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The Grocery Game Challenge April 30-May 6-Coupon Savings!

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This weeks Grocery Game Challenge is all about coupons. Every Thursday evening the flyers arrive at our door and we sit down to take a look at what’s on sale for the week. Although we don’t actually figure out what we will buy until Sunday (this is the day we set aside one hour to do coupon match-ups and our shopping list) we like to make sure we are organized to cut down on time spent on this task. One way is by utilizing not only the flyers but coupon match-ups which are completed weekly by my mate at Save Big Live Better.

I thought it would be a great idea to post Save Big Live Better’s Weekly Coupon Match ups here for you to design your shopping list. Once you have your grocery budget for the week and your coupons you are now ready to rock and roll.  I find the match up list easy to use and saves us alot of time, and time is money right? The Grocery Game Challenge runs Mon-Sunday each week so the match-ups will reflect what’s on sale in that flyer rotation.

So hopefully the coupon match up I add weekly to The Grocery Game will help you like it helps us! Come back after your weekly shop and post what you spent along with your coupon savings.  You can read The Grocery Game rules Here and play along with me all year-long. You can also WIN a Monthly Prize.  In April we congratulated Nicola Don who contributed and WON our Monthly Coupon Prize Pack… it’s that easy to Play,Save and WIN... (PSW)

Our shop this week will be low we hope as we don’t need too much.

Total to Spend in Grocery Budget $64.00

Shoppers Drug Mart

3x Neilson Cream Sale $1.99

2x Eggs Sale $1.99

Total $9.95 plus a bag $0.5 =$10= $10 Spending Card from Promo= FREE


(still haven’t found the free milk yet but I’m not giving up)

1x Ace Bread Reduced %50 $4.99 = $2.50

4x Ace Bread Reduced %50 $3.99= $8.00

2x Ace Bread Reduced %50 $4.99=$5.00

1x Lettuce= $1.00

Total $16.43


Kraft Tartar Sauce $4.49-%50

12x No Name Juice Crystals Reduced $0.44 pack

1x No Name Hot Chocolate Reduced $1.34

2x Organic Sesame Ginger Dressing $3.79-%50

2x Phili Cream Cheese Sauce ( for some reason these were $1.99 but every other store they are over $4.00 so I don’t know if it was an error but I ended up grabbing 2 with coupons for $1.00 off each.

1x HUGE bag of Quick Oats Quaker Reduced $3.00 ( would have been great had I had the $1.00 coupon Quaker sent us in the mail today.. dang it!

1x White Swan Paper Towel Double Pakc $1.00-.$0.50

1x Ace Bread $3.69-%50

2x D’italiano Bread $2.79-50%

Total Coupons-$4.00

Total Oop- $20.60

Food Basics

3x Sandwich Baggies ( poop bags for the dog) 100’s Sale $0.84

8x Instant Noodles Sale $0.33 each

1x Ricotta Cheese Sale $1.99

Total Oop- $8.27

Total for the week so far




Total=$45.30 with $18.70 left to spend in the Grocery Budget this Week.

Post your weekly grocery shop and budget and play along with me with your chance to win a weekly ballot in our monthly Grocery Game Challenge Contest!

You can Follow Canadian Budget Binder on Twitter HERE or Facebook HERE.. .come join the conversation!!! Mr.CBB

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  1. Good evening everyone. Have my receipts in hand & ready to go. My budget for groceries used to be $200…we have now cut that back to $150 per week to week our family of 4 (including a 17 year old boy) So here is my break down.

    2Fruitopia @1.99 = $3.98
    2 Egg Creations @ 2.97-2.00 = $3.94
    3 Mini Wheat centres PM @ 3.99 – 4.50 = $7.47
    Milk $4.47
    Burgers $6.99
    Chicken breasts $10.00
    lunch meat 2.99 – 50% = $1.50
    2 cucumbers $1.50
    2 Romaine lettuce salads@1.97 = $3.94
    Baby carrots $2.77
    Whole Muchrooms $1.97
    Green Pepper $0.76
    Red Pepper $1.15

    Total $55.92

    Garlic Bread $3.49
    Garlic Butter $1.99
    Jumbo pkg eggs $4.29
    Coke $0.99
    2 special K Crisps @ 2.49 each – $2.00 = $2.98
    3 Catelli pasta @ 3 for $5 – $3.00 = $2.00
    Bacon $ $4.49 – 1.00 = $3.49
    Pasta Sauce $1.25
    2 pkg Hot dogs @1.49 – 1.00 = $1.98
    hot dog & hamburger buns @ 2 for $5 – 1.00 = $4.00
    2 bolthouse smoothies @2 for $4 – 2.00 = $2.00
    2 dempsters bread @1.99 – 1.50 = $2.48
    Instant coffee – $4.99

    Total $37.58 – $25 GC = $12.58

    Total coupons – $18.00
    Total GC $25.00

    Weekly total $68.50.

    I literally had to recalulate cause I didn’t believe. Oh, on my boxes of cereal, i have the free breakfast items as well!!

    1. Hi Stacey,
      That’s some great shopping you did this week. I love how you mention that you couldn’t believe it and had to recalculate lol. The most important part is that you are infact calculating your expenses. This is where some people can go wrong. Even though they set out a budget they spend as if they stay within the budget but infact they do not. This is similar of what happened to use 2 years ago. Keep up the good work, keep documenting everything and before you know it you will have slashed your grocery bill using coupons,gcs,discounts,sales and simply by having a budget and sticking to it. It truly is that easy.. some people actually PAY someone to help them save money on their grocery budget.. not here, it’s all you.. it’s not rocket science right? Congrat and you get ballot #4! Mr.CBB

  2. omg sasha! you lucky duck…you can stack coupons? i’ll kill for that ability! i’ve even suggested moving west, but hubby looked at me like i grew another head (would need one to be able to keep track of the stackable coupons lol). i’d love to hear the recipes for crepes and laundry soap. is the laundry soap safe for he machines?

    1. now now no killing over stacking here haha I can’t stop laughing how excited you are over stacking…… I could only imagine where I would be able to keep things if we could stack.. you are right they are so lucky….every time I see stackables I just shake my head saying WOW.

    2. I thought you could stack all over canada? Actually in the next town over you can stack at london drugs, save on, and a few more but the town I live in is strict about it and only save on and certain wording but ill take it lol. Stacking is awsome! I got 2 hair dyes for .50 today! regularly 9$ each! we have a guest bedroom in the basement that has huge sliding door closet and have turned it into the store room lol. So when this baby comes and im a mad women for a year I wont have to worry so much about shopping! As far as I know the soap is ok for HE machines becuase I use it on my HE machine LOL. I did a LOT of research on making my own and there is two ways to do it….the powder wich is SUPER easy and takes about 5 mins to make…or the liquid wich is more of a process but we wash everything on cold so we do the liquid because I think that it breaks down easier in cold water. I will post the link to the site I get my recipe off of…it is a process to make but you only have to do it a couple times a year! OR make the powder version! I also have an 11 month old with sensative skin and it doesnt bother him at all:) that is the link for the soap 🙂

        1. Oh god only when it comes to couponing LOL my house is in a constant state of chaos LOL and I went from modeling for the cover of penthouse to living in a housecoat and being covered in spit up 24 hours a day! I just try and make time to be frugal so I feel like I am still doing my part:)

          1. To be honest I would love to! I was modeling for a lot of magazines and traveling the world for years! But with a family it isnt an ideal job, as well as the fact that I feel I wont look the same after ….oh stretchmarks lol…. also daycare is UNREAL cost wise we cannot afford that as a young family in this economy. Plus my fiancee is a firefighter and it is hard to work around shift work! I miss my lifestyle but to be honest my family is the best thing to ever happen to me and as my little guy changes daily it warms my heart I made such an amazing little person!

  3. We are a family of 3 and 1 on the way and we just started budgeting and thought that $100 per week was a good goal for groceries and household! But the shop I just went on covers the next 3 weeks (I will probably have to buy a little fresh produce in between but not much I chop and pre freeze mu peppers for things)but we also go one week out of the month eating what we have and leftovers so 1 month because I have leftovers from last month in the freezer and pasta and pasta sauce I got for pretty much just the tax…stuff like that to use up! here we go!
    ( I didnt write my total saving with each because some places like save on write their coupons funny and its hard to figure out my total savings!)

    Farmers market (no real coupons but the one but good deals!)

    Coleslaw mix- free with coupon from paper
    zuccini- .25
    green onions- .10
    2 heads of lettuce-$2.50
    Big bag of mushrooms-$ 1.10
    Big bag of broccoli-$ 1.50
    bag of onions -$2.00
    2 green peppers 1 red 1 orange-$2.50
    1 cucmber- $1.00
    2 lemons-$1.00
    total $11.95

    nexxus shampoo and conditioner x5=$15.00 used five $3.00 off =1.74 tax used superbucks from perscription and got for free!

    total 0.00

    Purina puppy chow $5 used FPC= Free
    Purina wet dog food used FPC= free
    2x large can of mushroom soup=4.00
    cottage cheese=$2.83
    sour cream=$1.91
    tomatoe soup= .77
    dempsters bread x2=5.00 used B1G1 =2.50
    butter = $2.97
    8 pack of kieser buns=$2.15
    6x peanut butter MnMs @ .67 each used 6 FPC= free
    Chicken thighs and legs =$9
    Picnic roast pork = $7.82
    picnic rpast pork = $6.18
    2x package of 8 big pork chops = $20

    total= $65.13

    Save on foods

    4x avacado on sale = $3.56
    cambells broth x3 on sale =$6.00
    danactive on sale for 4.99 used a $2 off= $2.99
    2x kraft dinner smart $4 used $1 off coupon and save .50 when you buy 2= $2.50
    Kraft shredded cheese $7.99 on sale used $1 off coupon and $1 off 2 kraft products = $6.49
    kraft singles on spec for $5.49 used $1 off and $1 off when you buy 2 kraft= $4.00
    2x Oetker mousse $3 used FPC and .30 coupon =1.17
    western family ranch and coleslaw dressing @ 2 for $4= $4
    western family pasta sauce @ 2 for $4 = $4
    Can stewed tomatoes= 1.39
    2 packs bacon @ B1G1= $5.50
    2 packs italian sausage @ B1G1 = $6.29

    total= $47.87

    Ruhbarb, potatoes,rosemary free from my garden:)

    Total $113 ! Wich is great for us we are foodies lol…but I feeze everything so we have lots in there also!

    1. Wow you did awesome with your shop this week all that for $113. I know you said you did a few weeks shop in one here so I have to ask what is your monthly grocery budget?… we have Rhubarb in the garden as well. I’m still looking for new recipes if you have any?? Looks like you are well prepared for when the baby arrives… smart though as you will be so busy. When do you grow your potatoes and how? I would love to do that… Thanks for entering and keep up the great work. You get Ballot #3 in the Contest…. can’t wait to see your next shop! Mr.CBB

      1. I make crepes with my ruhbarb! I buy strawberrys locally and usually dirt cheap and freeze them and then make up a strawberry ruhbarb sauce and zest a little lemon in my crepe batter and they are SOOOO good and cheap too! Also pie:) Well I suppose our budget is 100$ a week but that is for everything… soap, laundry (I make my own laundry soap so its about 15$ for 6 months to a year) My grandma plated the potatoes (we bought the house I grew up in as a kid lol)so I will have to ask her but they grow great! We also have a cherry tree and peaches and peas but they are not out yet:( But it really pays to grow your own. I did a little shop today at saveon because I needed some deoderant and baby snacks and a few things and I paid $14 and had a savings of $58!! my hubby was so impressed lol

          1. this is the liquid and teh powder version is the same measurments of borax and washing soda and you grate the bar soap into it. ( I use the sunlight laundry bar soap from walmart it is 2 for $1 sometimes.) and I bought lavander drops to it smells nice:) Make sure you only use the reccomended amount tho! I think the powder stuff is only one tablespoon you can google it… it is really concentrated thats why is lasts so long:) But your clothes come out so nice! And even tho it is made with some strong prodcts it has way less crap in it then what you buy at the store! Did you know in canada it isnt a law to put the ingredient of cleaning products on the label? And even if you wrote a company and asked them what is in it they dont have to and probably wont tell you? That kreeped me out a bit thats why I make my own (and dish soap! LOL)

  4. I shopped a few times this week, I don’t normally but I wanted to get some more of the free milk. I mainly shop at RCSS. My weekly budget is $100 and that includes groceries, health and beauty, etc.

    May 2 – RCSS
    Fibre 1 bars (box of 20) $7.95
    Neilson chocolate milk x 2 price matched (pm) to Fortinos $2.00 ($1 each)
    Peek Freens cookies $2.50 – $1.00 coupon=$1.50
    1% Trutaste milk x 8 – $1.00 x 8 = free
    Vaseline moisturizer $2.97 – FPC=free
    Used $9.00 in coupons

    May 4 – Metro (went looking for tear pads)
    Natrel dark chocolate milk on sale $1.99 – $.75 coupon =$1.24
    Used $.75 coupon

    May 5 – Walmart
    Children’s Tylenol $6.96 – $3.00 coupon=$3.96
    Glad to go containers $3.47 – $2.00 coupon=$1.47
    Used $5.00 in coupons

    May 5 – RCSS
    Bick’s Relish (reg $2.29 pm to Fresh co $1.00) x 8 – save $.50 wub2 x 4=$6.00
    Bravo sauce pm to Giant Tiger $.93 x 3
    Campbell’s low fat cream of mushroom soup 2 @ $1.67
    Froot Loops family size pm to Food Basics $3.99
    Honey Nut Cheerios pm to Giant Tiger $1.84
    Mini Wheats little bites $3.98 – FPC=free
    Kraft bbq sauce $.97
    NN tuna 2 @ $1.07
    Smart Pop Popcorn mini bags $2.98 – $1.50 coupon=$1.48
    Jam x 2 $3.00 – $.50 x 2=$5.00
    Water 4L 3 @ $.97
    Gum 3 x $2.50 pm to Walmart
    Bread $2.99 – 50% pink sticker=$1.50
    Panini rolls $2.00
    Hot dogs pm to Giant Tiger $.97 x 2
    Sausages $4.79
    Banana’s $1.58
    Salad $1.99
    Oranges $3.26
    2lbs Strawberries $3.98
    Dove soap (4pk) $3.97-$1.50=$2.47
    6 x toddler baby food jars $.99 pm to SDM $.79=4.74
    Subtotal $61.90 (with coupons already subtracted)
    Used $5.00 gift card sent to me for a bread complaint
    Used $10.04 in coupons
    Used MIL’s discount card $7.71
    Total OOP=$56.90

    Total coupons=$24.79
    Total gc spent=$5.00
    Total discount=$7.71
    Total saved (not including price matching)=$37.50
    Week’s total=$77.41 (and in completing this I notcied a coupon error so I’ll probably get a few $ back)

    1. Wow, you did amazing this week Jen.. and under Budget yay!!!! I love how you Price Match quite a bit to get some great deals. Obviously you put some work into planning your shop and it shows. Great deal on the relish btw. Keep up the good work.. you’ll get there I promise. I’m glad you were able to spot an error. Would you have seen it otherwise? Come back next week to post your shop… You get ballot #2 in the Monthly Grocery Game Challenge Contest! Mr.CBB

  5. thanks for the ballot! i made a mistake in my notes…when i purchased chicken at walmart it should read 3 pks not 2. their value packs were only 4pcs. at foodland i was hoping to get packs of chicken for less than $4, but they packaged them in big bags and were over $9 each! so i boldly asked the meat manager if he could put 6 legs on one of the foam trays and do 3 pks like that. he shrugged and said sure. i figured it was a better way to use my $1.50 off coupons…sneaky…lol

  6. my budget is $200 a month. i am assuming this is the beginning of my grocery spending for May. went over by $6.41 last month, so i’m deducting that from what i can spend this week to even things out. so $50-6.41=43.59 to spend. here’s how i did:

    Independent (2 transactions)
    12 milk @$1- $1=free
    1 box smokin stampede burgers $8.99
    2 d’italiano hamburger buns 2/$5 – .75 x 2 =$3.50
    1 great grains cereal $5.49 – fpc=free
    oop $12.49

    6 cans maple leaf ham $.99 – $1wub2 x 3
    oop $2.94

    1 box yogurt tubes $2 -.50
    1 box nestea singles $2.48-1
    4 cans maple leaf ham pm Foodtown – $1wub2 x 2
    7 catelli pasta $1-.75 x 7
    free gift card $6.69
    oop $0

    1 doz eggs $2.69
    4 pillers lunch meat $1 – .50 x 4 =$2
    1 bag of kiwi fruit $1.25 – scop = free
    3 pks of 6 big chicken legs $1 per pound $14.46 – $1.50 x 3 = $9.96
    oop $14.65

    1 celestial gingerbread tea $1.50 less .50 peelie – 1
    2 celestial lemon zinger tea $1.67 – 1 x 2
    1 box tampax pearl $2.97 -1 + 5% tax= 2.12
    5 zantac (left one on shelf) $2.22 + tax -3 x 5 =$-2.46
    oop $1 (forgot about balance on gift card)

    24 pk Nestle bottled water pm valumart $2.50 -1
    2 pks chicken legs (valupk) pm foodland $8.23 – 1.50 x 3 =$3.73
    1 europes best frozen fruit pm foodtown $3.99-2
    4 bicks relish pm l&m foodmarket $.88 – .50 x 4 = $1.52
    1 english cuc pm nofrills $.57
    2 hh tomatoes pm no frills $.58
    1 pk dempsters cin raisin bagel $2 – fpc
    8 zantac (left some on shelf) $2.22 + tax -$3 x 8=$- 3.92
    oop $5.96 (forgot about the balance of the gift card $3.31 AGAIN!)

    1 hunts pasta sauce $1-1
    1 hunts tomato paste .79
    1 nestea box of singles $1.99 – pink sticker – $1 =$-.01
    1 tobasco $2.77 – pink sticker – $1 =$.38
    oop $1.16

    Total purchased after price matches and sales, incl tax $143.77
    less pink sticker $2.39
    less coupons $95.24
    less scop $1.25
    less free gift card $6.69
    Total oop $38.20
    balance fwd to next week $5.39 + $3.31 on the gift card

    1. Wow, you do some pretty amazing shopping… Every time we went for milk they were sold out so we were given a rain check for 8. We will go get those this week.
      We have only found the zantac in another city at Walmart. I’m betting at the end of the year you are thrilled with your savings! Can’t wait to see next shop.. you get the first ballot of the month!! #1. Cheers Mr.CBB

  7. I’m terrible with coupons. I wish they had a couponing class I could take. I know it’s a great way to save money but I really have no idea where to start. We don’t even get a newspaper each week. Then when I do see coupons it’s for stuff I don’t want/need.

  8. sooo, will there be 5 shopping weeks in this month? or does the last week count in next month? just need to figure out if i need a no shop week this month or next…thanks!

    1. Yes you post your grocery budget for the week ours is $64 and then what you bought and where and the price and if any coupons were used.. do exactly what I did.. use my post as an example.. if you need any help let me know… cheers Mr.CBB

  9. Unfortunately the free milk at Zehrs is over( at least at my local store) I picked up 3 yesterday. I went to get 3 more today to make rice pudding, muffins and cream of potato soup. They told me that they are no longer accepting the printable coupons because they don’t say “manufacturer coupon” on them ( as per loblaws coupon policy)

      1. I picked up 8 of the free milk tonight!!! 4 per person, so I took my son & made him go through a different checkout. I also got 14 bottles of BBQ sauce (hey summer is coming) for a whopping $7 (BOGO)

    1. Awe… thanks! I hope you play the game.. I am thrilled to say we are doing so well with our grocery budget since posting in the game. It’s much easier to stick to the budget when you know you are posting your shop and others who are playing will see it. You want to stay under budget so you try so hard. I admit it takes some getting used to but since we started posting our shops have been getting much better and close to budget… play! Cheers Mr.CBB

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