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How To Chop Your Grocery Costs In Half : The Grocery Game Challenge 2016 #3 May 16-22


YOUR GROCERY COSTS CAN BE SAVED   I’m sure you think that it’s impossible to cut your grocery costs in half and for some of you it may be challenging but for others who are determined it is possible. The problem with so many people who overspend is realizing that they need to change and put stops in place to stick with it. How much should your grocery budget be? If you don’t know the answer to this question today I’m going to share with you how you might be spending far TOO MUCH on groceries for no reason at all. Let’s examine the ways you may be overspending and how you can chop your expenses without feeling deprived. Just because you grocery shop at a cheaper grocery store doesn’t mean you are winning with your grocery bill. No matter where you grocery shop there will ALWAYS be deals which means not one grocery store is created equally. This is the beauty of consumer marketing at it’s finest. In the event you live in a small town and have one local grocery store being mindful of your grocery expenses may become imperative for those who run their ship on a […]

grocery game monthly challenge

Strange Things People Do At The Grocery Store To Save Money: The Grocery Game Challenge 2016 #3 Apr 17-24

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SAVING MONEY CAN BECOME A CHALLENGE HIGH   I’ve blogged about grocery shopping for 5 years now and have learned so much about how Canadians grocery shop. I’ve learned the good and the ugly about how far people will go to save money on one of the biggest budget expenses apart from mortgage/rent and vehicle payments- food. While at the supermarket I’m on full radar and see so many strange things people do to save money that it amazes me how they can be so easy-going about it. When cracks in the savings system are found some consumers cash in because they want more than a little, they want it all even if it’s a bit underhanded. Financial times are tough in many households as grocery prices and living expenses are steadily increasing where the tightest grocery budget will feel the strain. You may think that only people who are struggling to buy food will conquer the grocery store using crooked ways just to save a few bucks but this is far from true. Even the richest of people are frugal and will do just about anything to keep money flowing through their bank account even if it is cheating […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Most Annoying Situations When Buying Groceries : The Grocery Game Challenge 2016 #1 Apr 4-10


SURVEY SAYS…GROCERY SHOPPING FAILS   Buying groceries is a must for just about everyone so unless you have your groceries delivered or rely on a personal shopper you are in charge of the shopping cart. As someone who doesn’t mind buying groceries from a few competitive stores in our area I notice a difference between grocery chains and when it comes to customers we all fail at something on my grocery shopping annoyance list below. Luckily when buying groceries many of us have the option of where we want to shop but for those of you who may live in a small town or who are without transportation or limited transportation you may have select stores to give your business too. Sometimes we have to take the good with the bad when buying groceries because funds are limited and honestly no one store is perfect and never will be. What we can change is the way we are as customers and voice our concerns so the grocery chains and even small indpendent grocery stores hear what the customers need. I’m not that guy who will fill out a customer survey right now because I’m swamped with work but I have […]

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Big City Savings Tips To Survive Grocery Shopping : The Grocery Game Challenge 2016 #4 Jan 25-31

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OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS IN THE CITY   Many people who live in the big city choose not to drive, can’t drive or can’t afford to drive. This means rolling their shopping cart into a large parking lot to load groceries only to whiz home around the corner is not an option. Many of us take for granted the luxuries of living in a smaller city while shopping especially when it comes to parking and space. You’ll get more of that than you will living in the big city where space is at a premium. Related: How a small town family saves money on groceries The smartest tip that I can share with you today about shopping in any city is to be ORGANIZED. Without organization you risk having a less than ideal shopping experience. I find when we have things planned out it’s almost always smooth sailing. Unless of course we have a tired toddler, dirty nappy or it’s feeding time. Download my Free Printable Tools to get you started on the organizational train. With millions of people who live in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area you will certainly find just about every grocery store on the market. In […]

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The Grocery Game Challenge #3 Nov 18-24, 2013: Back to basics with more for less

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IN-STOCK AND PRICES LOCKED DOWN Food Basics wants to make sure they are taking good care of their customers and that’s a smart move on their part with new lowered and locked down prices and a new in-stock policy. Always fresh is the new motto at Food Basics and if you aren’t satisfied they want you to let them know and you will get your money back. Grocery is a big business so if they want the customers they have to make them happy. While shopping last night at Food Basics I also noticed that they have new lowered prices and highlight “more for less” all around the store. What I found interesting was the color choice that they used to show us how they have lowered the prices on the products in-store. If you look carefully you will see that the new locked down tags are a red tag. If you are a coupon fanatic or a deals guru like we have been and still are (although not so much couponing these days) your brain will immediately think “sale” or “reduced product” because those are the colors used by many other stores. In this case it is. If you […]

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The Grocery Game Challenge Oct 7-13, 2013 #1: Grocery store activities for kids


Knowing When To Say No To Your Kids   I’m always on the hunt for my next grocery game challenge topic and while we were out this morning I walked by the grocery store stocker only to hear a child throwing a fit with his mother. We don’t have any kids so the screaming is something I’m not used to in my daily life (although I wouldn’t complain). The child who looked about 4 or 5 was in the chip and pop aisle (come on it’s your favourite aisle and you know it lol) throwing a wobbler because he wanted a bag of Ruffles chips and the mother flat-out said, “No you can’t have them put them back now Johnny” so he screamed louder. Then he said, “can I have some cookies then?” and you know what she said? Sure, just pick out the kind that you want. Well sure enough he grabbed a bag of the Halloween Oreo cookies and my blog post was born. I don’t imagine shopping with a toddler is much fun if he/she is crying let alone a child that likes to use the “I want” after everything they see and desire. Keeping the kids […]

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The Grocery Game Challenge June 10-16,2013 #2: Grocery Store Self Checkouts

Grocery store self checkouts are popping up in many food store chains around Canada in hopes of saving the company money and getting the consumer in and out of the store as efficiently as possible. Another one of those grocery store ideas gone mad and now many others are thinking it’s a smart way to save time and money. I can see it now, the new grocery store name of the future, “Self Scan and Save“, but are we really that far ahead of the rest? It’s not only grocery stores needing “fewer employees” to run cash registers it’s also big box stores such as Home Depot and Wal-mart to name a couple. Pretty soon you might not be asking, “what grocery stores have self checkouts” as they might all have them down the road as their popularity increases. Survey Says Although a couple of years old, a survey conducted in 2011 by Empathica Inc. who specializes in customer experience management solutions across Canada and the USA. The survey of 16000 consumers asking about expectations being met at the grocery store turned up that many shoppers love self checkouts. The information below was shared at the progressive grocer website where you can […]

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The Grocery Game Challenge May 27-June 2, 2013 #4:Shopping Hungry

Grocery shopping problem number 1, shopping hungry which should be a big no-no for everyone, and I’ll tell you why. This weeks Grocery Game Challenge (GGC)#4 shop was only supposed to be $11.18 or less. We would have accomplished our grocery budget for May but we needed some fresh produce. We did manage to get some really cheap food, but we went over budget again. Grocery Shop Planning It’s been such a busy week for us with our dog being ill there wasn’t much meal planning going on so a half arsed grocery list was made last-minute using the flyers and coupon match-ups. I was hoping we could pull off the month of May under budget as we had already carried over from April. I thought with some cheap food shopping and using up what we had that we would make it but we didn’t. It’s a no-win this month but it’s not as bad as you think. I still think we did well. Trying to buy cheap food on a budget such as fresh foods and vegetables is not that difficult this time of year which makes it easy to do healthy food shopping even when it’s not planned. […]

I Can Buy It, But Can I Afford It

Author: Katrina I can buy it, but can I afford it. Sounds pretty simple right?  It is! This last year has been a very educational year for me in terms of finances and managing my money. Every day I am improving and I am further along than I ever thought I could be. I’m actually really enjoying learning everything there is to know about personal finance especially when it comes to my bad habits. Since starting my landscaping business which is a passion of mine, earning extra money has been an eye opener for me. I have also been able to engage in a few money conversations and actually feel comfortable having an idea of what I am talking about. One of those conversations happened just this past weekend. What Can You Afford? I have always enjoyed talking with my one Uncle and this time we talked about money! I loved it! Even more I loved what he shared with me. He mentioned that when he talks finances with people he always brings up the phrase…. ‘I can buy it, but can I afford it’?  These were just the words I needed to hear. Simple and easy to say to myself, which I will…over […]

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The Grocery Game Challenge May 20-26,2013 #3: Eating Too Much Food

When I started The Grocery Game Challenge last year we were stocking up on lots of food and soon realized that we were buying too much food. If you stare at the food in your house and know that it’s been there for ages, you’re likely buying too much. If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I quit smoking as well last year and since then we’ve learned lots about our eating habits. Different people require different foods depending on their personal circumstances. We can easily see grocery budgets go up in expenses but with time we can also see that if we stop eating too much food we can further reduce those costs. Purchasing groceries on a budget means you will plan what you are purchasing and learn how to effectively use the foods you buy to create meals to fit your lifestyle. Just recently with the wife going on a  low GI diet we both noticed that it wasn’t so much what we were eating as we generally eat very healthy. The problem was more so in the fact we were eating too much food. In a conversation with our friend who is […]

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The Grocery Game Challenge #13 March 25- 31,2013- How To Grocery Shop

This weeks Grocery Game Challenge is to help a reader who wants to learn how to grocery shop. I received an email a few days back from a student who is leaving for University next year and wanted to learn everything there is to know about grocery shopping on his own. Some of you might be laughing thinking well, what’s to learn, but some people have never stepped foot in a grocery store let alone know where to begin. Guys in their teens don’t always go to the grocery store with their mom and dad growing up as opposed to the girls who might enjoy it more. I emailed him back to say I would put something together and see what other tips my fans could come up with for him. I’m certainly not the grocery shopping expert but I do know a few things that I’ve learned over the years shopping on my own since I was 19. This post is a bit longer than normal but I certainly hope it helps ease any stress for those that don’t know where to begin in a grocery store. How To Grocery Shop One of the first things I would suggest […]