Young Newlyweds $0 Cash,No Food…Our Most Humbling Story

Photo: Our Very First Condo Town-home We All Have To Start From Somewhere: Our Most Humbling Story…. My husband Johnny and I (Zayba) were only 24 years old when we got married in Mississauga,Ontario.  In both of our cultures, it is customary for the newly married couple to live with the husband’s family. My husband’s family is Macedonian and Trinidadian and mine are from East India. Moving in with the parents, well that didn’t work out so well as we only lasted a few weeks before my husband said he wanted to move out.  We looked for a house within our budget but he miscalculated the closing costs in our budget and we were short $750. We didn’t feel comfortable asking my parents for the money so we took a small loan out to cover the cost which we eventually paid back. We ended up purchasing a 1100sq ft condo town-house  in a not so desirable area but it was all we could afford. Source As you are all aware the first trip to the grocery store can get quite expensive, so I opted for a discount grocery store.  I spent two hours shopping, the cashier rang it all in and told me […]

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