The Saturday Weekend Review #50: Should rich kids get off easy in the legal system?

BEING RICH MAY MEAN POWER BUT NOT LOVE   I don’t know what it’s like to be rich with money but I do know what it’s like to be rich in love having both my parents teaching me right from wrong. Drinking and driving is a huge problem all over the world and sometimes we have to learn the hard way even if it means we lose our own lives from the silly decisions we make or end up behind bars for taking someone else’s life. I was reading a Yahoo article about a rich kid (well he has rich parents) from Texas who was drinking and driving with blood levels 3 times the legal limit (yes 3 ) who killed 4 people and injured 9 who were on the side of the road helping another motorist. The defense for his case said it was due to ‘Affluenza’ and so the teenager was only given probation. What is affluenza you are asking? Good question…..they say it’s the failure of his parents to set boundaries for him. So in other words they are not that great at parenting. Affluenza, a portmanteau of affluence and influenza, is a term used by critics […]

The Saturday Weekend Review #43: Demanding kids and budget Halloween costume ideas

HALLOWEEN COSTUMES CAN DENT THE BUDGET   Not everyone has the creative flair when it comes to Halloween and spending less on candy and decorations but with a bit of planning you can celebrate without breaking the bank. Kids and costumes   Kids can get pretty demanding when it comes to Halloween because they want to dress up in what they want and once they have an idea in their head they stick to it. My best friend’s daughter wanted to be a character from Pacific Rim and has her heart set on being a giant robot. He will do anything to make his daughter happy so he set out to Wal-Mart to buy all the materials to create this costume for her. The cost for the materials came to $54 so far and he still has to figure out materials to make the arms. That’s a pricey costume for a child but if you want to see your children smile and you can afford it in your budget than why not go all the way to make the night a magical moment for your child. Another alternative is to have the child save part of their allowance or if […]

The Saturday Weekend Review #6 November

Mr.CBB’s  Saturday Weekend Review So the snow touched down in Ontario yesterday and boy and I smiling from ear to ear. I was more than happy that the Christmas lights went up when it was nice and toasty out. Not alot happened on the home front this week besides the usual work and cleaning up the garage. I’ve managed to get everything off the ground (tire racks are great) so we can park both of the vehicles inside for the winter as intended. I could never understand why some people pack their garage floor to ceiling instead of wanting the ease of getting in and out of their vehicle during the winter months. I have no problems sipping on my coffee and waving to neighbours as I drive past as they are giving their wind-shield death with the ice scraper.  Scenario: Mr.CBB opens window, waves, “have a nice day Mrs.Jones” while enjoying his hot beverage, driving away in his toasty vehicle.  Do you park your vehicles in your garage if you have one? Finally as promised I told you Mrs.CBB and I were going on a “date” to see the final movie in the Twilight Series Breaking Dawn 2 on Monday. Yes […]

October 2012 Canadian Budget Binder Family Budget Update

What happened in October in the CBB House?  The Budget Saga, no, not the Twilight Saga continues here in the CBB home although I’ve been reminded Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 comes out in theatres Nov 16,2012 and the red carpet premiere is Nov 12, 2012. I don’t know what it is about the ladies and Robert Pattinson but Mrs. CBB says he’s sexy but not as dreamy and sexy as me and my accent is just as drool worthy (ha, ya that’s what they want us to believe). I also think it’s a way to drag me to the movie release for a date night.. because she has free tickets and has made me watch every other Twilight Movie. That’s Ok, there’s give and take now because I have the remote control so she watches what I watch lol. Anyhow… enough Vampire talk… the budget saga continues in the CBB home as it should with any home as the budget can change at any moment so it’s important to keep on top of it. This month we see a change in our communications category although it’s no surprise really. Good News from Rogers Communications who says the CRTC LPIF FEE of 1.5% […]

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