Soft Or Hard Water-Is Your Water Softener Costing You Money?

  When I found out that our water softener had gone up the spout because of a leaking resin bed tank (the inner tank) I was a little annoyed. This is the time where either the emergency savings fund or our home maintenance projected expenses will come in handy and why it’s important to budget for home repairs. Mrs. CBB and I did a little price comparison from various sources online and found the price of a water softener is similar across the board. Sorry, I can’t find you ridiculous savings on a new softener, but what I can do is tell you what I found out while researching for a new one. What is hard water and what does a water softener do? Depending on where your city/region sources your mains water supply you will be blessed with soft water or cursed with hard water. You can tell if you have hard water or soft water simply by the calcium carbonate deposits around faucets commonly seen as a build up of white crust. How to tell if your water softener is working properly or not? Inspect your unit, appliances, valves, faucets etc and if you see a white crust […]

Mr.CBB’s Personal Finance Reading List #6 ~Worrying and Complaining Does Nothing, Now That’s Snow!

To All My Devoted Canadian Budget Binder Fans around the world! Please click the link below and vote for Canadian Budget Binder who is up for nomination for Best Top Personal Finance Blog 2012. All it takes is a click and I thank you for your continued support as this site is for all of you.  Click HERE to vote Canadian Budget Binder. Update: Over If we win: Winning blog $100 to give away to one of their readers to help them in their journey to pay down their debt or add to their savings. I will hold a contest if we win and give this to one lucky fan! Here Comes The Snow, Are You Ready? We thought we would get lucky again this year with small shots of snow falling from the sky but that simply is not the case according to the weather professionals. If you are in Southwestern Ontario your commute was or is likely going to be a messy one with Environment Canada weather radars zeroing in on one of the biggest winter blasts since 2011. The Alberta clipper is making it’s presence with a sweet push from the USA. It’s been a couple of […]

How I Turned My Passion and Skills Into Making Extra Money

  HARD WORK AND DEDICATION REALLY DO PAY OFF   My friends always ask me how I make extra money and I tell them I took what I do best and turned it into cash! Up until 4 years ago, working a full-time job was as easy as getting up, going to work, coming home and collecting my pay-check. Then I had my son, which made things a little more difficult, 19 months later my daughter joined our family, followed 4 months later by a divorce. Not so easy anymore……Many nights I laid awake thinking “how can I do this all on my own?” How can I make extra money so that the kids can do things like swimming lessons and soccer? I could not wrap my head around how I could go back to work full-time. I have over ten years experience in the landscaping industry, but now I have a life that makes that job impossible. I have always enjoyed working so I decided I would look for a part-time job instead.   Part-Time Job   I found the perfect part-time job while viewing an online posting board. No experience needed!! I got that job and for two years now […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge May 28-June 3 Hot Hot Hot!

We are now in the last week of May and it sure has been abnormally HOT for most of us in Southwestern Ontario.  Please let it rain mother nature! We’ve  been using the barbeque quite a bit for the past couple months.  Nothing like a bbq, and nice cold beer and having your mates around. Since purchasing a new gas barbeque earlier this year we are happy with our decision of  buying one with the side burner and rotisserie. We use the side burner to boil potatoes, corn and small fry ups.  This saves us money rather than using the electric stove in the house with the added bonus of  not heating up the house. We have yet to put our Central Air on likely around July same as last year although we hardly use it. We have also been cooking from scratch lately and rather enjoying the recipes I’ve developed in the kitchen. Recently I made Mr.CBB’s Slammin Chili with a Spicy Cheddar Bacon Corn bread which was so good and paired well with the chili. I’ll be posting the chili recipe later this weekend. With that being said, this week was a slow week in terms of shopping as it […]

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