The Grocery Game Challenge April 16-April 22- Deals, What Deals?

I had to make a last-minute edit to our prior weeks shop which you can see at the end of the post.  We did a late night raid at  Zehrs yesterday to pick up some of the cheapest milk I’ve ever seen. I’m sure I will be back for more and we freeze it and take it out as we need it.

This week might just end up being a stock up week and some vegetables. I might even venture into making bread land this week but still am so leary. I wish I had someone to hold my hand through the process.

Recap last week!

So we had underspent the week earlier and had +$21.11 left after the last shop this week – $10.12 = +11.32 left still in the budget along with $64 =$75.32 for the month to go!!

We still have a shop free week so we might actually pull it off this month who knows! There seems to be a secret 20x event at Shopper’s Drug Mart but since we are stocked on milk we might stay away.

Posting our budget and shop has made a world of difference to the money we spend. Last year we toppled over 5k in grocery with over 5k in coupons used. This year we hope to cut that in half.

I will report back here and edit this post as we shop throughout the week.

Here are the pics… lots!


Smart Pop $2.97-$1.50

1x Resolve Sale $2.00-$2.00

2x Scrubbing Bubbles Extend a clean Sale $5.67-5.00

2x Hellmans Olive Oil May Sale $2.97

1x Incense -$2.27

4x Hazlenut Spread $2.17 1x SCOP rang up $2.47

Coupons Used $15.67

Total Oop-$19.56

Food Basics

1x Old El Paso Tortillas Sale $1.99-$1.00

2x Baby Spinach $5.00- $2.50

1x Basil Sale $0.99

1x Saurkraut Sale $1.69

1x Black Olives Sale $0.99

2x Selection Olives Sale $0.99

4x Reduced Produce Asparagus $1.29 each

1x Rigatoni Primo Pasts $0.99

2x Cedar Black Olives Sale $2.99 reg $5.99

2x Zinda Cous Cous Sale $2,49

2x reduced Red Peppers Packages $0.99

Total Coupons-$1.00

Total Oop-$33.86

No Frills

4x Oreo Cookies 550g Sale $2.47

6x Half and Half  cream Sale $0.99

8 x Loneys Pasta Sauce Pomedore and Carbonara Reg $3.15 each Sale….. 4/$1.00 That’s what I’m talking about…..

2x Black Beans on reduced rack $o.60

2x 24 case of Spring Water Sale $1.97

1x Unico Tomatos on Reduced rack $0.75

1x celery PM Metro- $0.99

1x cucumber Sale $0.67

1x Lettuce Sale $0.99

2x White Mushrooms 227g Sale $0.99

6x tomatoes Sale $0.67lb- $1.66

Total $29.98- $20.00 in PC Points

Total Oop-$9.98

Zehrs Trip #2

4x Milk Sale $3.99-$1.00

8x Buitoni Spinach and Mozzarella Pizza Reg $5 Sale $1.00

2x Blue Water Tempura Family Pack Reg $10.99 Sale $3.44

2x New York Frozen Pretzle Reg $2.99 Sale $1.49

2x Green Giant Frozen Veg Reg $2.99 Sale $1.54

1x NN Butterscotch Ripple Reg $2.99 Sale $1.54-50% sticker

2x Neopolitan Icecream Reg $2.99 Sale $2.04-50% sticker

2x No Name Winter Veg Reg $2.49 Sale $1.44

2x PC Buttered Beans Reg $2.99 Sale $0.50

2x PC Cooked Jasmine Rice Reg $2.99 Sale $0.25

2x PC Cooked Brown Rice Reg $2.99 Sale $0.25

2x PC Creamy Veg Reg $2.99 Sale $0.50

2x PC Lasagna Reg $14.97 Sale $4.00

2x PC sweet Chili Potatoes Reg $2.99 Sale $0.50

1x Ziggy Ham $3.49-50% sticker $1.73

Total Coupons Used $4.00

Total $60.85-$40 PC Points 

Total Oop $20.85

Total Reg Price  Aprox $175.18


Total Shop for the Week for all this is $84.25-$75.32= $8.93 overspend for the month of April. Not bad considering all the milk we bought this month.. I would say we did exceptionally well!! Most of the food here is for our student exchange program in the summer! The cases of water are not pictured.

+$10.00 spending card from Shoppers Drug Mart! 

Next week is our No-Shop week!!! I will still post The Grocery Game so you can post your shop! Good Luck! Mr.CBB

Post your Grocery Shop for the week in the comment section below along with your grocery budget and let us know how well you stuck to the budget!

You get an Entry ballot each time you post  your shop to be entered in our MONTHLY CONTEST! You can only enter once per week!

Please see link to rules below.

Good Luck and Happy Shopping,


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  1. Okay finally got round to doing it. Been a very nasty week!
    Hamburger Buns $2
    Red Tomatoes $1.17
    Purex Ultra Pks 4.99 – $1c = $3.99
    Strawberry Mouse $2.49 – FPC = $0
    Onions $1.99
    Nutrigran$3.99 – $1c = $2.99
    Chex Cereal #4.99 – $1c = $3.99
    Eggs $2.69 – 69c = $2
    Coke Zero – $1.99
    Soda – $2
    Total = 22.79
    Coupons $5.49

    Boyard x2 tins 2 @ 98c = 1.96
    Ber Olive Oil Usually 8.98 SP of $6.97
    Box Goldfish (megabox) $9.99
    Cinamon Corn Pops $2.98 – 50c = $2.48
    Bretton Crackers $1.88 – $1c = 88c
    Danone Active drinks $4.97 – 50c = 4.47
    Milk x4 $18.76
    Fresco $2.39 – FPC = 0
    Kraft Shred Cheese sp $5.97 – $1c = $4.97
    Maxwell house $6.99
    Chips $1.37
    NN Fruit Punch $9.47
    NN Fzn Lemonade x2 @ 64ea = $1.26
    Fzn Peas $2
    Ketchup NN $2.17
    Cheese $8.97
    NN Fzn Orange x2 $1.28
    NN Butter $3.49
    Tinned Tomatoes 97c
    Taco Kit $4.27
    Salt Softner $4.78
    Soup Pk 12 usually 6.99 – SP 4.98
    Weetabix $4.29
    Yoptimal usually 6.99 SP $3.40
    Sandwich chicken meat $3
    Sandwich Ham $5
    Bread $3.89
    Fish #5.49
    Weiners 1.88
    Bananas 2.28
    Cauliflower 2.98 – 50% = $1.48
    Oranges $4.48
    Melon $5.88
    Green Onions .58
    Potatoes 10lb bag 4.48
    Ivory Body Wash x2 @ 3.67 – $3c = $4.34
    Hair Colouring kit 12.99 – FPC = 0
    Hair Colourng kit 15.49 – FPC = 0
    Wipes $3.99
    Seeds for Garden – $9

    Also need to take off GST/PST = $8.38
    Superbucks = 8.04
    Greenboxes were the free gift too so there were $14.97
    Total was $176.12
    Savings were 68.16

    Not bad

    1. Hey,
      No the savings you made for this weeks shop are pretty impressive. I’m still jealous of your superbucks and I’ll likely remind you each time you post. I notice you purchased garden seeds, what did you buy for your garden for $9.00?
      Thanks for posting your shop this week, just under the gun … you get Ballot #10


  2. i found the coupon for the cascade defensia on (click on canadian coupons, then coupon database, then scroll down to find the pink heading with 2012 expiry. the product is sold at walmart and i’ve even heard of people finding them on clearance for $.50 but the ones i have found so far are $1. they are hard to find in the stores. the last ones i got were with the laundry soap???? lol
    i’m not sure about the dr. pepper because i haven’t seen the coupon. is it a 1L size? like the brisk coupon? i think i saw 1L brisk at freshco, so if that is the size, that might be a good store to start with. good luck! nothing worse than getting an fpc and not being able to find the product 😛
    when you are hunting for spice recipies, would you mind looking for one that is similar to club house pasta salad, pretty please? we love that oil and vinegar type salad but it costs nearly $2 for a little packet at our 2 local grocery stores 🙁

    1. Cheers for the info, I’ll go check it out… as for the spices I’ll do my best. I’ve never had the club house pasta salad.. maybe I need to buy one, try it and then try to replicate it.. how’s that? Remind me if I forget, I’m getting close to my mid thirties you know and losing my mind…Cheers Mr.CBB

  3. here’s my shopping for this week. i had $18.76 left from last week and this weeks budget is $50 = $68.76 to spend. i shopped at some of the stores more than once…just lumped the receipts together, hope that’s ok.
    3 nature valley value size granola bars clearance $2.99 -1+tax = 7.14
    1 6pk diet coke $2.2=47+ tax $2.79
    3 gay lea gold sour cream $1.99 -1=$2.97
    4 gay lea spreadables butter $1.99 -1= $3.96
    1 cashmere tp $3.97-1+tax=$3.49
    2 pks of 5 chops $12.92
    2 dempsters whole grain $2.49-b1g1=$2.49
    oop $35.76

    6 cobs corn $1.88

    1 liberte yogurt $5.49 – fpc=free

    3 Neilson truetaste 4L milk $3.99-1=$8.97
    1 pk of 5 boneless chicken breast $7.81-$1.50=$6.31
    oop $15.28

    2 doz eggs $2.64-$1wub2=$4.28
    1 laughing cow cheese $2.77-1
    1 soft taco kit $3.47
    1 tube ground beef $3.50-$4=$-.50
    1 green onion $.47 -$.28 (cashier entered coupon wrong)
    1 green onion free due to error above-no receipt-big nightmare lol
    1 hellmanns mayo $2.97
    2 oasis juice boxes $2.25-1=$2.50
    1 harvest splendour potato & broccoli $2.47-1.50=$.97
    4 club house pks (i know, i know!!) 1.34-b1g1x2 =$2.68
    2 Kashi crackers $2.97-2= $1.94
    1 pk mushrooms $1
    2 green peppers $.55
    5 colgate total advanced travel size $1 +tax-$1.50=$-1.85
    19 cascade defensia hand towels $1+tax-$2=$-16.53
    oop $3.44

    2 d’italiano sausage buns $3.19 less pink sticker less $.75=1.68
    6 glade sense & spray (love these!) $7.64 less pink sticker -$4+tax=$1.90
    oop $3.58

    total purchased with tax $197.00
    less pink sticker $26.12
    less coupons $110.94
    total oop $59.94
    balance fwd to next week $8.82

    1. Great Shopping… CHING! Do I really want to know what happened with an onion … sounds like a traumatic experience. Can you lead me to the $2.00 coupons for the defensia and where in the store do I find the product? It’s our no shop week this week but I have some FPC’s to use up as well as my beef coupons. Did you get that FPC for Dr.Pepper a bit ago? Any idea where to purchase that size bottle of pop? You get Ballot #9… awesome savings.. and yes TIS On you for buying packages of spices… I’m going to have make a weekly spice post! Cheers Mr.CBB

  4. holy molly to you mr & mrs CBB! great shopping! love those pc points (really need to look into that and not pay bank fees!~right hassle to switch things tho…need to get my head around it). i see you have a love for olives and fabulous deals! may i ask how you got the baby spinach so cheap? was it 50% off stickers?

  5. I have some real money crunching to do if I want to do a free shop next week. It may be that I have to get milk as we go through as I have said at least x4 4L a week. I wish we had bagged nevermind you will see my shop up soon enough:)

    1. That’s a tonne of milk wow! We use a 3bag (bag) of milk.. I think it’s 4litres… too bad you can’t find the sale.. I literally stuffed the freezer today… and those $1.00 pizzas are the bees knees of $1.00 pizzas lol.. awesome!

  6. Best I can come up with is the 5 dollars for 4 boxes of KD at Shoppers. We did take advantage of the 20x sale by getting a Wii we’d been thinking about for a while.

    1. So many things… you can cut out cable and try to share ierntnet with a neighbor through wifi. (We didn’t do this but we are considering doing it now, with Netflix streaming working so well with our TV.) We only buy diapers and wipes at Costco when there’s a coupon– and when there is, we stock up and buy the max amount per trip. I borrowed a pump (got my own tubing and parts) and exclusively breastfed, and when we moved to formula I used Kirkland brand (from Costco). We used Playtex drop-ins (you can buy generic drop-ins cheap from Target or BJ’s). We only have car (so only one car payment, insurance payment and excise tax) and we started eating at home a lot. As a SAHM you really only need two or three outfits consisting of yoga pants and hoodies, so your clothes shopping bill goes wayyy down!Also, both Rob Sr. and I picked up part time jobs. Rob Sr. works 9-5 in academia, and he’s always tutored on the side, and he picked up several more students. I picked up several part time jobs. You have to get creative but there are definitely ways to make money as a SAHM– not only by working from home too. You can work night or weekend hours. I also recently started couponing. Go to I only do it when I can get something almost for free, and then I stock up. Mostly you can do this with toothpaste, toothbrushes, body wash, shampoo/conditioner, lotion, deoderant, and razors.

  7. my daughter and i went to Shoppers and Metro and we bought 2 Calirol Perfect 10 hair colours, i John Freida hair colour, 2 bags of M&Ms, 4 Easter creme eggs and 2 Hershey marshmallow eggs… we had free product coupons for the hair colours and the M&Ms so the grand total of that bill was $2.95 including tax … we saved $64.55!! then we walked on to Metro buying my Guinea pigs spring mix, cucumbers and green beans. also bought a loaf of bread, cottage cheese and Dr Oetker Mousse… i had 3 x .75 coupons for fresh produce, a free coupon for the cottage cheese and the mousse so the bill should have been $18 or so and i got all that for just a little over $9. this has been my biggest savings yet… $73 worth of things for about $12 😀

    1. Thanks for posting. Is this your entire grocery shop for the week? What is your weekly grocery budget/. This is info we post with every post , our weekly budget, ours is $64 and every store we shopped at, what we purchased and if any coupons or deals were applied. We then see if we met the budget or went over the budget. If you read posts by our other readers or my post you will what we are looking for to participate. I will give you ballot #8 for this week but hope to see you come back and post with us again. Cheers. Mr.CBB

      1. oh okay sorry. my budget per week including fresh veggies for my guinea pigs, cat food for 3 very hungry cats, litter and all those other goodies that are involved with animals. plus food and beauty care for my son, daughter and myself is $100 so with the savings above and what i bought today mixed spring greens $5
        green beans $2
        parsley $2
        cat food 10.99 – $2 coupon
        at Metro
        and the above shopping at Metro
        and Shoppers
        my total week’s shopping has come to a grand total of 48.12 a savings of 51.88 all thanks to sales, coupons and free product coupons 😀

        1. That’s ok don’t be sorry. It gets some getting used to . You can simply follow how I post if you like or check out some of the others but I think you get it now… This grocery game has saved us so much this year already. We aim to chop our budget in half this year 2500 from 5000 using another 5k in coupon… by posting we are mindful of what we purchase and when you post you really really want to stick to the budget to beat everyone else… Cheers JoAnne Nice to have you on board.. can’t wait to see your next weeks shop! Mr.CBB

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