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Purchasing Weekly Groceries Offers The Best Customer Perks – GGC 2018 #3 Sept 17-23

Honestly, how many times do you really need to go to the grocery store each month?   Today I want to explain why I believe buying weekly groceries will save you more money in the long-run provided you stick to your budget. You can ask just about anyone about grocery shopping and you’ll soon see that views differ based on lifestyle and the enjoyment of planning and executing a trip to the shop. Honestly, how many times do you really need to go to the grocery store each month? This is what my neighbour said about his wife who must grocery shop once a week. Well, that depends on your meal plan, cooking methods and if your plan is for weekly groceries you may come out ahead with the better deals while giving up time.   Time differs for everyone, let me explain.   Over the years Mrs. CBB and I have trialed different times of grocery shopping such as shopping bi-weekly, weekly, once a month and daily and each offered us something different. Before we had our son for example it was a breeze doing weekly groceries or even daily because we could without any issue. Add couponing to […]

How To Sell Personal Possessions For Maximum Return

THE IMPACT OF WHAT YOU LEAVE BEHIND MAY COST YOU MORE THAN YOU’RE SAVING   If you own something free and clear then it belongs in the personal possessions pile of your life. Getting rid of clutter has been our biggest goal for 2018 especially since the passing of my father-in-law and now my mother-in-law who has been diagnosed with onset Alzheimer’s disease. Since then she has purged the entire home because she wants very little in it. She continually says, “I’m just one person” although when my father-in-law was alive it was only just the two of them and boy did they collect lots of things over the years. Honestly it looks like the house is for sale but it’s not. She’s just is sick of the clutter and wants it gone and in some ways, I don’t blame her. Our space should be important to us whether we have a large space or a small space and filing it up only takes away from our room to move freely, something we should value more than stuff.   The time to purge is every day   Out with the old and forget about anything new or used.  Stop bringing […]

grocery game monthly challenge

Quick Tips For Buying Groceries Without A Vehicle: The Grocery Game Challenge 2018 #3 Jan 15-21

CHOOSE GROCERIES WISELY WHEN SHOPPING WITH LIMITED OR LITTLE TRANSPORTATION TO HELP SAVE YOU MONEY   When I was in University I didn’t have a supermarket near me which meant I had to get creative with buying groceries and stockpiling sales so I didn’t go without or even worse, run out. It’s not like I wouldn’t have been without food since there were and still are take-away shops in just about every village in the UK. Being a frugal guy all my life it was rare you’d catch me eating out when I could make it at home for less. I would and still do get more enjoyment out of creating delicious meals at home then heading to a restaurant. My idea of eating out would be a restaurant or street vendor selling food that I’d have no idea how to cook, won’t cook or foods I’ve never tried before. Many people who do go out to eat get the same boring food that’s relatively easy to make. That’s not really why a majority of people eat out anyways, it’s the convenience. When I get asked why so many people eat out I know that one of the biggest reasons […]

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