Tiramisu in a flash!

EASY DINNER PARTY DESSERT   If there is one easy dessert that is made with everyday ingredients from the pantry in my house it’s an Italian tiramisu. When I make a tiramisu I don’t always use the traditional Italian tiramisu ingredients as you will find out today. This evening I have friends coming over for dinner and I somehow managed to forget some ingredients on my grocery list to make my tiramisu cake, oops! This tiramisu dessert could have easily turned into a disaster but since I keep a well stalked pantry I was able to create my signature tiramisu in a flash. Experimenting and taking everyday ingredients out of the pantry and making something extraordinary is why I love cooking so much. Instead of using a creamy mascarpone cheese mixture I found a packet of vanilla pudding to use in place of the creamy custard type layers. Since I bake quite often I had chocolate on hand. The other week I bulked out on Italian “S Cookies” as they were on sale for $0.88 for a pack of 12. You can also use Italian lady fingers which is a traditional cookie in the tiramisu recipe. I use lady fingers […]

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