Stop Blaming The Government For All Of Your Debt Problems

DEBT= Don’t Ever Buy Things On Credit   Debt for most Canadians is still a reality and likely will be for a long time unless something changes but not necessarily from a political aspect but a personal one. Is the Canadian government to blame for all of our debt problems or should we start taking responsibility for the way we are spending and saving money? The past few days I’ve spent what little free time I have in between working 7 days a week, family responsibility and blogging to catch up with what’s happening in the world of Canadian Finance. With the internet flooded with resent for the Wynne Liberal government who are under fire right now especially with the increase in hydro costs that are creating energy poverty for Canadians who simply can’t afford to pay these price hikes. Our hydro has more than doubled in the past year and our habits have not changed which means we continue to be conscious of utility usage. What’s even worse is there are plans in the works to phase out natural gas, homes will need an energy audit when put up for sale and renovations based on energy efficiency. This is […]

Could you survive a recession in Canada? : The Saturday Weekend Review #137

EVERYONE VIEWS MONEY DIFFERENTLY   Whether the economists believe Canada is in a recession or not the fact remains that we should be prepared. If you’ve noticed that your pay rise has been overlooked or even so slim you’d hardly tell a difference in your bank account, you’re not alone. Even though Canada added 12,000 jobs in August the unemployment rate went up and sitting at 7.0 percent. This happened because there was a large drop in part-time jobs. These are the jobs that most people rely on for extra income or to make ends meet. I read an article about the so-called “Recession” in Canada presenting what questions would most often come up over and over and what expert economists had to say about them. In Canada we’ve been through 12 recessions since 1926 which is when data started being recorded. It is said that we go into a recession about every 7 years which is why we shouldn’t overlook the obvious, our own finances. A recession is a BIG deal and although I’ve only been in Canada since 2007 I was here to feel the financial crunch of 2008 which was big for us. My wife’s investments like […]

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