grocery game monthly challenge

How To Make A Customer Complaint For A Product (sample letter)

DON’T THROW MONEY IN THE GARBAGE WHEN YOU HAVE A LEGITIMATE CUSTOMER COMPLAINT   Your grocery budget is important as should be the products you spend your money on an expect a certainly level of quality from. Lodging a customer complaint is not new but the way we communicate complaints to companies has changed over the years. Not everyone has a computer and not everyone is interested in making a phone call or writing a letter. The good news is that companies offer various ways to contact them which appeals to all generations of shoppers. My mother-in-law for example is a phone call kind of gal and that’s the way she rolls. She’s also the customer who will go into a bank instead of using online banking. On the other hand I’m an online banking customer and would rather do a live chat or send an email into customer service if I had a customer complaint. Options are important for all levels of customer service to appeal to the masses of consumers buying products in our grocery stores. Consumer help is always a phone call, email or live chat away if you have a product you’ve purchased but aren’t satisfied […]

grocery game monthly challenge

How To Return Food To A Grocery Store Successfully : The Grocery Game Challenge 2018 #4 May 21-27

YOUR MONEY IS IMPORTANT TO YOU SO MAKE SURE YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR   Step-by-Step I’m going to walk you through how you can return food to a grocery store so the next time you’re not a happy customer you know how to get your money back! I don’t often return food but when I do I make sure I get our money back How many times have you eaten something new or food that you were familiar with from the grocery store and you just didn’t like it? I’m betting you can count a few times on one hand in your lifetime but I want to know, what do you do about it? Today, I’m going to walk you through exactly how we would return food to a grocery store including what we would say and do. When I first moved to Canada there was no way in hell I was returning anything food or not. In fact, I had no idea how to grocery shop in Canada which meant I was starting from scratch. I’m not alone, this happens every day even with people born and raised here. Today, my views and experience have greatly changed […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Ultimate Guide To Canadian Grocery Stores Return Policy : The Grocery Game Challenge 2018 #1 Apr 2-8

IF YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY AND YOU’RE NOT HAPPY THEN RETURN IT   A return policy is a BIG check for YES when customers can easily locate and review such a policy on any grocery store website and in-store. The problem is sometimes it’s not so easy finding the FAQ’s or the return policy so consumers understand what they can and cannot return. This can get frustrating for customers who are already shy to return something or for those who have to hunt for information and don’t want to call or visit customer service. The name of the game for grocery stores in Canada must be, simplicity. To keep things simple for my readers I went and did the work for you as you will find a return policy below for most major grocery stores in Canada. My advice to everyone is if you are unsure about a return policy or whether an item can be returned, call the store. There may be time limits for a return and other stipulations but for the most part they are great with food items especially if you hand on to your receipt. One tip I like to give is to store your […]

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