Friends With Benefits- Helping Us Stick To The Budget

Get your mind out of the gutter…crikey I’m simply going on about Networking!

There’s always a dollar to be saved when you network, right?

Not everyone is an extrovert but you don’t need to be when it comes to networking you just need to be you~ and talk!

What is Networking, you ask?

Networking: according to

A supportive system of sharing information and services among people and groups having a common interest:Working mothers in the community use networking to help themselves manage successfully.
2.the design, establishment, or utilization of a computer network.
  • The Easiest Way! Talk to the people you know!
  • The Best Way!  Talk to people you don’t know!

Example: The easiest way

We all have someone on our street that knows everyone’s business- they may do the  networking for you, no effort involved but the initial conversation.

True Story(names and career changed):

Ethel– (Your neighbour) Hanging out the window with her dog staring at your every move. “Good Morning Luigi, nice day today.”

You– Good morning Ethel, yes I’m off to work.

Ethel– What is it that you do Luigi?

You– I’m a Mechanic at my shop Ethel.

Ethel– Oh that’s great Luigi maybe you can take a look at my brakes on my car one day next week?

You– Sure Ethel bring your car around on Tuesday at 9am.

Ethel– Great, thanks Luigi, see you then.

You– Bye Ethel

So Ethel is thinking that you are a mechanic and can likely get the job done at a fraction of the cost than if she brought it to a dealer or another shop. She’s already counting the savings in her head. $$$$

You might not always get a deal but a majority of the time you will.

Tip: Always use the name of the person you are talking to in the conversation so they know you are acknowledging them, or taken the time to learn their name and use it.

Does the above scenario ring a bell?

Life is all about Networking, whether it’s for a job, babysitters in the area, or who can do what for cheaper because you know someone who knows someone.

Ethel is likely going to have you fix something on her vehicle and if you do a good job she will tell all her mates=you get business $$$$

Our Personal Budget Saving Scenario

We used to go to the hair salon in the mall (I know don’t say it) to get our hair cut and the wife would get her eye brows threaded.

Here is the breakdown: Brace Yourself

Hair Mr.CBB- (I have short hair with a style) cost $23.00 plus $5.00 tip

Hair Mrs.CBB- ( long Hair one length) normally just gets a trim no style cost $23.00 plus $5.00 tip

Mrs.CBB- Eye brow threading $21.00

Total $ 67.00



Total with tip-$85.71

We would have this done every 6 weeks for a total of $85.71. Just looking at that figures astounds me.

So we would do this about 8-9 times per year for a total of $771.39 a year. Keep in mind we get no hair colouring or fancy stuff done as this costs more.

Mrs. CBB was chatting to one of her mates at work and the conversation about threading came up. Since it is common in the Indian culture she thought she would ask her mate if she knew anyone who did it from home as she was Indian.

Sure enough, she says yes! One of  her mates has a hair salon in the basement of her home. Mrs. CBB took her number and contacted her that very night. Mrs. CBB asked her about pricing and her background in hair styling etc.

We later found out she has a steady stream of clientèle all word of mouth advertising.

Our new beauty regimen costs$$

Hair Mr.CBB- $8.00

Hair Mrs.CBB-$8.00

Eyebrow Threading Mrs.CBB-$7.00

Total w tax $ 25.99

She does not want tips just referrals! Works for us! 🙂

I now get my hair cut every 2 months and Mrs. CBB gets a (professional) trim once a year as I trim it the rest of the year. Mrs. CBB gets her eyebrows threaded monthly.

So we now pay about $56.00 for hair per year, $84.00 for threading

Total per year with tax $158.20

  • Let’s compare – taking the Mall figures comparing it to the new regime
  • Mr. CBB hair cut every 2 months
  • Mrs. CBB once per year Hair cut
  • Mrs. CBB monthly threading

The Mall $448.00= with tax and tips $506.24 per year

Our New Friend $158.20 per year

That’s a savings of  $348.02 per year

I’ve been in Canada for a few years now (and love it) and learned so much about this country just by networking. It doesn’t hurt to network and talk to people you know or don’t know about people they may know.

We’ve been going to our stylist now for 3 years and see no reason to stop as her service has been excellent. As you can see we have made significant savings in our budget the past few years even though we didn’t actually start using a budget until 2011.

Tip:  Talk to your neighbours, talk to your mates, talk to your co-workers, talk to a stranger.. just talk. You never know what you might learn  and how much you will save $$$.

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  1. It helps who you marry as well, years ago my SIL trained as a hairdresser and for ages she would cut my hair when ever I asked, free. A couple of times it was a perm and I paid for the home kit. She will still trim my hair the odd time. My daughter’s friend also trained as a hairdresser and both of us go to her place to get our hair done (usually a cut and highlights). She gives us a discount, of around $20.00.We get our hair done and have a nice visit in the bargain!! My daughter gets her hair done every 3-4 months and I’ll go once or twice a year, if that. I have done alterations for her when both her brothers were married, her wedding dress and when her younger sister got married. I charged a fraction of what the dress shop would have. People have done things for me that saved me money and I will do something, like the alterations for some one else to help them. What goes around……..

  2. Yes this strategy can work with so many things. It also carries over into blog marketing. By networking with other bloggers you find all kinds of ways to help each other.

  3. I so agree! My husband while extremely mechanical sometimes need car help and our neighbor helps all the time. He also gives us scrap metal. In return I send over eggs,cakes and my husband helps him with vacation issues. Its win win.

    1. Exactly my point, you never know what skills people have unless you talk to them. When you need something you can work out a deal if need be even if it is eggs and cakes. Thanks for your post Lil Suburban

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