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  1. I completely agree with your logic about married couples having a joint account. My husband and I have a joint account where all money owing to us goes into. We also each have an individual accounts for our ‘allowances’. It is amazing to us that so many married couples we know have separate accounts – she looks after this and he looks after that. I just don’t get it. Like you said it’s inefficient and it doesn’t promote trust in a relationship. We also have learned to use our financial strengths. I manage our monthly budget while my spouse is more into our long term investments, at the same time keeping each other in the loop regularly.

  2. Thanks Mr. CBB for explaining about the commenting, and I’ll let you know how things go with Mr. Canuck Buck!

  3. Great information. We use online banking to pay our bills. Being that I pay them each month, if I should no longer be here my wife can go online and see our bill paying history and at least know what to expect.

        1. Good For You! I’ve had to make a master password list for every bill account we have. It starts getting overwhelming when you cannot use the same password because of different password requirements. Glad to hear you work as a team, not many can say this! Cheers mate. Mr.CBB

  4. Have you changed your comment set up? I’ve tried leaving comments twice and they get erased. It’s a bit of a pain to have to “log in” to my wordpress blog just to leave one. Great points and I agree – I’m trying to get my husband more on board with investments etc instead of just me doing it.

    1. No I have not changed my comment set up at all. I always have to sign in to wordpress to leave comments on other wordpress blogs. I hope that helps a bit. I hope you can get your husband on board as it’s so important for him to know what’s going on. You’re not alone in this world however the more we encourage and talk about finances maybe they will take an interest. Let me know how it goes! Mr.CBB

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