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Can you tell the difference? Brand vs No-Name

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Years ago I remember being a hard-core Ketchup fanatic and I still am today. I could never dream of anything else but Heinz dripping from my hamburger or drenched on my French fries.  I just loved the flavour and even enjoyed ketchup,mustard and relish on a warm pita. (Don’t knock it until you try it)

I thought for sure I would taste a difference and there was no way someone could fool me.

Well I was fooled and learned a lesson at the same time. Not everyone’s pallets are chef matured and not everyone can tell the difference between Heinz Ketchup and No-Name Ketchup.

My wife managed to save a plastic Heinz bottle and refilled it with the suspect ketchup to see if I would notice. I can envision her smirking in my head each time I gave it a squeeze.

Summer had come and gone and plenty of BBQ parties with friends.What I thought was really Heinz Ketchup was in fact a No Name brand Ketchup.

What I’ve learned from this lesson was that No name products can be just as delicious as the “Super Brands”. Sometimes we tend to reach for the trusted name brands but many times it is what it is, a name.

Try it out at home and see if your family notices the difference. We sure didn’t however the grocery bill did! You can find some no-name products for a fraction of the price comparing them to their higher priced cousins.

Being a frugal shopper is being a smart shopper.

Of course if you are dedicated to your Heinz Ketchup or any other brand and can’t make the change, at least you can say you tried.

Share your findings and any other “Switch Ups” you might have done to fool the gang.

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