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The Grocery Game Challenge Oct 8-14,2012-Fresh Air!

This week the Grocery Game Challenge takes us back into the garden for some Fall fresh air. Almost all of our plants are now re-potted and brought indoors for the winter. I just need to get the last of the love ferns brought in before Mrs. CBB gives me the speech about killing the love fern last year. Yes, I said Love Fern, and Yes she named it that, not me. We thought we would take our mates advice and do some Fall gardening to save some money something we really had not done in the past. It’s amazing how all this food we can grow helps us save money in our grocery budget all year long.Upon returning from our Thanksgiving “left over” feast with our relatives today we brought back some goodies to plant for next year. This afternoon I planted some rapini which are so excited about as well as fennel seeds. I also managed to plant our spring onions so they will be ready to go in 2013. We talked about growing Kale and Swiss Chard next year so that is on our garden radar as well.  Have you tried Kale or Swiss Chard? How do you prepare it? We also managed to […]

Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks September 28,2012

Mr.CBB’s Week in Review My weekly blog post picks have grown week by week and I’m thrilled to see many bloggers and advertisers interested in Canadian Budget Binder. I’ve worked a bit more lately at my real full-time job but continue to find the time to renovate the house, get ready for winter and work on this blog. I’ll be hanging the Christmas lights next week to prepare for the holiday season just so I don’t freeze my “John Thomas” and friends in the winter.  Happily the end of season sales last year has helped us to get enough LED lights for our entire home for dirt cheap. I guess it sounds like I’m a multi-tasker but really I’m not, I just plan my day well. On the flip side I went to see an allergy specialist the other day who performed routine environmental allergy testing on me. The doctor was a friendly bloke  who even gave me some “free” samples of nasal spray (I like this guy already). Needless to say I’m allergic to the outside world so I need to wear a space suit to garden, pick weeds, climb trees and rake leaves. Indoors I have to brush my teeth, wear cologne and […]

Why We Want To Pay Off Our Mortgage Early

Contributor: Nurse Frugal at Ladies Go First Paying off the Mortgage early, that’s what we’re doing and here’s why. I vividly remember the day when I came home from work and my husband was sitting behind the computer with a perplexed look on his face.  He looked up at me and asked “I don’t know, do you think we should pay off the house loan too?” Here Is Some Background………… A few weeks earlier we had just started listening to Dave Ramsey, a radio host and author that believes that becoming debt free is the key to financial freedom and building wealth.  We had just emptied out our savings accounts to pay off the two brand new cars we had just financed. My heart sank in my chest, was my husband taking crazy pills before I came home?  Did he realize that paying off the mortgage would mean that we would have to work lots of overtime for years and years to ultimately pay off the $233,346.60 owed on our mortgage?!?!  He proceeded to do a mortgage calculation that revealed that if we didn’t pay off the house early we would pay $118,123.78 in interest throughout the life of our mortgage, […]

5 Reasons You Won’t Get Out of Debt

Alright, “5 Reasons You Won’t Get Out of Debt” is sort of negative and off-putting title, especially since I’m usually a very positive person.  But the main reason for the tone of the title is to highlight some of the typical “reasons” I hear from people who are unhappy about their debt situation but never seem to really do anything about it. Probably just about everyone with a functioning brain knows that when it comes to money, being debt free is always better than being in debt, but when I ask them why they have not made a sincere effort to erase that debt from their lives, I start hearing pretty common list of “reasons” (excuses) why they haven’t done it. So if you DON’T want to get out of debt and you don’t want to change your financial life, here are some excuses you should probably be using: I Tried it But it Didn’t Work for Me So once upon a time you finally convinced yourself that paying off your debt was a good idea and you even decided to try it.  Well, if you really didn’t want to get out of debt, then you probably did not to […]

Sustainable Living on a Budget…A Lil’ Suburban Homestead Thing

Suburban Homestead, what is that? Why the chickens? Why the garden? Why the bees? Why the survival preparations? I would love to have what you have but we don’t want to deal with the hassle….. We will come to your place when things really get bad because you guys are prepared…. We hear this a lot! Hi I’m Karen Lynn and my husband “The Viking in my life” is Eric we are really the team behind Lil’ Suburban Homestead our kids do help out when asked to be involved but you have to understand we aren’t off grid we are leading normal lives. Eric and I both work full-time, we still go to football games, we are in clubs, we go fishing, we love going to the mountains and behind all the scenes we raise bees, chickens, raise a nice supplemental portion of food in the garden, and we prep for the future. I am a Techie I love HBO and my Droid Razr so some might say well that’s not very frugal and I say even frugal people can be entertainment addicts and actually I negotiated my cable bill down quite low. We do eat at home, we do […]


SOW, GROW AND SAVE After checking the prices in the produce aisle, how many times have you plopped some cherry tomatoes or asparagus into your shopping cart with a resigned look ala Mary Richards in the opening credits montage of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. What’s a person to do?  Resist artichokes?  Swear off broccoli and stock up on mac-n-cheese mix from the box? How about some good old-fashioned “if you can’t beat, ‘em join ‘em” action and start planting your own vegetables and fruits?  Yes, you can save money by growing your own food, whether you have a few container plants on the balcony or a nice sized garden in the back or front yard. The amount you save depends on how much you plant, your initial and ongoing investment in the garden, and how you use what you harvest.   If you want to save significant amounts of money and you have the space, plant seeds and go big. Otherwise, even with conservative efforts, by growing your own organic vegetables and fruits you can save on grocery store costs and reap other benefits as well.   You’ll contribute positively to the environment and your health by avoiding produce that’s been treated […]

The Frugal Basics-Convenience Costs!

SPEND YOUR MONEY WISELY   I’ve been taught many lessons on how to be a frugal girl, but one of the biggest lessons that I learned on my own was that convenience costs.  It costs big time and living frugally has improved my belief in keeping it simple.  Anytime you make it easier and quicker, it also makes it more expensive. Have you seen the price of food? Manufacturers are cashing in on our laziness and that we have next to little time these days. I’m  often asked “How do you save money” and my mind races with ideas to share. I’ve figured out for myself that if I spend a little time each day I have off work I can do things that save me a good bit of money. Not a little, but over time a lot. It also saves me time in the long run because if I think far enough ahead, I don’t have to make these things again for a while.   Convenience 101- What I’ve Learned   Making My Own Cleaners By the time you clip your coupons, look for sales, run to the store (or several stores) and then get home unpack and eventually […]

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