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The grocery game challenge #4 Sept 23-29, 2013: Does size really matter?

Yes Size Really Does Matter Of course size matters so you should keep your eyes peeled for all marketing and pricing strategies although many are not tricks. It’s up to you as the consumer to find out what the difference is even if it is staring us right in the face. If you are smart about grocery shopping you will always keep size and weight in the back of your mind especially if you aim to stick to your grocery budget. Don’t beat yourself up though if you miss something we all do it and we pay more but what can you do but be aware the next time around. Pricing strategy It’s not the first time I noticed pricing strategies at grocery stores but at Metro the other evening while we were doing a quick run around for coupons and picking up our lotto max ticket we noticed tonnes of Cashmere 8 pack toilet paper reg price $8.33 on an actual sign posted on these skids. My instant reaction was …”yeah right”. It was later in the day but I thought to myself that there is no way I’d pay that kind of money for toilet paper unless I […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge June 4-10 Name Your Price?

We’re back with a new month and a new Grocery Game Challenge.. can you believe it’s June already? This month I want to talk about prices and what you are willing to pay for a product.  Name your price… what are you willing to pay for a product to take it home for your family. Since Mrs.CBB and I have been using coupons and have stockpiled many items we now know what a good price is and what a not so good price is. Does this hamper our grocery shops? Sometimes it does especially when an item we need is not on sale nor do we have a coupon. Sales cycles happen every few months so you start to know what items will be on sale and when. Unfortunately when you need something, you simply can’t wait a few months down the line until the next $dollar sale happens. Other options for us is to wait until Shoppers Drug Mart has a 20x points event or  Spend $75 get 18,500 points. Although most will say Shoppers Drug Mart is overpriced to begin with if you shop wise on these bonus days you can come out ahead. Since we know pretty much […]

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