At what age should your child get their first cell phone? : The Saturday Weekend Review #116

TIMES REALLY HAVE CHANGED   If you asked me today at what age I would give our son his first cell phone I would tell you it’s never going to happen. At least not from our budget. It’s hard to say no when your child is crying, begging and screaming for their first cell phone and lists all the reasons WHY they should get one, but do they really need it? Cell phone companies are getting rich from these types of kids and the parents who give in. A bit of background about my cell phone… I don’t own one and don’t plan to if I don’t have to. My first cell phone was one of the old cell phones from Samsung which was a flip phone with a camera and a few other bits and bobs. I was almost 30 years old. Back in the day it was a popular phone but as the years progressed it became something that you could smash and replace without remorse. People still use old cell phones but not as much as they rave about the smartphone especially when a new model comes on the market. It seems like just because something new […]

Does your mobile phone control your life?

Addicted to text, social media… technology   Should your life be filled with all the technological advances such as a mobile phone? Too often we see people who are roaming alone with their mobile phone and forget the life around them. It almost seems as if the mobile phone is in control and you might even know someone who can’t live without one. For some people they connect emotionally to their mobile phone like Linus did with his security blanket. It’s a way to be social without being social in real life… it’s more anti-social especially for those who don’t know how to turn it off when around other people, in job interviews or when they should be enjoying life. There was a time when the home phone was all we had and that was the way we communicated so having a mobile phone has only become a convenience that many believe they need otherwise their world may collapse around them. Sure, I own a television, computer and laptop but I use it when I need to or have the time to fit entertainment into my life. I haven’t paid for a mobile phone of my own since moving to […]

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