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15 Easy Lunch Sandwiches For Less Than Two Dollars : The Grocery Game Challenge #3, Dec 21-27,2015

DELICIOUS SIMPLE LUNCH IDEAS DON’T HAVE TO COST A FORTUNE   Lunch Sandwiches have long since been a popular food to eat any time of the day for both kids and adults whether at home, work, school, picnics, gatherings or on the run. Although your typical homemade sandwich can range in price depending on how fancy of a sandwich you want you can’t go wrong by making it at home rather than buying it pre-made. Layering your sandwich with roast beef, Swiss cheese and bacon will cost more than having a simple roast-beef and cheddar sandwich so it’s important to know what ingredients you like in your lunch sandwiches so you can stock up when there are grocery store sales. Keeping prices in mind will help to keep costs low while allowing you to eat the best foods available. My wife and I are always looking for lunch suggestions because we get bored with eating the same foods all the time so we aim for variety in our diet. Although I enjoy taking a hot lunch to work every once in a while I don’t mind lunch sandwiches because they are easy meals to make paired with soup or other […]

Homemade Carrot Marmalade

A Traditional Marmalade With A Carrot Twist   Marmalade sandwiches anyone? Well this year has been a huge success in our household with canning and I really, really got into the swing of it to my surprise. I have done some canning before but not to the extent of nearly filling an entire pantry full of goodies to last til next year.   Free food offerings   People were coming out of everywhere offering me free, yes free fruit and veg because they couldn’t keep up with how much their garden was producing. I know Mr.CBB says he gives away crab apples because the tree on his property is overflowing every year and they hate to see the apples rot. There’s not a year that’s gone by that we haven’t given most or all the apples away or used them to make our own crab apple jelly or apple butter – CBB Now you tell me who’s not going to say yes please to free fruits and vegetables if someone were to hand you a basket full of nutritious foods. I know I would struggle to say no because I enjoy being in the kitchen as it’s a passion of […]

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