Do you live in a financial independence la la land?

Financial independence la la landDo the math it works


A state of being out of touch with reality and in this case with money in debt…. yep that’s living in a financial independence la la land.

You dream of retiring and doing anything your heart desires because you were smart with your money when you were younger but were you really?

You don’t have to be married or in a relationship either to be a donut with your money.

I don’t normally watch too much television but last night for the very first time we watched Money Moron staring Canadian financial guru Gail Vaz Oxlade.

You either love her or you hate her because of her no-nonsense to the point approach with personal finance.

I happen to think if you beat around the bush with finances you get nowhere. Sometimes it’s hard to hear the truth but if that’s what it takes to wake someone up from a financial independence la la land then so be it.

It’s amazing how many people who want to retire early and think that the road to that money independence is easy peasy when in fact it takes lots of work.

There’s more to the fat bank account than having a shopping budget that will help you to the finish line before your peers. It’s about having your money saving money and thinking ahead while being realistic and enjoying life along the way.

Wealth doesn’t happen overnight unless you are lucky, heck it’s taken me years upon years to get where I am and I’ve even made plenty of mistakes along the way.

Although we watched plenty of her “Til Debt Do Us Part” show years ago this one was a bit different. To be honest I don’t know how she holds back because sometimes you simply want to toss a bucket of water in someone’s face to wake them up.

I tend to finish her sentences when she bites her tongue but I’m pretty sure she’d have much more to say than I would.

Problem is, she can’t fix the way someone is they need to figure it out on their own. Gail or anyone who is a financial nerd can hand someone all the financial tools they need but if they aren’t willing to change they just collect dust.

It’s with anyone really, you can’t pour your financial habits on to them and expect them to be the same. It doesn’t work that way. All you can do is examine their habits if that’s what they want and make suggestions.

There’s lots of pride shining on that show especially when it comes to the man not bringing in enough money to support a family and he refuses to do anything about it or he sulks and says the world owes him not the other way around. Sorry buddy, life doesn’t work that way.

Same goes for the ladies, if you want to be a stay at home mom you either need to have that supporting income and budget that fits or you simply can’t do it so don’t try to make the financial puzzle work when you can’t.

You need to make changes before so don’t whine about going into debt when you knew from the start you couldn’t afford it. I have people searching every day on my blog about how they can afford to even go on maternity leave let alone be a stay at home mom.

It’s tough in Canada these days so you better know your finances inside and out and not make excuses about how much you owe and spend it will only bite you in the backside in the end.

Sometimes I wonder if these participants watch a taping of the show to hear how silly they sound. Not all of them but a good majority from the beginning of the show say something that makes you want to scratch your head and say, ‘what were you thinking?’

The reality is most people don’t hear how silly they sound when they talk about their finances and how they view debt. I’m not just talking about people who are in debt up to their eyeballs but even those who earn lots of money but spend it just as fast. That I am entitled talk really gets old.

Some people you can talk to them until they are blue in the face about getting their finances under control but it’s like talking to a goat who can only say Baaaaaaaa… as if there was no way in the world they could consider using a budget or simply monitoring their finances.

It’s like the good old saying “in one ear out the other” or not believing in themselves so they give up before they begin.




The one guy in the episode we watched spent more time feeding and walking his dogs each week than he did with his own child and working.

He felt working 22 hours a week was enough to have his wife become a stay at home mom and sustain the family home.

Knock, Knock… McFly are you in there? Anyone who watched that episode couldn’t understand why on earth she was with him. I did feel sorry for her especially after some of the things he said.

She left him for a moment at the end of the show but got back with him and lost her $3000 cheque that Gail was to give her.

I’d be shocked to see that relationship last unless he changes but some people put up with crap just to keep a family together. Funny thing is, it never works and eventually you have a decision to make.

Some of the things he said on the show made me shake my head. I agree with Gail not giving it to her and they have a long road ahead if they didn’t learn anything from being on that show.




What is money?

To be honest some people simply don’t know and that’s why they end up on Gail’s show not only because they think they will get the money from her but maybe she’s right. Well I’m pretty sure she’s certainly not hurting for cash and she knows what she’s talking about.

Generally you can tell the people who are on the show to seriously make a difference in their personal finances and the others who think ah heck so what if the world knows we just want Gail’s money.

She knows too and that’s why when you see people not get the full amount it’s because their heart wasn’t there from the beginning.

I’m sure Gail will agree that what she teaches is not rocket science and it’s a pity that finance is not taught in the education system.

Maybe that would help people gain a better understanding about the simple fact of “spending more than you earn” means you will end up in debt if you can’t pay it all back in full.

Rocket science, not really its simple math which if I recall was my favourite subject in high school but that doesn’t necessarily mean that one will understand how to apply that math to their finances with lessons.


Entitled income earner


The second episode I watched tonight showed the husband boasting about his $90,000 income and felt that he could do whatever he wanted with that money.

He has a wife and a child on the way. What he failed to come forward with was that it was his gross salary not his net. For some reason I honestly don’t think he had a blinkin clue.

He net $43,000 after expenses and taxes plus her $24,000 income ( I believe that was the amount) didn’t quite add up to enough to pay for their $12,000 in expenses they were spending monthly when Gail did a clean-up of their bank account.

I bet that really opened his eyes. If there is one thing you must remember it’s that just because you earn a certain amount every year if it’s not what you bring home and is in your bank account it’s not your net income.

It’s all fine and dandy thinking you make almost 6 figures and you want to fit the role but you don’t look as appealing when you’re sinking in debt.

Think net as in catching fish to take home for dinner, that is your gold. He quickly changed his tune once Gail gave them the challenges and their marriage was saved.


Over the cliff


It’s amazing how so many couples will push themselves to the limits of potential divorce over money when the solution is simply working together and being realistic with their budget.

That’s living in a financial independence la la land and I truly hope these people wake up before it’s too late.

If you think you are struggling while you are both earning an income you have another thing coming when you get divorced, especially if kids are involved.


Bank accounts


One thing Gail suggested was opening multiple savings accounts so you don’t spend the money you save.

Even better is putting money in a bank that offers little to no fees like President’s Choice Financial.

Fees alone for some people are mind-blowing and could feed a family of 6 worth of groceries for a month with what they pay in service fees.

People who are not disciplined spend extra money they earn or save in the bank all the time. They get a bonus or they save money and put it in their bank account and before you know it they are making excuses for why they have to spend it.

This is why we went ahead and opened several savings accounts. There’s only one account that is used to spend money.

Our projected expenses account holds all the money we know we will have to pay at some point during the year. We never use that money for anything but those expenses. It’s hard to track those expenses if you keep all that money in one pot.

When you start a family and think that you can continue doing what you have done financially if you are in debt you’ve got another thing coming. Carrying your weight as a mom and dad when you have a child on the way is imperative.

You can’t live life according to what you want to do and because you can’t get a certain job you simply don’t work or only work a few hours a week.

Time to grow up. Once you involve children and if you are in good health you must do whatever it takes to contribute to a relationship financially because now you have a child to consider.


Yours and mine


Separate bank accounts? I won’t judge you if you are married and have separate accounts and you both pay a portion of the bills but I’ll be honest and say I don’t understand it. I’m sure you have your own reasons about why but if I can’t trust my spouse financially, I won’t be marrying that person.

What’s the difference it’s not your money it’s our money as it should go in one big pot. That just instigates more ways for your partner to potentially spend more money without you knowing and hiding it.

I won’t get into a big debate on this one because to each their own, I just never thought of anything separate when I got married. Some couples feel that just because one partner makes more money they have the right to spend more money. Boy, are they going to have a rude awakening one day.

Money truly is a mystery to many people and to be honest, it’s pretty simple. The problem is unless you are taught from a young age or simply ‘get it’ then you might have to learn the hard way and I don’t mean struggling to make ends meet I mean budgeting your money to make it work.

There’s no easy fix and the money you get for going on Gail’s show isn’t going to solve your money problems it’s simply a little help if you deserve it.

Living in a financial independence la la land is only going to hurt you down the road so buckle up if you aren’t willing to wake up and make some changes to your finances. No one else will give a rats if you don’t.

Do you know anyone who live in a financial independence la la land?


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PF Friday Grab a Brew #48: How to ask for help when it comes to money success


Money success to me means that we are in charge of our own lives and how it plays out really depends on many factors with the main one being understanding where we stand financially.

When it comes to our personal finances we were never the couple to ask for help nor did we disclose how much money we made or saved because we simply didn’t want people to know.

Starting the blog was and still is a way for me to talk about personal finance and how it applies to our budget but also to open up and learn about others successes and failures.

When I first started chatting to my friend over at Nurse Frugal and her husband whom she calls Mr. BT almost 2 years ago they were on a journey to become debt free including their mortgage using a budget and Dave Ramsey principles.

They have now paid their mortgage in full as of November 2013 an exciting time for this young couple who worked so hard to reach this goal which you can read about it in their latest post “Freedom”.

What stood out the most in her Freedom blog post was the three things that were important to them along the way.

  1. It takes hard work
  2. You need a budget
  3. I don’t “need things” to be content

All three of these are true for us as well but the best part is where she shares what they are now able to do now that they are debt free.

Life is much easier, the stress is lifted and you know that where you are is only because of the discipline that you put forth and will continue to put forth. Just because one is debt free doesn’t mean they stop living by the principles they set before themselves it only means that they don’t have to worry as much as they used to and can set even more goals.

I’m the type of guy who believes that whatever guidance helps you get on board financially whether it be from fellow Canadian Money Moron and Til Debt Do Us Part TV/Radio host and financial author Gail Vaz Oxlade, American Radio host and financial author Dave Ramsey or reading the myriad of personal finance blogs and finance books out there then go for it.

Just make sure to do your homework and trust the professionals when and if something doesn’t sound right to you. It’s your money after all, so protect it wisely.

Now is the time


Too often people push their finances aside until it’s too late and throw their hands up in the air not knowing what to do and where to turn. It’s a good thing there are many free money-saving tools and resources on the web for everyone to access but sometimes that’s not enough.

Having friends and family might just be the push you need to get on track by letting them know where you stand financially or that you are working on getting on track using a budget and you are now limited to spending with-in your means.

I believe that once people see their overall financial picture they are either shocked or relieved it’s not as bad as they thought, but at the same time if they want to move forward financially they will do whatever it takes.

I was reading an article called “Family and friends are the secret to financial success” and it reminded me how some people I know blame others because they are in debt, mainly friends and family.

The not so shocking part was reading that 82 percent of couples talk about finances but feel that their partner keeps them from reaching their financial goals. It leads me to wonder how often and in-depth couples do discuss personal finances before they are married or start a relationship especially what their goals are. Skimming the surface financially before walking down the aisle is not always the smart way to go especially if you are a saver.

Canadians clearly feel the pressure to spend when they are with friends, as 44 per cent of us admit we shell out more than we can afford.

The premise behind the article tells me that if you feel pressure to spend when you are with your family and friends it may be just as wise to tell them your financial goals so they can support you and offer tips and advice along the way; especially if they are living it. If people think that your financial health is amazing they won’t tell you not to spend, it’s up to you to put the brakes on.

I know I’ve talked about my best friend in the past about how he has a daughter who manipulates him into buying her “things n stuff” and that he really wants to find a better job and get his debt under control. Well, the time has come and I’m going to be turning his world upside down financially in the next week.

He’s not the type of guy who asks for any help but this time I’m going to just give it to him because I know he wants it and I know he will accept it with open arms as we’ve talked about it because I’ve brought it up. I guess it’s smart to be a good listener when you are a friend because sometimes you hear about things that your friend might need but not know how to ask or where to begin especially if they know that you are educated in a particular area.

Not only am I going to go through all of his finances with him I’m going to be blogging about it along the way to encourage him and to hold him accountable to the budgeting process because I believe that without challenging ourselves it’s much easier to give up.

I really want to see him succeed and I want him to understand how the little things all add up and how credit cards are a revolving door leading to no where but a black hole unless they are paid in full.

We started tracking our spending in all areas and couldn’t believe how much money we were wasting each month on things like dining out or shopping at Costco!- Nurse Frugal

This may be tough for him but I will be there to support him along the way. We all make mistakes and he may fall off the budget bandwagon but that’s OK we will stay optimistic and get right back on if it happens although we won’t jinx it before we start. I know he doesn’t want to the world to see him fail and I hope that will be the push he needs to work hard on living by my motto “It’s not about how much money you make, it’s how you save it”.

If you’ve been a fan of Canadian Budget Binder you know Jen P and I have worked together on her family budget the past 2 years and they have gone from being in debt to gaining back control of their finances.

The journey to financial freedom is not easy but if we only invested the time in our own business which is essentially our own lives we would see the path that we need to take.

We put so much effort into our own careers and making others rich we forget about the very people who we need to worry about and that is ourselves and our families.

So, I leave you today with the promise to help my best friend get his finances on track and even if I have to lock him up in a closet and take all of his credit cards away to stop him from spending I will do it.

Well, I won’t take that drastic of measures but I certainly will push, motivate and show him what money can do and what money can’t do if it’s not spent and saved the right way.

I hope you will join me on this journey with him and offer your tips and personal experiences as he will be reading along and I know that he will appreciate everything that my fans have to offer.

Have you ever helped someone with their finances before?

If you want to start budgeting you can now download our personal budget for free!!

You can also download many other free tools like grocery lists and more to help you along the way on your journey towards debt freedom.

Top recipe



Every day Food Bloggers from around the world pass by my other love the Free Recipe Depot Facebook page to share a daily recipe which I share with my fans.

This weeks Top Recipe comes from a blog called ‘Ginger Lemon and Spice’ where they shared these lovely Turkish Kurabiye cookies which go well with a hot or cold beverage any time of the day.


Weekly reads


Every week I share a few of the best personal finance blog posts that I read over the past week with all of you so please enjoy my top picks.

Well, that’s a wrap for this Friday’s grab a brew #48 so happy saving and I’ll see you here again next week when I do it all over again.





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PF Reading List #13- Good Friday, Good Food and Meeting Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Jesus Crucifixion

Today is Good Friday, a religious holiday for many Christians which is celebrated the Friday before Easter Sunday all around the world.  It’s a time to commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. Since we observe this holiday, along with an afternoon mass we will be serving this day as a day of fasting eating one full meal and 2 smaller meals which are normally light meals. Others will be celebrating Easter this weekend with family traditions and lots of  Easter Chocolate and egg hunts.

Easy Good Friday Meals

Good Friday Fish with Rice and Lentils

Tonight we will be making a meatless meal which will be a lightly fried fish served over lentils and rice a tradition we started last year and hope to continue each year. Another great meal that my friend Megan at Cooking Whim’s posted is a lentil Sheppard’s pie which is another easy frugal Good Friday meal to make for the family. I’ll be posting my version soon but check hers out it looks delicious!

Lentil Sheperd's Pie

You could also go modern and try my meatless lentil Sloppy Joe recipe for some new and exciting at the table that the kids might just love. Come Easter Sunday if you want to hang out with your friends and family instead of hanging out in the kitchen you can throw together this frugal recipe Easter Dinner in the Crock-pot!

Meeting Gail VazOxlade

Gail VazOxlade and Barb

No, I wasn’t the one who met Gail Vaz-Oxlade but maybe one day her and I can meet up for coffee and talk Money since we both love helping others save money (wishful thinking). Unless you live under a rock you already know Gail is a personal finance icon in Canada. She has been welcomed into many homes in order to help people kick-start their budgeting journey. I’m sure you’ve all watched Princess and Til Debt Do Us Part and now her new show Money Moron is about to blow us all away in April.

I’ve read all of her books although I have yet to get my hands on a copy of Money Rules as I wouldn’t mind giving it a read. Everything that Gail says is pretty much easy peasy for us but for others it’s life altering. We all have to start from somewhere though. Learning how to manage money while managing a relationship can be tough going.

When I started Canadian Budget Binder it was because I had this inherent desire to share with people how we were able to get ahead by planning and later using a budget spreadsheet that we designed “The CBBS” we call it. That is “The Canadian Budget Binder Spreadsheet” and not only has it helped us it has helped one CBB fan get her family finances back on track. It’s nothing fancy because a budget doesn’t need to have all those confusing gadgets, bells and whistles, just a basic budget that keeps us on track.

Budgeting is not rocket science,“It’s not about how much money you make, it’s how you save it“, in other-words  spend less than you earn. My mate Johnny talked about life and living like we are in a recession and in a way he’s right but we can also do that and enjoy life along the way with proper planning. A budget really does work especially for those that need the discipline when it comes to dipping their hand in the candy jar or shall we say money jar. I could never use the envelope or money jar budgeting systems because I have a tendency to spend more when I have cash but for those that need a starting point it’s a great first step in the right direction. You need to find the way that works best for you.

There’s no two ways around it, budgeting helps us realize our goals and for some it’s getting out of debt first, then save. Although our budgeting system is far different from Gail’s it’s has the same premise behind it, document your expenses, budget your net income, invest and spend less than you earn. Gail has helped so many people in Canada get back on track and saved their marriages with those relationship rescues. I also believe money is the leading cause of  divorce and it will only get worse if we don’t take control, now.

Canadian Budget Binder is not just about budgets it’s about everything that’s inside that budget…. life! We see those families on the shows and wonder if they keep on budgeting and whether they were able to stay on track using the money lessons they learned. I’m sure Gail will agree that no matter how you do it, what budget or plan you use, start today! Sometimes an early start makes all the difference down the road.

One of my awesome CBB fans met Gail a few days ago at Seneca College and she was thrilled to announce it on the Canadian Budget Binder Facebook Page. I was amazed at the joy that someone can bring to another’s life just by reaching out, talking, motivating and helping them. Gail you are a true inspiration to so many people. I also enjoy seeing people smile and why I love to motivate others about money and finance even though I’m no star like Gail just a regular guy who just happens to be a budget nerd. So don’t sweat the small stuff when it comes to everyday life, think positive, be positive and you WILL make positive changes.

Here’s what Barb posted on my wall and what Barb had to say about meeting Gail in person. Oh, and Gail if you do read this, a big hello right back at ya!


Gail and I hanging out before her event at Seneca College today :)
Mr. CBB, she says “hi” :)
Listening To Gail Speak

Last fall for a college English assignment, I chose to write a proposal about why the college should include a personal finance course as part of the standard curriculum. As an accounting and payroll student at Seneca College I have learned about the financial practices of business’s but have received no guidance in regards to managing my own money.  As a mature student, I have learned many lessons from decisions I made as a young adult and only wish someone had taught me then what I know now.

So when I saw a post on Facebook from Gail Vaz-Oxlade in regards to her upcoming tour, I jumped at the chance to see if maybe, just maybe, she would come to Seneca to talk about her new book “Money Rules-Rule Your Money of Your Money will Rule You.”   What started off only as a possibility became a reality yesterday when I was able to meet Gail Vaz-Oxlade and listen to her share her knowledge with the standing room only audience of my fellow classmates and Seneca staff.

Gail is an amazing woman.  Her passion, energy and laugh fill a room. I had both the honour and privilege of spending some time with her before the event and I can truly say that she is a woman of inspiration. I was personally touched by our conversation and am grateful for the “light bulb” moments that will guide me in changing my life!

Here are several of the messages that struck a chord with me while listening to Gail speak:

  1. Have a spending journal which has your bank account balance in it and after every purchase you make or cheque you write, deduct it from the balance. That way you always know exactly how much money you have
  2. It is imperative to live within your means and don’t fool yourself otherwise. The millionaires with the fancy homes on TV are not the “Jones’s”, so unless you are making the same money as them, don’t try to keep up with them
  3. Pay with cash as you have an emotional connection with it (anyone who’s ever experienced the joy of making a special purchase or the remorse of a bad choice will understand this one)
  4. You work hard for your money, so make your money work for you
  5. Make sure you have a financial plan, savings, RRSP’s, insurance, will and power of attorney
  6. Buy life and disability insurance when you are young so you can get it cheaper while you are your healthiest
  7. Don’t buy insurance from banks and never buy mortgage life insurance
  8. Live your life fully, stand by your values, and do what makes you happy J

I encourage everyone to check out Gail’s new book and her new show Money Moron airing April 19th .  On a final note, on March 26 Gail posted the following message : “Believe that you CAN.  Believe with all your heart.  Then watch you go!”  …. I believed

Barbara Foster

Thanks Barb for sharing this with us here at Canadian Budget Binder and I’m sure Gail will be thrilled to read how she has inspired and touched your life with her actions and words.

Personal Finance Weekly Reading List


Here is this weeks reading list which includes some of the best blog posts from many blogs that I interact and comment on and who also have a common interest in CBB. I’ve received a few emails from fans who say the smaller list is much better for them to read through so I’m happy with this change. It’s great to hear that the fans actually take the time to read these posts and follow the blogs that I present to them. I can’t do this without all of you and I have so many people to thank for our growth, so THANKS!!

I hope you all enjoy this weeks round-up.


  1. Three Money Myths Parents Need To Stop Believing - The Heavy Purse
  2. When Are You Happiest- Budget and The Beach
  3. How Do I Get A Downpayment (in Vancouver)-The Outlier Model
  4. Handling Your Money When Travelling Abroad-Frugal Rules
  5. We Flipped A House Part 2- Renovating a Distressed Property-Eyes On The Dollar
  6. Three Steps To Plan Your Portfolio-My Own Advisor
  7. Should I Invest or Pay Off Student Loans First?-Debt Round Up
  8. Home Insurance, Is It A Legal Requirement?-Money Bulldog UK
Recipes/Frugal Blog Posts of the Week
Inspirational or Funniest Post of the Week
  • Education Outside of The Classroom (and After Graduation)-Mo Money Mo Houses: Jessica shares a story about a meet up with her mentee and how information with a visual helps her to remember information easier than just reading a textbook. Many people believe that a visual is also a motivator. She explains that education doesn’t end after graduation and that is exactly what I always say. We need to keep improving our knowledge on what’s been happening in the world to stay informed. Jessica ends her post with something I believe we should all do. Like the Pops say though, sometimes you have to spend money to make money by investing in your career.

It’s honestly probably easier than ever to educate yourself with all of free materials available to us, and I for one want to make sure I’m taking advantage of what’s out there.

Quote-Budget and Money

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The Saturday Weekend Review #12- Is Public Intervention The New Norm?

Weekend Review

Parenting is a topic that is controversial because all parents want to believe they are doing the best they can for their children in order to prepare them in this world. I’ve talked about teaching children about money from a young age but apart from that the psychology behind why children do what they do is out of my realm of knowledge since we have no kids. Last week I talked a bit about a child who took a backpack from her parents home with $20k inside and gave it to a friend who later handed it out at school. Kids do strange things that we may never understand but how far should a parent go in order to dig deep into their child’s emotions to comprehend their actions and teach them a lesson.

I read this article about a 13-year-old girl in Crestview, Florida who lost her uncle in Afghanistan in 2011. The child then started to act up, but it was how far the parents took the situation which surprised me. Her parents felt like she gave up at home, at school and she became more defiant since she was so close to her uncle. Although they tried other means to get through to their daughter such as grounding her, which didn’t work they were lost on what else to do. So, they made her stand on a busy street corner in public, humiliating her by holding a sign in hopes of teaching her a lesson that read:

quote teenager sign parenting

The public took notice, people were taking pictures that ended up on Facebook as well the police showed up to make sure the child was OK. The parents said they wanted to call the child out on being “selfish” , “self-centred” and “entitled” but many parents spoke up who were not happy by their chosen method of parenting. Apparently the child was not traumatized and has improved since the incident. How far do parents need to go with child discipline? This isn’t the first time we’ve read about parents humiliating their children to teach them a lesson. Do some parents understand that the child might have underlying problems and that humiliating them is not solving the problem? Maybe a “positive discipline” for teenagers should be implemented as opposed to something that might stay with them emotionally for a long time.

What happened to counselling your child or working with professionals such as medical experts and teachers or is this a thing of the past?  Crikey, they might as well have put her on stage in front of her peers. There’s no doubt in my mind she is doing better after all of this. It’s likely in part because of all the attention but she also doesn’t want to rub her parents the wrong way again because who knows what else they will do to discipline her or teach her a lesson. I don’t know maybe I’m just out of the parenting loop, then again I’m not a parent but I was once a child.

Public Intervention

Maybe children view this type of parenting as the new norm because of all the reality television programs we see on the tele or posts in social media so it’s acceptable in their minds. I can understand if the child was a consenting adult and wanted to go on a television show like “princess” for example to say I want to change because I have felt entitled all my life. I have dug myself a hole of debt, please put me on television for the world to see so I can learn my lesson and change my ways.

Although that tactic is on a bigger scale than a street corner it also seems to also work on Gail’s other show “Til Debt Do Us Part” where we see couple’s willing to go on national TV telling the world their dirty money secrets instead of behind closed doors. Does public intervention work better than what is provided in private? Maybe the money is a motivator on these shows but for this couple their motivator was to teach their child a lesson while risking their child’s emotional response to their actions. My point is, I believe in some cases people will do whatever it takes as a last resort if they feel they have no other options like these parents felt.

You can read the full story here.

  • How far are you willing to go to teach your child a life lesson?
  • What would you have done differently here?
What’s Happening At The CBB House?

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately but the plants for our frugal garden seem to be sprouting on schedule so all we need now is to get rid of the snow so I can get outside and work on the landscaping. One fan did offer to landscape for free if I took over her weekly laundry chore at home. I thought that was a great deal since she makes extra money on the side with her skills in landscaping now if only I lived closer. I told her the wife does say that I am the best darn “laundry-boy” she’s ever met, usually with a sultry voice. Maybe the wife is just trying to butter me up but I am pretty critical about how the wash is hung and folded.

Nothing eats me up like laundry that is folded incorrectly (which my wife is very good at doing) which is why I took over this chore. She says she finds it sexy when a man can wash and fold laundry the way I do, so there are perks involved men. I could only imagine what would happen if I took out the iron. *wink

Other than that I’ve done alot of training at work as they always like to invest in filling my brain with updates which is fine with me. I’m a big advocate of continuous improvement and learning.

What’s Happening With  Canadian Budget Binder?

Not alot going on with CBB although the e-book I co-wrote with my fellow personal finance Bloggers “The A-Z Of Saving Money” was released this past week which we are all excited about. I hope you all get an opportunity to purchase this e-book and enjoy it as much as I do. My designer is working on the new blog design and I’m patiently waiting to hear back from him to check out his blog mock-up so we can toss more ideas around. Hopefully we will have a new site soon! If you have any suggestions at all for the blog or something you would like to see please email me asap so I can consider them.

I’ve also installed a forum over on my Facebook page for the fans to communicate with each other, ask questions and general chit-chat. If all goes well I’ll think about a forum for Canadian Budget Binder so the fans have a place of their own. My fans are my number one priority at Canadian Budget Binder because without all of you there would be no CBB! Thanks for your support!

It’s also been nice to have Bloggers that are new to me reach out, visit the blog and comment on my posts. Thanks for stopping by and connecting with me. If any Bloggers are interested in contributing to CBB please read my guest contribution guidelines and contact me today! I’m always up for sharing a great personal story.


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WIN! Coupon Envelope Stuffed with Canadian Coupons Starts today March 23 and runs until 12 am March 25, 2013Enter HERE Update: Contest is now over, winner is posted in the comment section. 

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  • Mary Campbell 
  • Christine Weadick
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web search terms

Google Search terms really help me to understand what people are looking for at Canadian Budget Binder! Any typos below are simply how the person who searched Google and typed it in search incorrectly, or me ;-) Another week of thousands of search terms but only a few good ones worth mentioning.

Top Pick: How To Make A Positive Pregnancy Test- Now I’m going to go out on a limb and say she wants to have a baby pretty bad OR someone is trying to fool someone into thinking they are the baby daddy……

Top Search Terms:

  • Home Hardware Stores in Guatemala- I had no idea they had Home Hardware although we should just ask our friend Pauline who lives in Guatemala!
  • My husband smokes,how to save money on cigarettes in Ontario- QUIT! I know it’s easier said then done but there really is no cigarette coupons or deals that I am aware of unless you buy 3 packs for x amount of go to the Indian reserve for cheap smokes or some back of the truck shady person who sells them for cheap.
  • Can you actually get good clothes at Value Village? – Just go in and find out~ depends on what you define as “good”
  • I just paid off my OSAP can I get a new loan? – It’s like a revolving door isn’t it?
  • Do women always want a man with money? There are other qualities they look for but if you don’t have them money seems to work.
  • How can we make custard a food?- That’s like asking if we can turn a chocolate bar into a vegetable lol

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