Peer-Pressured Party boy is failing school with $30,000 debt

POPULARITY CAN BE COSTLY   Graduating from high school and moving on to higher education is life-changing for many young people who then turn to their friends for support. I remember when I was getting ready to move on from secondary school to University  in the UK I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I completed some education research through my school and finally decided on a career path that I wanted to take and a school that I thought I might enjoy going to.   Education or Friends   I had friends growing up but I was never one who was always out partying because my time was very limited. My parents always kept me busy and when I went on to University I kept myself busy with my studies and my part-time job. I needed a balance of friendship but that was small compared to wanting to graduate and find a good job. Some but not all the friends that I did have always wanted to go to the clubs drinking but I was never into all of that. I’d go once in a while but it wasn’t really my thing, thankfully. Personally […]

Would legal marijuana shops decrease usage? : PF Grab a Brew #80

EXPERIMENTS MAY PROVIDE ANSWERS   Should recreational marijuana use be legalized in Canada? I’ve never used drugs in my life so as a non-drug user it’s hard for me to say yes let’s do it.  I can somewhat understand why someone would want to test how allowing recreational marijuana use with the legalization of marijuana shops would change the way we use this drug in Canada. However, I’m just not sure it would solve any issues. Then again, who am I to say? Under the Federal Criminal Code marijuana is illegal in Canada and I’m not about to justify why it should or shouldn’t be, but the law is the law. Drugs not only cost you a fortune but if you become addicted to drugs you know as well as the next person you can lose everything including your life. I’m pretty sure if you are reading this you may have been involved personally with drugs, know someone who has or know someone where the consequences of drug usage of that individual or another cost them their lives.   What is marijuana?   Hopefully by now you have learned about what drugs are and the effects of drug use from […]

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