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Kick the Smoking Habit, Save Your Health and Budget Update Week 4

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Here we are at week 4 already, can you believe this! We certainly are in awe over our accomplishments. If you would have told us 4 weeks ago that we would be smoke-free by the end of February 2012 we likely would have thought you were nutty.

The reality is you have to want it so bad that you can taste victory. You need not wait until you or a loved one has a health scare to make this decision. This was one of the main factors of participants in that Quit Smoking Program we participated in at the start of our journey.

For us it was Health first, money last and it should be that way for everyone who wants to quit. You only live once and you can’t put any amount of money on your own life.  I have to admit though that this quit smoking process has been so easy it’s ridiculous.  We certainly thought I’d be sleeping in a separate room by now.

As we end this week with a bang we are now coming up for full swing “Driven To Quit Challenge”  beginning March 1, 2012. If we have inspired you or yo are contemplating quitting you have until February 29,2012 to register. We are so excited to be included in this challenge and know with the support of our friends, family and Canadian Budget Binder Fans will continue to be smoke-free for LIFE!

I will follow-up with all of you for the duration of the contest which is one month. At the end of the contest I will only update you on how much Moola $$$$ we have approximately saved as this number is never correct!

Keep Rooting us on Folks.. would love to drive away in a New Ford Fusion or Ford Edge or a dream vacation!!!

The best part is…drumroll!!!!

Here are the statistics thus far:

Since Monday, January 30, 2012, I’ve been smoke-free for:
27 Days, 10 Hours, 7 Minutes, 56 Seconds.

I have saved $87.68 by not smoking 274 cigarettes.
By not smoking I have added
4 Days, 13 Minutes, 5 seconds.
to my life expectancy.

We did notice however that we were spending more than the $120 a month on cigarettes not noticing because of the overlap in purchase. It also depends on how many days in a month, price of a pack, how many we smoke per day as it’s just estimate. Looks as if we were spending aprox $196 per month. Wow! Not going to miss this expenditure!


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