALLY A CLOSET THAT YOU’RE NOT AFRAID TO OPEN   I’d like to introduce you to our new savings source, The Gift Closet. Just about everyone I know has a junk drawer or closet where odds and ends gets tossed in hopes it may get used again. You know what I mean right? However, last week one of my readers gave me this idea about getting organized with our junk closets and opening up a gift closet. Sounds like you’re starting your own business but in a way, you are. If you consider savings for your bank account a business then you’re in business. It’s that simple. Not everyone has gifts they need to buy for people during the course of a year but there may be those odd times you find something that is too good to be true and you buy it. You may not want or need to use it right away so instead of it getting lost in the dust pockets of your home you open your gift closet. A good example for us are dish towels. Mrs. CBB has a love for dish cloths and towels and quality products are expensive to buy. When she […]

How answering the home phone saved us $134 in our budget!

NO WE DON’T NEED AIR DUCT CLEANING   If you are like us having a home phone these days’ means you are burdened by relentless sales people who never give up. If they aren’t asking you to buy something they are calling the home phone to ask for donations such as clothing and furniture at least 7 times per week. Match all of this with the array of phone scams that are on the rise and you’ve got one home phone you don’t want to answer. In the past I wrote about putting your home phone number  or cell phone number on the free Do Not Call List in Canada and it does work, for a while. Every so often we have to go back and enter our number again just to make sure we are still in the system. I don’t know how it all works behind the scenes but for the most part the home phone settles down for a while which is good news. We have in the past done a reverse look up in Canada to see if we recognize the phone numbers that call before we block them but we’ve gotten to the point where […]

Budget Update December 2013: Our year in review

ANOTHER YEAR HAS COME AND GONE   If you want to start using a budget there is no better time than now. Stop procrastinating because no one is perfect and almost everyone has some form of debt they’d like to get rid of. There’s no shame in taking the first step towards living a debt-free life if that is your goal. December came in like lightning and went out just as fast because we are now 6 days into 2014 and I’m excited to share our budget update with all of you. As you will see below we ran all of the numbers for 2013 to see just how we made out using our budgeted numbers and whether we needed to make any changes. We’ve never professed to be perfect, gosh we are far from it and our yearly budget numbers will show you that although we did budget we spent more than we anticipated. Although we had the money for the overage it still wasn’t good enough for us because if we didn’t, that money would have to come from somewhere.   Unexpected expenses   Most people have to turn to a credit card, line of credit or like […]

PF Friday Grab a Brew #50: Do you get a Christmas bonus or rely on a budget?

NEVER EXPECT ANYTHING NOR THINK IT WILL LAST FOREVER   Christmas bonuses for many people are a thing of the past as organizations struggle to keep afloat but many still do spread holiday cheer with their employees even if it is just by giving them a turkey or Christmas card. If you are an employer and are wondering what to get employees for Christmas I’d say that you know your employees best and the only way to retain good people is to make them feel like they are part of the team and acknowledging their hard work. That doesn’t always amount to dollar signs but it is a great way to give back. If you’ve ever watched undercover boss then you know how important it is to recognize those employees that go above and beyond for the organization. On the flip side just this week WestJet went above and beyond for their customers by granting them their Christmas wish list which went viral on You Tube and all social media and certainly showed how listening and giving is better than receiving. When the holidays roll around as an employer you should at the least recognize your employees but it’s up […]

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