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The Grocery Game Challenge March 2012 Week 1

I realized last night after a reader emailed me that March is beginning in the middle of a week. Since we did not do a shop this week I wasn’t going to post the challenge. We only shop 3 weeks a month and leave one week shop free.

Since some months can get confusing with them beginning in the middle of a week I thought I should post something. Even though we are not shopping you might be shopping and it’s important to recognize that.

So this post is to say, we did not shop Monday  Feb 27-  Sunday Mar 4 but if you do then please post your shop in the comment section below. Once approved I will award you a ballot number for March.

The most important parts of this challenge is for you to…

  • stay with-in your budget,
  • show other how well you shopped and used coupons
  • how you did not give in to temptation-tell us.. did you put that big bag of chips back because you didn’t need them?
  • How much did you spend during your shop
  • Were you happy with the outcome
  • Could you improve your shop

Congratulations again  to Shelley C our February Grocery Game Challenge Winner! Your prize is on it’s way!

So folks, start posting your shops for Monday Feb 27- Sunday Mar 4 below.


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