Single mom entrepreneur makes millions with lunchbox idea: The Saturday Weekend Review #86

BACK TO SCHOOL IDEAS   I’ve always believed that an entrepreneur has to believe in their product more than anyone else to get it off the ground. How many times do you have an idea in your head and think if only I could make a proto-type and sell it to make millions? I’m the worst for not caring about turning my ideas into something more even though I hear my wife once in a while say, “That’s a brilliant idea”. Who knows maybe I am flushing money down the toilet but it takes a special person to want to run with their ideas. I bet there have been many occasions something has popped into your head although it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a hit, but what if it was?   Entrepreneurial ideas   Becoming and entrepreneur is not an easy task and even young entrepreneurs must have the same devotion to their ideas as an adult. Coming up with good entrepreneur ideas are the end all be all for some people who hang out in social entrepreneurial groups where they might chat about their ideas and help each other bring their dreams to life. Owning a small […]

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