The Grocery Game Challenge March 2012 Week 1

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I realized last night after a reader emailed me that March is beginning in the middle of a week. Since we did not do a shop this week I wasn’t going to post the challenge. We only shop 3 weeks a month and leave one week shop free.

Since some months can get confusing with them beginning in the middle of a week I thought I should post something. Even though we are not shopping you might be shopping and it’s important to recognize that.

So this post is to say, we did not shop Monday  Feb 27-  Sunday Mar 4 but if you do then please post your shop in the comment section below. Once approved I will award you a ballot number for March.

The most important parts of this challenge is for you to…

  • stay with-in your budget,
  • show other how well you shopped and used coupons
  • how you did not give in to temptation-tell us.. did you put that big bag of chips back because you didn’t need them?
  • How much did you spend during your shop
  • Were you happy with the outcome
  • Could you improve your shop

Congratulations again  to Shelley C our February Grocery Game Challenge Winner! Your prize is on it’s way!

So folks, start posting your shops for Monday Feb 27- Sunday Mar 4 below.


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  1. Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of The Grocery Game Challenge March 2012 Week 1 Canadian Budget Binder . Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely comeback.

  2. Here is my shopping trips for last week! I did all my shopping at Walmart and price matched a few items!!

    Cashmere Toilet Paper
    Pm’d to $3.97-2.00

    U By Kotex
    3.97 X7= 27.79- 10.50 (7 X1.50)

    Simple Steam Veggies

    Temptations Cat Treats
    2/$3.00=$6.00 (B2g1)

    Skim Milk (4l)
    4.47 X 2
    = 8.97

    Smuckers Jam

    Cat Food

    Mr. Clean
    pm’d 2.00 X4= 6.00-2.00

    Dempsters Bagels
    Pm’d 1.99-100

    Campbells Soup
    2X .50

    Can of Similac

    2.00 X4=8.00-3

    Oasis Juice Boxes
    Pm’d 2.00X5=10.00-5.00

    10lb Bag of Potatoes

    Cat Collar

    peaches,sweet potatoes
    5.14- 2.25

    Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet kit
    (if I was paying attention
    it should have been 8.00)

    Prime Chicken

    Fresh Chicken
    5.00 X2=10.00-3.00 (1.50 X2)

    Rice Krispies Cranola


    Pmd 5.99-2.00

    Teddy Graham Crackers


    Total Paid


    1. Hi Samantha,
      What a great week for you with $90.45 in savings. Can you imagine not using coupons ever again? Can you imagine how much you used to spend before you used coupons? I know we try not to look back as the figures would be scary. The cashmere was a great deal I’m glad you were able to take advantage of that.

      Thanks for posting your shop. I hope it helps to see what you are spending when you post it here at Canadian Budget Binder and keep you under budget!

      You get ballot #4.

      Week 2 of the challenge is posted so if you have another shop you can post again!


  3. well here goes nothing hope its okay guys
    Kellogs All Bran Bars x2 @ 2.49each – x2 $1.50 coupons = 1.98
    Cheese Mozz & Old Fort Reg $8.99 SP $7.98 = 15.78
    Artic Garden Veg B1G1F coupon $3.79 each = 3.79
    Catelli Spaghettie $1.77 coupon $0.75 = 1.02
    Oreo Ice cream Reg $7.28 coupon $1.50 = 5.78
    Chrisite Thins $3.49 coupon $0.75 = 2.74
    Danone Yog drinks Reg $5.99 special price $4.29 = 4.29
    Eggo Waffles $2.99 coupon $1.00 = 1.99
    Liberte Greek yoghurt $4.99 FPC = free
    milk 2% no coupons x3 4L cartons = 14.07
    half and half cream no coupons = 1.60
    Hamburger Helper no coupon = 2.69
    Honey Bunch Oats x3 varieties @ Reg $3.99ea special $2.48ea coupons x3 $1 = 4.44
    Weetabix no coupon = 4.29
    Kellogs Crispie bars Special price $2.49 coupon $1.50 = 0.99
    Concentrate PC own frozen lemonade x3 0.64ea = 1.92
    Butter PC own no name Reg 3.99 special price $3.49 = 3.49
    Tassimo Hot Choc no coupon = 3.77
    Bread x4 pack no coupon = 3.89
    Buns 2x 12 pack Special price for buying x2 $2.00ea = 4.00
    Fish = 4.98
    Flank Steak $6.30 – 30% (1.89) = 4.41
    Flank Steak $8.81 – 30% (2.64) = 6.17
    PC Smokies $8.99 – 30% (2.70) = 6.29
    Bacon Reg $3.99 on special @ $2.99 = 2.99
    Bananas = 3.53
    Melon = 5.88
    Mini Cucumbers = 4.99
    Green Onion 2 @ $0.75ea = 1.50
    Romaine Lettuce x3 pack = 2.48
    Tomatoes = 1.56
    Softsoap handwash x2 special price $1.00ea coupons x2 =free
    Reg Colgate Toothpaste x1 special price $1 each coupon $1 = free
    Kids Colgate Toothpaste x1 $1.99 coupon $1 = 0.99
    Lysol Toilet Cleaner x2 special price $1.34 coupons x2 $1 = 0.68
    Head & Shoulders shampoo Reg 5.99 coupon $2 = 3.99

    Total Shop = $137.48 before taxes
    3c was taken off for using my own bags too
    Coupons used came to a value of $32.99 (not all coupons on here as I think she added a few together so not sure which others I had for)
    total % for that week shop was 19%

    Okay so out of this we feed the 5 of us (three kids 2 1/2, 5yrs & 7Yrs) boys eat me out of house and home sometimes but they are growing and need the milk and fresh veg can’t wait til I get my veg & herbs in this year. Still buying diapers for little one but hopefully out of these soon and that wwill save so much. Budget goes week to week but usually doesn’t exceed $200 expect when we have a meat/chicken run then its $230. I was spending $250 a week but have managed so far to keep it under the $200 sometimes lower.

    1. Hey Nicky!
      Yes that’s all you have to do is share your weekly shopping with us. We just want to see what you typically budget for, how much you spent, did you use coupons, did you go over your budget for the week. I like how you explained how many you were feeding in the house. You did super awesome with shopping this week. The most important part is to be mindful of your budget. Do not spend more than you budget for grocery otherwise another category will suffer or you have to find the money to cover the overspend. We will be over budget this week as we put our list together. We typically spend around $63 a week with 1 shop free week a month for a total of $190 a month. IF we spend more one week we have to make sure we don’t overspend the next. This is the way we keep our balance in check. Cheers! I hope to have you post weekly and often. You get Ballot #3 in the draw!


  4. So it’s my first week doing this, so hopefully I get it right too : )
    Our; weekly budget is $100 – family of three plus a large dog and 3 cats (pet food comes out of the grocery budget too). Because I usually do one big shop at Costco each month for staples and meat, I carry over unused funds from week to week. I’d like to get to a point where we could have a shop-free week too, but baby steps…
    Here’s this week’s info:

    Giant Tiger
    milk $4.65
    Sunburst dish detergent $1.97
    white vinegar $0.99
    had no coupons so total OOP V$7.61

    Bulk Barn
    seasoned bread crumbs $1.57
    elbow pasta $4.11
    baking soda $5.47 (should have seen the look the cashier gave me when I got 2.5kg of baking soda!! For the record, I made my own carpet freshener with some fragrance crystals I had kicking around)
    Total $11.15 used my $3 off WUS V$10 coupon, so OOP $8.15

    Shoppers Drug Mart
    eggs reg $2.53/doz sale $2.29/doz used $1 WUB2 coupon so OOP $3.48

    Sidekicks reg price $1.97 sale price $1.00 x5 saved $4.85
    chicken drumsticks reg price $14.02 used $2.00 coupon
    Uncle Ben’s Bistro Express reg price $2.57 used $0.75 coupon (this was an impulse buy – I found the coupon on the board at the store, since we use these all the time I decided to take advantage)
    Total reg price $26.62, total OOP $19.02 – saved $7.60
    Speaking of impulse buys – I had my spouse with me at Superstore – as we’re walking past the chocolate bars I hear “you want a snack?” NOW I remember why I shop alone… I said no, and kept walking (Yay me!)

    So, total for the week: Reg prices $50.44 total OOP $38.36 savings of $12.08

    I have $61.64 to carryover to next week – which is good since Extra Foods has a customer appreciation day next week, and some good prices on fresh produce.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for posting your shop! I think it’s funny how you talk to yourself like I do. I think most people do to be honest. They fight in their heads about why they should or shouldn’t buy something. I like that you use the Bulk Barn coupon. We use alot of bread crumbs and never thought of checking the bulk barn price. You have yourself a great budget for 3 people and the pets. We also put our pet food in with the grocery budget.

      When you post your shop you will be challenging yourself every week to do better than the last! I hope you continue to post with me all year long!

      You get Ballot #2… keep an eye out for my next weeks Grocery Game Post so you can post your next weeks shop. You can also subscribe to my blog on the home page by entering your email. That way you won’t miss a post and it will get sent right to you.


  5. Okay I’m new to this, so hopefully I’m doing this right:) My budget is $100/week…I feed a family of 4. I would like to do less but it just hasn’t been possible yet. I would also like to do a free week, but my girls are still young and I just can’t give up getting them fresh foods every week. This week could have been a free week for me, I have a large stock pile because of some sales last week. But I just couldn’t say no to some of these deals:)

    3 x Kettle chips – $3.00 each – coupon for buy 2 get one free = 6.00
    Cashmere double rolls – sale $3.97 (regular price $6.99) – coupon $2.00 = $1.97
    Thinsations – sale $2.00 – coupon 0.75 = $1.25
    Rice crispies granola – sale $2.00 – coupon 0.75 = $1.25
    Armstrongs cheese slices – sale $0.50
    french onion dip – sale $1.00
    ceasar dressing – $1.42
    Garden salad – $1.47
    Crispiers Crackers – Sales $2.00
    10 x Campbells condensed soup – $0.50 = $5.00
    ground beef – 30 % off reduces clearance – $3.15
    4 x Apple juice – $0.94 = $3.76
    Total – $28.77 with tax = $32.51 Less $10 gift card for completing an online health survey = OOP – $22.51

    Giant Tiger:
    Roman Lettuce 3 pack – $2.29
    OJ – $2.25
    Banana – $1.79
    Total – $6.33 with tax = $7.15 (I had a gift card for a purchase return) OOP – 0

    Total grocery – $35.92 Soooo way under budget:) But it is just because I was able to stock up last week on things I use daily!

    1. Hi Lindsey,
      The no-shop week is not for everyone and this is our first go at it this year. The hard part is when we see amazing deals in the flyers. We are doing well thus far. You did some fine shopping. $100 a week is a great budget for your family size. That Health study GC will come in handy for us as well. It made it worth taking the time to do the survey. Thanks for posting your shop. Yes you did it correct and you get Ballot #1 for this week. Don’t forget to post again when I post my next shop to get more ballots. Mr.CBB!

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