If You Need Wedding Donations You Can’t Afford To Get Married : The Saturday Weekend Review #238

DONATING MONEY IS GREAT-JUST DON’T BE TAKEN FOR A FOOL   Why oh why are some couples in such a rush to get married? I recently stumbled up a few wanted ads on a popular buy and sell group where someone was asking for wedding donations. Along with the request for cash this person offered an address so willing strangers could stop by with the cash. Porch drop-off only I bet. Money has many faces and for those who go looking for it without lifting a finger except for typing ‘Money Wanted Ads’ risk put themselves in danger when strangers are invited by to drop off cash. Consider for a moment that this couple has money and doesn’t want to use it. They could be testing the online waters to see how many dummies are out there that would give them money. This can be a horrible situation however so don’t put it past anyone to scoop up cash from generous people and for other reasons than what was explained. On the other hand the couple could legit be broke and in need of wedding donations so they can walk down the aisle with little to no debt. If that’s […]

Do wedding events shake up your budget? : The Saturday weekend review #76

A WEDDING INVITE CAN SOAK UP CASH   There is no such thing as simply going to a wedding and wishing the newlyweds a happy life together. A wedding is no laughing matter and as much as most people are thrilled when people they know get engaged some start to budget for the big event. The kicker here is that for many people it’s not just one wedding each year it may be many weddings they are invited to.   Wedding planning   Planning for a wedding is not easy but can get out of hand if you’re not careful. Not only that but you might just scare off your potential guests who can’t afford to pay for wedding events that you plan leading up to your big day. We are now in the hottest months of the year for weddings which means many people are receiving wedding invites that shake up their budget. Why? Weddings are expensive not only for the couple who is getting married but for those who are invited to a wedding. Factor in if you are part of the wedding party and you’ve just bumped up the cost of attending a wedding even more. Last […]

The Saturday Weekend Review #20-The Young Cookie Selling Entrepreneur

No Cookie Monster hiding in this post.. just cookie selling and one interesting day. Since it’s the Victoria Day long weekend we decided to get up early and battle the garage sales. I spent 10 minutes last night jotting down the info in our garage sale route list so we knew exactly where we are going. Half of the battle is getting to the garage sales the other half is finding something you need for a great price. As we made our path from sale to sale and picked up a few items that we could certainly put to good use we stumbled upon some other experiences along the way. The first garage sale we stopped at was raising money for cancer research. Each year a garage sale  is organized with a few neighbours who bring all their unwanted luxuries to to sell. We found most of the garage sale items reasonably priced and for good reason, overpriced items end up back in the house. They also had some amazing baked goods up for offer such as monster cookies and brownies. Selling cookies for Cancer research seemed like a great way to help spread awareness in hopes one day they can […]

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