Double-Crust Mincemeat Pies Part 2

CHRISTMAS MINCE PIES A couple of weeks back I promised you that as soon as 4 weeks was up after making part 1 of this recipe the mincemeat filling we would get started on making some mincemeat pies. You can read about “What is mincemeat pie?” and “The history of mincemeat pie” in the link above if you want more background about this lovely festive treat. Today I am using the mincemeat that has been maturing over the last few weeks. As I opened the jar of mincemeat filling that I recently made my heart just melted it took me right back home to eating Christmas pies with my family with a cuppa tea! My sisters and I would always fight over the mincemeat pies as there was five 0f us in the family. There would always be couple of mincemeat pies left and after mum got hers we were down to the last one which we would wrestle over. My dad on the other hand doesn’t really like mince pies as he prefers his apple pies. My kids were there when I opened the jar of mincemeat asking what we were going to make today as a family because […]

Frosty Christmas pudding

NO BAKING REQUIRED FOR THIS HOLIDAY TREAT   A no-bake holiday treat like my Frosty Christmas Pudding is easy to make and full of holiday flavours. Well I am at it again only this time without my oven because It broke down on me and I feel as though I have lost a limb. It’s just the wrong time of year for the cooker to go down but fortunately my neighbour has given me a loan of his counter oven which is awesome. So it’s my son’s birthday Sunday December 15th and he is having a small party with three friends at a local bowling alley. I picked up a great deal at our local Superstore with a 50% off pink sticker for a cupcake cake since I would have struggled to make anything. As his party is on the Saturday I said I would make him a cake for his actual birthday to celebrate with us.   Yes my oven is broken so how am I going to do this cake for him? Well this Frosty Christmas pudding cake needs no baking and can actually be used instead of a Christmas pudding/dumpling on Christmas day.   Christmas pudding   […]

Sticky meringue roulade with honey cream stuffed with cranberry and raspberries

A LIGHT AFTER DINNER CAKE   Everyone likes something sweet once in a while and this treat is sure to please even the finicky dessert eater. We all love to eat at Christmas time and if you are anything like me you love the variety of  desserts generally available at many gatherings. The problem I have is when I have eaten turkey and all the trimmings that I am sometimes way too full to be eating anything else. To end your meal with something sweet I am sharing with you today a light alternative to your other heavy on the stomach Christmas desserts. Today I have a roulade recipe called a sticky meringue roulade with honey cream stuffed with cranberry and raspberries. The roulade is also known as cake roll recipes or simply rolled that can be created with various flavours and fillings which can be sweet or savory.   What is meringue?   A wonderfully frivolous thing a meringue recipe is made with using just the egg whites of an egg, sugar and an acid such as lemon or vinegar, cornflour which is corn starch in Canada then whisked until soft peaks are formed–light as air, sweet as honey […]

PF Weekly Grab a Brew #47: Work Smart…How important is family time to you?

SPENDING TIME WITH LOVED ONES Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the very people who love us the most. As I get my Friday dose of Yahoo personal finance reading in it was twice this morning that family time came up. I was intrigued to read an article about a young couple who both want to retire at age 50 with just over a million dollars in a Money Sense article on Yahoo.   I’d love to retire early and if you play your financial cards right that could just happen to you. I read some of the comments (that’s where it gets all juicy in any Yahoo article) after reading the personal finance breakdown of this couple which looked amazing to me given their young ages of 26 and 32 with her being a nurse and him an engineer. They are doing it right working hard while they are young in their chosen careers and investing and saving money like my wife and I both did from a young age. When I read the post I was thrilled for this couple as I do enjoy reading about couples who are making money work for them and not against them […]

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