PF Weekly Grab a brew #30 : Handling a product concern responsibly

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We All Make Mistakes

Someone messed with the chicken breasts at Safeway in Phoenix, Arizona and it’s causing a big stir on the web. I don’t shop at Safeway since we don’t have that grocery store in Ontario but if I had a product concern at any store the first thing I would do would be to bring it to the attention of a store clerk or manager.

I can’t believe how so many people are taking to social media as their first line of defense when they are not happy about something but before they contact the appropriate people in a responsible manner. As consumers we expect excellent customer service but we should also do our part to help out if we see a problem, at least that’s what we do.

We all make mistakes and when I read how one Twitter user named Lindsey tweeted a photo of chicken breasts with a chicken foot clearly in view to say,“Does this look like chicken breast to you? I’m vomiting” in a tweet to Safeway,  I was a bit stunned. It really made me stop and wonder if we are going to corrupt ourselves and society with everything we’ve got because we feel we have the power to reach the world. There are people out there that seek their 10 minutes of fame or some form of attention, and they love it. If that wasn’t her intention it just goes to show how social media is a powerful tool for so many people.

chicken foot in chicken breast packagePhoto Courtesy of : Social news Daily

The good old days

When there were no computers what did we do? We told someone at the grocery store, we didn’t run outside and scream it to the world, “Omg there’s a chicken foot in my package of chicken breasts”, they’d laugh at you and maybe even call the police on you for creating a disturbance. We didn’t call in City TV to get live coverage, you did the responsible thing and let someone know.

If it was a health and safety matter that would concern the general public the store has to do the right thing. Now we do this on social media, and the internet police is the audience which at times they can be very nice or very cruel.As silly as that sounds that is how many people who commented on this Yahoo post felt, “big deal” is most of what you will read. One Yahoo user posted, “what if it was a wing instead of a foot?”, good point.

Who cares. Don’t like chicken feet then don’t buy the package that has a chicken foot in it. Seriously? Get a grip.- Yahoo User Randy B

These are the same idiots who will tweet “I think someone is trying to break into my home!” instead of calling 911.- Yahoo User Gene

Some people may not agree with the way Lindsey handled the situation and others may want to shake her hand but either way following some form of etiquette would have been appropriate in this situation. I can understand how her frustrations may have come out because to her a breast is a breast and chicken feet are feet. There are no similarities except that it likely came from the same chicken. She managed to take a photo of the package and instead of picking up the package (it wasn’t going to bite you it was dead) and going to the meat department manager or a cashier to let them know of the error she left it there and decided to tell the world.

There may have been someone who was training for the role in the grocery store meat department or it might have just been a staff mistake, they do happen. Imagine how embarrassing it must be for the person who packaged the product as well as for the store. The chicken foot would not harm anyone as many people do eat them and it’s a delicacy around the world.

It was a clear error that was overlooked and I felt the store handled it on Twitter fairly quick, hash-tags and all even though some found humour in it. She did return to the store only to find the package still on the shelf  so she could finally let them know. Imagine the time and gas this women spent from her day just for a chicken foot when all she had to do was tell someone at the store while she was there the first time. If only we put that much effort into our own lives. I wish I could come on here and blog how perfect my life is and how our budget never has any problems but that’s not true, no one is perfect.

I feel that if she was that worried or concerned even for the next customer, she should have said something, there and then. I wonder how she feels about the negative criticism for posting this now and does she feel that she could have handled it differently? Her Twitter account is now private. Maybe, just maybe, she made a mistake and that’s OK, we all make them Lindsey.

What would you have done if you found a rotten/defective/incorrect product in-store?

Check it out

MY GUEST POST>>> Head over to Frugal Rules today where I am guest posting sharing my thoughts on “Saying Good-bye to the Spender and Hello to the Saver”.

Top Recipe


This weekend is all about smoothies so I thought I would share this unique Apple Smoothie with Biscuits from my friends at The Hungarian Food Guide. It looks light, bubbly and perfect for a hot, sunny day. Check back on Sunday when I share my famous stuffed yogurt berry smoothie. Enjoy.

You can find the above recipe and many more from around the world on my Free Recipe Depot Facebook page. You can also find all the Canadian Budget Binder recipes in my NEW! Free Recipe Index. 

PF weekly reading line-Up

I’ve had a busy week so I didn’t get a chance to read and comment on as many posts as I can but considering I haven’t had a day off since Christmas from blogging, I think I’ll survive. Here are a few blog posts that I thought were worth mentioning this week from around the web.

Top story: How I made $100,000 on Amazon last year- Make Money Your Way (this is Pauline from Reach Financial Independence, her new blog) check it out!

Have a great week everyone and I hope you enjoyed this edition of my Personal Finance Weekly Grab a Brew #30, Handling a Product Concern Responsibly.  Join me again next Friday when we do it all over again.


PF Weekly Reading List #17-Customer Service, Business Suicide And Social Media

bill pad


Customer service and business dealings have changed over the years where many now turn to social media such as Twitter and Facebook to vent frustrations both from a business and customers perspective. From a consumer’s perspective I know it’s likely only going to get worse instead of better, especially for those that feel their voice is much more powerful via social media.

The Good Old Days

There used to be a time where we filled out a “customer satisfaction” card at a restaurant or business, talk to a manager or simply make a phone call but these tactics are not as common any more. Now you can read the back of your receipt or bill and go on-line to leave and fill out a survey to leave the good, the bad and the ugly comments about the service you received.

Some people go as far as to Tweet a business that is not giving them the service they were  promised or the answers they need in a timely fashion. If a customer doesn’t receive the service they expected it’s important for business owners to know so they can improve.

Without this information it’s difficult to know what direction to take to make customer service better for the customers. How far is too far when it comes to getting your point across? Should business owners take social media call outs seriously? I’m going to answer that with a yes.

The Present

It seems like calling out a business is the way to get what you want these days, even if you aren’t in the right. Organizations scramble to save face, deal with issue that might have been overlooked or potentially give in to the individual to sort the matter privately.

Some have to go as far as to post a public statement to respond to these matters. Maybe it’s a wake up call for an organization that their customer service solutions centre isn’t quite working as well as expected and may need to be monitored more accurately or investigated for further improvements.

I don’t think we are ever going to stop people from using social media as hard as we try. We’ve created this monster, now we have to live with it. I’m a big fan of Marketplace and even they go as far as to bust businesses and get them to own up to their faults publicly so why not let the customers do the same if it gets their message heard.

The Business vs The Customer

No customers means no money for any business, it’s as simple as that. Where it gets a bit tricky is when business owners start fighting back and calling out their customers.

A Yahoo post I read yesterday cemented my feelings on this topic when a restaurant manager from the Padi restaurant in Delaware apparently took aim at Twitter to call out 3 customers. He created offensive postings and racist hash tags towards those 3 that left little or no tip.

I talked a bit about tips and restaurants a week or so back and I believe ultimately it’s up to the customer what they want to leave, if anything at all.

Business Suicide

Where I get confused is when someone who pours their money into a business would risk potential customers NOT wanting to do business with them for fear of reprisal via social media. I know it goes both ways and you are thinking, if the customer can do it why can’t we do the same?

Business owners have everything to lose a customer can go home and go on with their day as if nothing ever happened. One person who commented on the Yahoo article  posted, “this guy just committed business suicide” an interesting way to look at it, but very well may be true.

The restaurant has since offered an apology to their customers.

“We sincerely apologize for those actions, and want the community to know that those actions and opinions are not consistent   with our beliefs and values, nor are they welcome at our restaurant,” Teoh says in an open letter for customers.

“Those responsible for insulting our customers and members of the community will be held accountable, and that we are taking steps to insure that this type of behaviour never happens again”.

Why did they do this? Well my guess is because they have a vested interest in their business, and it may be their livelihood and it’s the professional thing to do. When owners sink their life savings into a business or have built credibility up over the years the last thing they want to see happen is the business die on its arse for having a bad rap.

As much as customers want to complain there are always the customers that are happy customers but certainly don’t want to get caught in the cross fire. Tipping is NOT a reason to upset customers either, it’s pointless, move on.

Sure, customers have nothing to lose when they complain but the reason they take to social media in the first place is likely for their money back, better service or an apology etc. When business owners, team members, management or employees start talking about their current or past customers on a social platform such as Twitter or even Facebook others may slowly turn around and walk the other way.

Customer service to me isn’t great unless, it’s so great you are willing to go the extra mile to let someone know you really appreciate them!- Laurie Linn (CBB Facebook Fan)

Customer Service

My parents owned a business  for years when I was a child and I don’t ever remember them going outside with a billboard (no computers then) saying, “Johnny x didn’t pay his bill” or “Jane x didn’t leave a tip” because customers expect you to protect their privacy as paying or in some cases non-paying customers.

Sure, they had customers that pissed them off, never paid what they owed or simply argued the toss about bills but they also knew that if they wanted to grow they would do whatever it takes to make things right. They didn’t need to be the big bad wolf  in these situations.

If all else fails you put their bill into the credit bureau, let them deal with it professionally and move on. Hatred, is a waste of energy.

They also knew that there are customers that you can’t do enough for them to make them happy. They certainly didn’t take the bad situations and turn everything upside down as there were far more positive reasons then negative.

If you have 1000 excellent customers and 3 bad customers why risk 1000 customers leaving because you get upset and call  out the 3 bad customers. Certainly the masses here outweigh the negative which any business owner should be able to handle professionally if they are a leader in their game.

Maybe customer service response cards are a thing of the past for some organizations and are now left to deal with social media, customer service and the present.

Are business owners committing business suicide by calling out their past or present customers via social media or other public means?

As a customer what do you expect from businesses and would you call them out via social media?


Here is this weeks reading list which includes some of the best blog posts from many blogs that I interact and comment on and who also have a common interest in CBB. I hope you all enjoy this weeks round-up. There are a few more than normal that I really enjoyed so I hope you enjoy them as well! -Mr.CBB

Recipes/Frugal Blog Posts of the Week

Homemade Panna Cotta

Top Recipe: My mate who blogs at Nurse Frugal won top score in the kitchen with her creamy Homemade Panna Cotta topped with Strawberries. Yes that is the lovely photo above of what she made and if you head to her blog you can see even more amazing photos of this dessert. You have to check out how easy this recipe is and how you too can Wow, your guests!!

The Frugal Farmer- I’m a big banana bread lover and often make my own but when Nana’s Banana Bread recipe was posted I knew I had to share it with my fans.

Inspirational/Funniest/Scariest/Motivational Post of the Week

Inspirational: The Daily Money Shot- 20 Inexpensive Ways To Be Kinder sometimes a little reminder is all we need.

Funniest/Scariest: A Magical Moment In The Life Of A Bee Keeper- Lil Suburban Homestead- Two words, Not me!

Quote-Budget and Money

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Photo Courtesy of: (Bill Pad) Felixco Inc /freedigitalphotos. net

The Saturday Weekend Review- #16 Are You Making A Difference?

Making A Difference

Making a difference seems an appropriate title for this post since I want to share Bloggers and fans who are making a difference with my community here at CBB. When I started Canadian Budget Binder I really had no idea what I was setting myself up for but it certainly wasn’t what it has become today. It’s been one heck of a year and I’ve learned so much from people all over the world.

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing and the Texas fertilizer plant explosion it was just another grim reminder that life can pass us by in an instant. All the things we wanted to say, all the things we wanted to do may never get heard or accomplished. Some of the photos, the heroism of the people who did whatever they could to help the injured, really there is no words. Amazing.

I remember life in the 80′s when having fun and being carefree was part of a daily routine for me. There were no computers to play on so I just hung out with my friends learning, building things and taking them apart, but goofing off most days. This world has changed alot, some for the good and some not so good. As society we need to change in order to improve but sometimes when we fix what isn’t broke we can make more of  a disaster of it all.

We flock to social media outlets such as You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Stumble Upon and many others to say what we have to say. We ask people to tweet, like and share just so we can reach the masses. We are shouting messages all over the place and hoping that the right people catch them head on. The world seemed much quieter before, easier when all we had to do was pick up the phone or write a letter. Today on a larger scale we are trying to make a difference in our own way, any way just so someone listens.

I didn’t start this blog to slide up the ranks even if to jump through hoops, I started it to make a difference. No matter if you blog or volunteer your time down at the local food bank or for charities you do it because you want to make a difference, that is and should be one of  the main goals. If there is money to be made in anything that we set out to do in life it will be made because the people believe in you, they trust you and they know that you add value to their lives, organization or project.  Most of all, because you believe in yourself.

When I sat through the movie “Mean Girls” with my wife years ago (I know torture if not equal to the Twilight Saga, do you remember that?) it reminded me how one person can think they are on top of the world and suck in a few believers but suddenly they realize that the popularity game was meant only for her and her alone. The only difference they were trying to make was for themselves. Maybe that’s not so bad if you have nothing to give.

How To Make A Difference In This World

Looking at the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and fellow Canadian Mike Holmes just to name a few off the top of my head who have had an impact on people all over the world. I am sure there are plenty others of significance but what about the people we never hear of? Sometimes silence is golden but other times it’s best when it’s broken thus motivating others to walk your path.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a career that makes a difference in this world? Not all of us are that lucky but we don’t always have to be paid to say what we want to say. This brought the word “success” to new heights in my eyes. What I’m saying is, that we don’t have to try, we just do.

I’ve learned that CBB is not only about me it’s about everyone else that reads the blog, who follow what I have to say because they want to hear my personal stories. It’s also the compelling stories from the fans and those of guest contributors about hope, knowledge, motivation, belief and courage to step away from the norm to create their own inner success that really hits a home run for us here.

It’s important to believe that the path that you are making will be followed by others who share your vision because without that belief your path will stay empty. -Mr.CBB

While reading one comment in response to my blog post yesterday from a fan Christine she showed me how much of an impact sharing personal finance stories mean to my readers. If only just for a laugh or knowledge about a topic the fans want to learn about, I want to share it with them.  I wish I was a big know-it-all but that’s clearly not the case.

My weekly reading list!!! I’ve already checked out a couple… actually signed up to get Prairie Eco-Thrifter and I’m enjoying it. I’d have no problem cutting out cable here as I don’t watch the tube but I’m the only one here like that. The older boy and hubby love to watch it, the younger boy would only have a problem on Daytona weekend!!! I curl up with a good book when I’m not running around doing other things and there is a book in my grab and go bag.

My biggest treat this year was the library book sale last weekend. $20.00 and I’ve got lots of reading material!!! We’re still trying to get both ends meeting in the middle. If the older boy can get onto CPP-D in the next while it will help big time. The hold up there is the doctor hasn’t sent in the report yet that we know about. A couple of phone calls are on the to do list for Monday.Once we get through dealing with CPP-D then we will see what ODSP has to say about funds too.

I got a kick out of Pepe and his tails. We have Stuart here and thankfully he’s healthy…. fat but healthy. We did have a boy cat that had urinary issues and bought the special food from the vet but after talking to the vet about the problems of having one cat on special food when there is more than one cat in the house he told us what to watch for in food for the big fur-ball and we went that way…. he spent the rest of his life going between Iam’s and Whiskas cat food and lived to be 20 years old…….he was such a big sweetie ….. we still miss him.

There will never be another Gunky…. We have found that if we bought good quality food for the fur-balls in our life they tended to be healthy and live long lives….Plus our cats were house cats…. not allowed outside, much safer that way…Stuart says Hi to Pepe by the way… (Blog Post from Budget and the Beach about Pepe the cat)

If you are a Blogger and your goal is like CBB (to make a difference) email me today! Tell me what your mission and goals are with your blog and how you plan to make a difference for your readers. If you have a story you want to share about how you did make a difference for one of your readers please include it up to 100 words. If you would like to nominate a fellow blogger also send me an email.

Include a photo of your blog logo so I can add it in the Saturday post.

If you are a fan and know someone who is making a difference in this world and want to share their story email me today!

I hope we can go on making a difference here at Canadian Budget Binder for our fans and we hope to bring you the best of the best from around the web and in our community.

Sometimes our voices need to be heard and reaching out is the best way to get that done.

What’s Happening At The CBB House?

This has been one heck of a busy week. I finally swapped the vehicles over and removed the winter tires to put on my all-seasons. I waxed the vehicles to perfection. I only do this because taking care of your vehicle is the single best thing you can do to prolong its life including the body from rusting away on you. I also get the vehicles sprayed every winter for rust protection from salt and grit and it’s been worth every penny.

In the kitchen I managed to make olive pita bread and a couple more amazing loaves of olive bread. I’ll be posting the olive pita recipe tomorrow on the blog.

I also planted some seeds in the back garden planters mainly lettuce mixes, chives, and parsley. I’d like to get my basil going shortly as well because we are hopping for a bigger crop this year to make basil pesto. I’m hoping to get out there REAL soon so I can get the garden going. It looks pretty mucky and depressing at the moment.

Our indoor plants for the garden that I started from seed seem to be taking off very well. I have lost a few pepper plants but I’m not too sure why but we’ll see how it goes. If I have to buy some plants down the road so be it. You never know what will happen when you start from seeds so it’s hit or miss most of the time.

I have a couple more exams to finish off this week for work since they just love training me to no end but that’s OK the more I learn the richer in knowledge I feel. I’ve always said to build your résumé the best you can by taking on any training that is offered to you from your employer that you may be able to take with you along the way.

Other than that I picked up a winter shovel on the side of the road earlier this week with a “Free” sign which works for me. My other shovel has a bit of a crack in it so I’m going to toss that now. I love free stuff! I also found a wrought iron wall hanging for the wife which I will mess up with some sand paper and paint black to match the rest of the wrought iron around our home. This is my favourite time of year when everyone starts tossing out perfectly good stuff.

I know one guy who drives the neighbourhoods at night-time in his pick-up and grabs whatever “Free Stuff” he can find and he fixes it up and resells it all for extra money. He makes a killing at doing that but hey, if you’re retired and looking for a hobby why not. Another guy we see picks up BBQ’s and Lawnmowers that people put out with “free” signs and fixes them up and sells them. He loves it though and keeps him busy in his retirement.

Weekend Review

What’s Happening With  Canadian Budget Binder?

I’m still working with my designer behind the scenes on the new blog so there’s not too much to report on that topic. We hit the 5000 fan mark on Facebook this past week and it was one heck of a celebration so thanks to all of you. We are now aiming for 6000 Fans so if you aren’t following Canadian Budget Binder on Facebook.. head on over and LIKE my page!

Canadian Budget Binder Blog Posts

If you missed any posts on the blog this week here they all are in one little bundle for you!

CBB Mentions Around The Web

Thank you all so much. If I missed you please send me an email and I’ll get you on the list.

Carnival Mentions

web search terms

Google Search terms really help me to understand what people are looking for at Canadian Budget Binder! Any typos below are simply how the person who searched Google and typed it in search incorrectly, or me ;-) Another week of thousands of search terms but only a few good ones worth mentioning.

Top Pick: What does it cost to do my taxes online baked mac and cheese- hahaha…. from taxes to food…. maybe they were trying to do their taxes stoned!(just sayin!)

  • The Price Is Right Grocery Game 2013- Nope, that’s not me, no spinning big wheels, fancy cars, big trips. 
  • Is the Wealthy Barber Divorced? 
  • Is Gail Vaz Oxlade Married? – Geesh what do I look like a personal finance tabloid.. hey now there’s a new idea, anyone else want in on that one!!
  • Dealing with Women Who Always Want More- OH, I smell a blog post coming up!! Thanks for the idea!
  • How Do I Pay Back My OSAP- GET A JOB!

Quote-Budget and Money

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Mr.CBB’s Personal Finance Weekly Reading List #4 Rob Ford In From The Cold, The Sandwich Generation

Personal Finance Reading LIst

Unless you’ve been on vacation somewhere warm (I’m jealous) you have likely been hiding in from the cold.  I don’t mind the snow and the seasonal changes but when that wind chill is factored in it gets bloody cold. These are the days I start dreaming about being able to put on my shorts and t-shirt although I’m getting used to what is now my home, Canada. I was reading an article about the coldest jobs in Canada and wondered how people get used to these frigid temperatures especially those in Yellowknife where temperatures near arctic levels. I have to commend those that work in these cold temperatures such as carpenters, road side assistants, fire fighters, ambulance, police and so on.  It got me thinking about all the people who do have to work outdoors and what they have to endure on a daily basis. How lucky are we that get to stay indoors where the temperature is toasty warm and for some they can slip off their shoes and put on cozy slippers whilst sipping a latte. Very lucky so next time we catch ourselves complaining about our job remember all the people who have it worse off than us. What’s the coldest job you’ve ever had?

Speaking of coming in from the cold and into the warmth for now is Rob Ford who received the green light today winning his appeal back into office as Mayor of Toronto after his donation scandal appeal. Should he get the boot for improperly participating in a debate about how he raised money donations for his football foundation using his influence as councillor on city hall letterhead? Funny how they say that when money is involved some people will do just about anything or say just about anything to get what they have to get.  Should we forgive and accept his error in judgement and move on or lay down the law because he knew what he was doing was wrong? Sometimes the decisions we make in life even if we think they are a simple error might come back to haunt us. Be careful what you wish for and always ask yourself if it is the ethical thing to do because you might just find yourself standing out in the cold.

Girl with a sandwich

The Sandwich Generation, what the  heck is that? No it’s not the kids who hang out at  Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Harvey’s on a Friday night, it’s far from it. If you’re taking care of your own back, caring for your children and having to care for your parents you are part of the sandwich generation. This is what I learned and to be honest we should listen up. We don’t have any kids yet but we really didn’t give much thought to our parents and who will care for them or if they need any care at all. Heck my parents are half way across the world. Is that our job as children to help our parents when they get older? In my heart of hearts I’m going to say yes for me. My parents did everything for me growing up and if I have to carry them to the finish line, you can bet I’ll be there with open arms.

How do I prepare for this potential squeeze and how would it affect our own retirement goals? Many people are asking themselves these questions because they are helping family when they can.  A poll from RBC states that 26% of Canadians will rely on an employer pension in retirement yet 1 in 5 have a defined benefit plan. Best of it is, almost 3 quarters of the people they polled don’t have either. Times are going to be rough going if we don’t take control of our finances and make a plan. Budgeting is only one part of personal finance the rest is planning. We plan to budget and plan to plan for the future because we don’t want to wait around for it to finalize plans for us. What’s your plan?

Related: A Beginner’s Guide To Early Retirement 


Thanks for your continued support of Canadian Budget Binder and now I’ll share you with my fans.

Recipes of the Week
Tweet Tweet… Goes my Twitter Followers!  

There have been so many awesome people who have tweeted my posts on Twitter this week. Since there are so many it’s easier to say thanks to all of you at once, so thanks!

It's Not About How Much Money You Make It's How You Spend It

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Photo Credit: Sandwich

Canadian Budget Binder-Personal Finance Weekly Reading List #2

Personal Finance Reading LIst

This weeks reading list will be full of awesome blog posts from personal finance blogs and foodies blogs around the web. I’ll admit I’ve slacked with commenting as I’ve been so busy with side projects but I do read them and share. I’m sure I’ll be wrapping all that up shortly and we can roll out the new site soon for all the fans who are anxiously awaiting for me to get rid of this cult of a page. Yes, that’s the feedback I received and that’s OK, I enjoy learning about what needs to be improved with the page or anything in my life. Life is about learning and when you shut the door and stop listening then growth stops. So when my fans told me my blog was dark, busy and cult like, well I listened. In order for CBB to grow, this blog environment not only has to be fun and interactive but inviting and clean. Not many Bloggers realize how the presentation of their site can impact the fans who want to stick around but don’t. I was one of them. So, Andrea…. work your magic, no pressure though.

 Another milestone was reached on my Facebook page reaching 3000 Fans and now we are at 3200 Fans. What I love is the daily interaction on the page, there is never a dull moment especially when it’s “What’s For Dinner?” time. My goal for 2013 is to reach 5000 Facebook Fans and 1500 Twitter Fans. A big thank-you to everyone who shares Canadian Budget Binder and is part of the team!!! High Five to all my fans who already Like and Follow me! This if not just my blog it’s a place where you can come and share your opinions and experiences. You are why this blog keeps on getting bigger and better. (Although I always like to sneak in some food!!) So, if you aren’t following me on Twitter or Facebook hook up with me and chat with all the amazing fans who visit my page daily! If you want to guest post send me an email as I’m filling spots for 2013.

What’s Up EI?

Earlier yesterday we learned that EI (Employment Insurance) has made some changes as of January 6, 2013 to their program as read in the Huffington Post that would affect seasonal, contract and those applying to be in the EI system. The EI system is now presented with stricter rules in hopes to get individuals back into the workforce as fast as possible with-in local jobs. One of my fans concerns were who would hire them, “Nobody is going to hire you when they know you are going back to work in 8 weeks. It would be a waste of their time to train you.”  The new rules also separate the long time folk that have paid into the system and not using it to those who use it regularly and occasionally. It would also require claimants to search for suitable work involving preparation although there are criteria such as commute time, suitable hours and pay.

From what I read EI has all their bases covered including health, family and transportation options according to the Huffington Post. What was intriguing in the news article was the savings of 12.5 million the first year and 33 million the next of the benefit cuts. News of the cuts have been met with opposition from those all over but like one of my fans says it best, think of EI as non-existent and start budgeting as if you will not receive it.”  According to information in a CBC news article about the EI changes, “Claimants will no longer qualify for EI if they refuse a job within a one-hour radius of their home, even if the job pays 30 per cent less than their previous employment.” Of course there is much more to learn on this topic so head to Service Canada to read for any current updates or contact them for more information.

Many of my Facebook Fans expressed their opinions, here are just a few….

  • “Also wonder how this is going to affect where I work. I drive school bus most of the people who work there go on EI for the summer. If they couldn’t get ei over the summer it will be even worse trying to find enough people to do the job.”
  • “Not impressed at all, this will definitely impact my decision to go back into landscaping full-time”
  • “Well that’s a smart approach to addressing the economic crisis! Amend the stats. After all, if someone’s not receiving EI or social assistance, they’re not statistically counted as unemployed. Remove all social benefits and we’d have full employment, at least on paper! Who cares if people are suffering, losing their homes, or going hungry as long as it makes those guys in Ottawa look better?”

What are your thoughts on the changes to EI?

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