8 Valentine’s Day Gifts Women Secretly Want From Their Men : The Saturday Weekend Review #210

IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOUR LADY REALLY WANTS FOR VALENTINE’S DAY THEN YOU PROBABLY SHOULD BE READING THIS.   What do women want for Valentine’s Day Gifts? You’ll be shocked to know it’s not always what you think it is. Of course that depends on your partner. Just about every man who is reading about gifts to buy women on Valentine’s Day hoping to get it right might just get it wrong whether it’s their first or tenth round at romance. Ask almost any guy and they will tell you that when they buy Valentine’s Day Gifts they simply go into a store and just get something, anything no matter the price. If it looks pretty, we’ll take it. In our minds having a happy partner on Valentine’s day trumps the high costs of this commercial celebration of love. The key is not about buying Valentine’s stuff for the woman you love rather it’s about knowing what she secretly wants for Valentine’s gifts and most often it’s not what you think and it’s less expensive. Get it out of your head that every woman wants jewellery, chocolates and dozens of red roses for Valentine’s Day gifts. That’s old school […]

What Most Women Want In A Man… and It’s Not Always Money $

      Have you ever met a couple and thought, “why is he with her” or “why is she with him” because I haven’t and that’s because I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Frankly I don’t care why other people want to date each other, to each their own.  Remember that movie, “What Women Want” in 2008 starring Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson? Yes, Mrs. CBB had me watch it along with every Twilight movie going. Did I mention I was a fan of the Young and The Restless, all her doing. Well it’s true women just don’t want men with a big bank account because money can be earned and saved. Women want more than just a hot body, money and a man who can go all night in the bedroom. They want a gentleman with brains who knows how to treat her right but also has goals in life. Money can be earned, that’s right and more women today are independent and don’t need cowboy money which I think is sexy. You will be surprised how many women think frugal men are sexy but that’s because they understand the point that money doesn’t grow on trees. Then […]

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