8 Habits We Pursued To Became Powerful Savers : The Saturday Weekend Review #234

ONCE YOU FORM A HABIT IT BECOMES AUTOMATIC   Start to talk about money and everyone is all ears because not everyone is as rich as you think. Over the years I’ve come to realize that not everyone who wants to know about how savers get their money motivation actually want to do the same. I believe that reading about success stories for some people who want to become savers is like getting a high and then slowly coming down because they never take their goals to the next level. Mrs. CBB had her friend over the other day who just happens to be far younger than she is but our sons have grown up together. In fact they are best of buddies so we see them often and celebrate milestones together. Although, we could technically be their parents if we got pregnant at the same age they have, twice. I know, right, twice. They have two children under the age of 3 and they are barely out of their teenage years. They bought a second-hand newer model car, rent a basement apartment, go to school and work full-time. Who does that? Lots of people do and it’s not really […]

September 2013 net worth update: (+0.72%) Believe and see victory in numbers

Your Net Worth Is Seen Through Your Eyes So Open Them Wide I love reading about how other people grow their net worth because it’s motivating for me to see that if someone else can do it, so can I. I believe that having a positive attitude about money is a way to get from the bottom to where you want to go, after all we all started down there. Just the other day I finally included our Canadian Budget Binder Budget Spreadsheet to my Free Money Saving Tools which only took me 2 years to put together. I have had many people test out our budget for me because I wanted it to reflect our values as a couple in terms of finance but also to include elements that others might enjoy. Without our budget I can safely say that our net worth wouldn’t be where it is today although we have a long way to go in order to reach our personal finance goals. This past month our budget has taken a hit with all the spending we have been doing around the house mainly. Finishing the landscaping and purchasing 2 new computer systems cost us big time […]

Bust our budget September 2013: Free Canadian Budget Binder Budget Spreadsheet

A Money Smart Budget Begins With You   If you’ve been waiting for my free excel budget spreadsheet for the past 2 years the time has come that you can now download it free. If you have been following Canadian Budget Binder and have read my budgeting series and are still not sure if you want to budget then at least download it and give it a shot for one month. I often talk to fans who email me for budget help but they don’t use a proper budget or one that gives them the data they need to make informed decisions. You don’t need a budget that is so detailed you get lost with all of the information, at least we didn’t. There are so many free budget spreadsheets available on the internet it’s not a one size fits all system. I don’t think there is any one “perfect budget” out there but you can customize an existing budget to fit your lifestyle. I’ve used many online budgets, printable budgets and the pen and paper version so if at first you don’t succeed, don’t give up. You can’t win the battle if you hang up the towel at the […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The grocery game challenge Sept 2-8, 2013 #1- Back to school treats for kids

What’s In My Lunch Box? It was back to school today for many Canadian kids which meant the grocery stores were jam-packed and it was near impossible to get help if you needed it as there just wasn’t enough staff. The streets tend to get a bit crowded here when the students arrive for University and College but we have learned to have patience. Funny though while at Shoppers Drug Mart the University students were piling in and the sheer amount of snack items being purchased was outrageous. The counter was filled with Red Bull, Mentos, snack packs of crackers and cheese, chips and chocolate bars. In my head I was thinking how unhealthy all the food was and the cost to purchase the items. Back to school lunches While I was reading the grocery flyers for this week you couldn’t miss the “Back to School” sales in just about every flyer. Many of the sales that were advertised were for convenience foods such as juice boxes, chocolate, cookies, various types of bars and get this, Perrier water. I know, I was thinking the same thing, what kid brings Perrier water to school? I’m pretty sure that a sandwich is standard for […]

PF Weekly grab a brew #35: Labour Day Weekend…Back to school!

It’s the Labour Day long weekend this weekend a statutory holiday in Canada for Monday September, 2, 2013. Many but not all of us are fortunate get the day off to spend with their family and loved ones, but for those that do there is plenty to do. Parades, loads of fireworks happen in local communities and it’s a time for the kids to get themselves organized for back to school next week. This is also a huge cottage weekend for those who want to spend the last weekend before the kids go back to school and the Fall weather sets in to enjoy the surroundings of summer. It’s also a big weekend where all the University and College students move and settle into their accommodations for the year if they are away from home. It will be chaotic at best in most cities that have a University or College as the population increases and businesses get ready to service all these kids who are clad with credit cards, OSAP loans and money they have stashed away for the year from their summer jobs. I’m sure the money savvy students will have already designed a student budget and will keep […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge Oct 8-14,2012-Fresh Air!

This week the Grocery Game Challenge takes us back into the garden for some Fall fresh air. Almost all of our plants are now re-potted and brought indoors for the winter. I just need to get the last of the love ferns brought in before Mrs. CBB gives me the speech about killing the love fern last year. Yes, I said Love Fern, and Yes she named it that, not me. We thought we would take our mates advice and do some Fall gardening to save some money something we really had not done in the past. It’s amazing how all this food we can grow helps us save money in our grocery budget all year long.Upon returning from our Thanksgiving “left over” feast with our relatives today we brought back some goodies to plant for next year. This afternoon I planted some rapini which are so excited about as well as fennel seeds. I also managed to plant our spring onions so they will be ready to go in 2013. We talked about growing Kale and Swiss Chard next year so that is on our garden radar as well.  Have you tried Kale or Swiss Chard? How do you prepare it? We also managed to […]

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