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12 Must-Try Spring Dinner Party Dishes On A Budget : The Grocery Game Challenge 2017 #3 Apr 17-23

THERE’S AN EASY WAY TO TURN A DINNER PARTY INTO SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL WITHOUT THE SPENDING STRESS.   A Spring dinner party menu is one of my favourite seasons to work with in the kitchen next to summer because of the vast amount of produce available. If you have a green thumb picking herbs and vegetables from your garden also adds to the fun of preparing delicious meals. Whether you are hosting a dinner party for 20 or a small group of people the number one thing you need is a list. The dreaded list BUT trust me when I say putting the list together is the easy part when creating a menu for your guests. If you think you are going to wing it the night before or even a couple of days before you’ll find you spend more money on your dinner party dishes then had you have planned in advance. Why? Because you are rushing to get it done and the last thing on your mind is- Savings. How long should I plan for a dinner party? That depends on how confident you are to complete the process. Planning including Budget Menu Plan and Timing Grocery Shopping Venue- […]

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