Will Pick-and-Pay Cable Save You Cash? : The Saturday Weekend Review #113

WHAT’S IN YOUR BUNDLE?   It was about 2 weeks ago that the call was made to Rogers to review our cable bill because it had gone up in price. I’m never shocked when this happens. Yesterday morning it was exciting for people who still order (us included) cable TV as we found out the CRTC mandated cable and satellite distributors to offer a basic package for the customers beginning in March 2016. This basic cable package can cost no more than $25 which is great if basic cable is all you need. Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s my wife remembers her parents only having a basic cable channels 2-13. She isn’t sure if they even paid for that as she believes it was free. The reason we negotiated a new cable package with Rogers recently was because we don’t watch half the channels and the price hike. What bothered us was not being able to find a cable bundle that appealed to us but in the end we found something “good enough”. My wife and I had a conversation wondering why they don’t let us pick the channels that we want to watch in our bundle. […]

Haggling the Best Deal with your Communications Company

Do you call your cable company annually to negotiate a better deal? If not, read this post to learn how you can save yourself and your family money each year with a simple call. Haggling with your communications company may seem like a pain in the back side but with high competition for services it’s worth the time it takes to talk to a customer retention agent. Every year I shake my head when I do the yearly round-up of our expenditures with Rogers Cable. I must admit that I have lowered these costs over the years but am looking to downsize them. Sure I have some of the best Rogers retention plans going but sometimes they make it difficult to want to continue being a long time client of theirs. The cancellation department also handles the retention phone calls for customers who have promotions coming to an end. Essentially all they are is a customer service representative with retention strategies to try and keep you as a customer. They are the people who can boost your savings depending on your needs and how well a customer you are. Rogers client retention may not seem like a big deal when you are […]

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