How To Protect Your Property From Open House Theft: The Saturday Weekend Review #197

YOUR OPEN HOUSE IS A CANDY STORE FOR POTENTIAL OPEN HOUSE THIEVES.   Open house signs seem to be flooding the real estate market these days especially during the Spring, Summer and Fall months when the weather is nice in our neighbourhood. A successful open house means that you’ve had potential buyers come through, nothing was broken, nobody was injured and you didn’t get robbed due to open house theft. Open houses today are met with homeowners and real estate agents being more cautious than they once were because open house theft continues to happen every single day. Do you really need an open house? You don’t need to have an open house but if you want one it’s important to know what you’re getting involved in especially security risks.   What is an open house listing?   Once you’ve established that you want to sell your house and you’ve signed all the papers and met up with your agent at their real estate office you may consider an open house. The same rules apply if you are a for sale by owner representing yourself because now you’ve got to do the legwork to make sure you protect your investment. […]

Could Your Budget Handle a 6 Hour Workday? : The Saturday Weekend Review #141

IMPROVE MORAL AT WORK   For many of us our workday consists of long hours and if there was an opportunity to go home early we’d take it. We are conditioned from a young age that working full-time meant at least an 8 hour workday unless of course you work non-traditional hours or part-time hours. Working 8 hours a day may be exhausting for many people but if we just cut out 2 of those hours our lives may change for the good or is that entirely true? Anyone who works a typical full-time job of 40 hours a week bases their budget around the income they earn. Could you handle that financial change to your income? If you work part-time hours you wouldn’t have to worry so much unless your part-time hours meant your 2-8 hour working days are now 6 hour working days which means you make less money. Of  course no matter if you work part-time or full-time hours budgeting your money is always important and any dips in your income can cause a ripple effect in each category. Catching my drift yet? Just yesterday I read that Sweden is offering employees the opportunity to bin the […]

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