How super are supermarkets in Canada?

THE CHANGING FACE OF THE CANADIAN SUPERMARKET   Every year I’m a resident in Canada it seems to me were getting more and more like the Britain I left behind. The Supermarket is a prime example of the changing face that always seems to be behind the times. But what I tend to notice is a large shift to emulating the old country and the ways we do things.   The point of points   The brand new PC Plus points and coupon scheme recently launched caught my eye mainly due to the fact that is so similar to Tesco’s Clubcard points program in the UK. Every time you shop in that supermarket data is collected and used to determine what you buy most often, how much, your average budget spend on groceries and other revealing facts etc. This data collected is analysed and used to send you offers and coupons that are more tailored to the individual rather than the masses through a flyer. Tesco’s Clubcard rewards launched in the UK approximately 9 years ago has been part of the huge success leading to the company’s phenomenal growth. The highly personalized Clubcard vouchers or coupons and offers it generates for its customer base tries […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge July 15-21, 2013 #3: Packing groceries

Saving Money Means, You Pack It Packing groceries is something that I’ve always been used to doing on my own. Grocery packer job positions rarely get advertised for many grocery stores simply because it’s no longer needed. At one point in time the grocery packer (grocery bagger or grocery store bagger, all mean the same thing) was and still is for some a big part of the personal experience, but many have let this practice go. My wife can remember when the cashier would double and triple bag for free because the bag might break. I don’t know about you but I’m not ready to pay $0.15 to do that, I’d rather use a cardboard box. It’s not the cashiers fault and I’m sure it drives them around the bend having to ask if you want bags but they must do it. Nothing is free anymore and if it is you will find the cost saturated in the price of the products you purchase. Bags can get costly for a store and if they can save money over the course of the year, they will do it. Maybe $0.05 doesn’t sound like lots of money, but it all adds up. […]

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