grocery game monthly challenge

4 Simple Ways To Cash In On Weekly Specials To Stretch Your Budget : The Grocery Game Challenge 2018 #5 Jan 29-Feb 4

THERE ARE WAYS YOU CAN GET WHAT YOU WANT AT THE GROCERY STORE EVEN ON A TIGHT BUDGET   Weekly specials listed in your grocery store flyers are the number one way the shop gets consumers through the door to spend money. Once you’re inside be prepared for all sorts of well thought-out distractions that could cost you more money than you anticipated on spending. I’ve run the grocery game challenge for 6 years now and price has and always will be the biggest concern for shoppers followed by quality, quantity and ingredients. From there shoppers might care about the layout of the shop, customer service, types of products, services and so on. Although having a store that does it all in Canada sounds like a dream come true each grocery store offers unique services and savings for their customers. Some of our favourite grocery stores in Canada to shop at are Food Basics for the low prices, Zehrs for reduced prices and PC Optimum points and  finally No Frills for price-matching and PC Optimum Points. Related: The best grocery stores in Canada to shop at Over the past year we’ve been going to Costco as well which has worked out […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The grocery game challenge Dec 9-15,2013 #2: How not to miss in-store weekly specials and deals

SPOT THE DEAL AND STOCK UP   Not all in-store or unadvertised deals are created equally but when you find a deal sometimes it’s hard to say no, especially if you never find that product on sale. I don’t know how many times I’ve read the grocery game challenge posts that the fans put up or posts on Facebook or forums about in-store weekly specials and deals and wish I could find them. Most times we do remember a deal w’vee heard of from someone and while at a store check it out and sure enough it’s on sale but was not in the flyer. Almost every week when the giant circular bundle arrives at our door we sift through them to write our weekly shopping list according to what is on sale and that is what we shop for exclusively… well we don’t but most people do. We try our best to stick to our grocery list and for the most part we can but when we spot a too good to pass up deal we grab it while we can, as long as we know we will use it and it will save us money in the long […]

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