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FREE Ways To Supplement Your Food Supply In Canada : The GGC 2018 #3 July 16-22

ENHANCE YOUR FOOD SUPPLY WITH A LITTLE BIT OF WORK AND FUN   Your food supply is important for survival and although the first place most people go to is the supermarket there are other ways to get food without the extra costs in Canada. Since moving to Canada from the UK over 10 years ago I’ve had to learn about a country that I wasn’t too familiar with. I had no idea about farm land and the seasons in Canada certainly through me for a loop. If you’d lived in the UK then you know what I mean. Since becoming a permanent fixture in this glorious land I’ve learned the most important survival tips when it comes to food supply and it came from my wife and father-in-law. Most of all exploring Ontario by going on nature walks along with educating myself about what grows in Ontario has certainly increased my knowledge on the topic. I’m not pro by any means but I’ve had my fair share of experience in the woods, on the farms and processing and growing gardens from seed to know it’s one of the easiest ways to supplement a food supply when in need. It […]

Cream of Asparagus Soup with Asiago Cheese (Low-Carb) (Gluten-Free)

MAKING A POT OF HOMEMADE ASPARAGUS SOUP DOESN’T GET ANY EASIER.   Although we enjoy broth and tomato based soups another famous soup we make in the CBB kitchen is our Cream of Asparagus Soup. Not only is it low-carb and gluten-free it’s extremely easy to make, budget-friendly and brings home the flavours of Ontario produce when available. During early-mid June if you love to forage you can find wild organic asparagus growing in ditches around farmers fields preferably that grow and sell asparagus. Mrs. CBB grew up with her dad who loves to forage still to this day. Over the years since she was a small child she’s foraged for wild asparagus, wild mushrooms, wild berries and plenty of other free wild edibles. I’ve been introduced to the foraging life quite a few times and it’s amazing what grows and is hidden in the forests, ditches and tall grasses. I won’t get into the specifics of wild asparagus picking but Mrs. CBB found Crystal over at Whole Fed Homestead who offers a detailed blog post about How To Hunt and Forage for Asparagus. Mrs. CBB says that reading her post brings back lots of memories because this was exactly […]

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