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The Grocery Game Challenge-May 7-13 What’s Your Savings?

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As promised for The Grocery Game Challenge I will post the Coupon Match-Ups May 4-May 10 from SaveBigLiveBetter.  We typically sit on a Sunday and go through these match-ups and design our menu plan for the week and savings attack.  I’m thrilled to see so many new players that want to keep track of their grocery budget and savings by committing to posting it here each week along with me.

Last weeks shop consisted of quite a few pink 50% off stickers which we all know Mr.CBB loves… and so do you if you keep an eye out for them at any Loblaw’s stores.  This weeks shop can be up to $82.70 as we had $18.70 left in the grocery budget from last week. Now we don’t have to spend it and sometimes we don’t add it to the following weeks budget. This week it will come in handy as Shopper’s Drug Mart sent us an email Spend $50 and save $10.

Here is our shops so far!


8x Sponge Towel Paper Towels $1.00- $0.75 coupons Reg $2.99 each

6x Relish $1.00-$0.50  Reg $1.79 each

2x Bicks Dill Pickle $1.99- Buy 2 save $1.00 Reg $2.99 each

1x Cream Cheese Lactancia Sale $2.49 ( the big tub)

Coupons Used $9.50

Total Oop-$12.51

Food-basics-sun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Food Basics

2x Primo Pasta $0.88 each Reg $2.29

Reduced Produce $0.99 (tomatoes)

Reduced Produce $1.29 Baby Zucchini

x3 Aluminum Alcan/Bake King pie dishes, baking sheets Sale $.89  Reg $2.99 each

Total Oop- $7.06

We weren’t going to go to No Frills but I wanted to pop in to check the cheap racks and so glad we did!

Inside the Oak Ridges No Frills store.

No Frills (grocery store)

No Frills

1x English Cucumber Sale $0.57

20x Loney’s Pomodoro Pasta Sauce sale 4/$1.00 Save $3.16 a box!! Total saved here was $63.50…this is great and the sauce is amazing and great for those nights you want a quick meal. Reg $3.41 a box

4x Large packs of Mushrooms Reduced $0.99 each (awesome deal)

9x 4 packs of Red peppers.. and they are awesome as well… I don’t know why these end up on the cheap rack but I’ll buy them! $0.99 each

Total Oop- $18.44

A Shoppers Drug Mart store on Dupont Street in...

Shoppers Drug Mart

2x Milk- $4.29 each

10x Hershey’s Chipits Milk Chocolate Clear Out $1.69 each Reg $4.29 each

2x Sugar $2.29 each

2x Bags Everyday Peanuts Sale $2.99 each Reg $3.99

3x cases of coke Sale $9.99  $3.33 a case

Receipt says we saved $38.78

Total with tax $52.69-$10.00 printable coupon when you spend $50= $42.60 Oop

Total for The Week $80.61  

$82.70-$80.61=$2.09 left to spend this week!





Come play The Grocery Game Challenge TODAY!!!!

You can find Canadian Budget Binder on Facebook HERE or Twitter HERE.. Don’t miss out on the conversation!

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  1. The $2.00 was from them not using all of my coupons, not the SCOP…I just wasn’t watching the entire transaction because it was so busy.
    Lick’s burgers are good…I prefer the nature burgers (their veggie burger…it just has a nice flavour)
    I have some coupons for some other overage items but they are always sold out…it’s so disappointing!
    The cracker barrel coupon was actually the $.75 off any block cheese from the ziploc bags…I got it in a trade 🙂 I have lots of black diamond block cheese coupons lol…keep getting them in trades!

    Anyways, I ended up getting another $2 back from the previous week, this time because of the item going on sale the following week so I got the price difference 🙂 ($9.21 over budget instead now lol)

    I have a few items to add to my shop now from this week….

    May 13 Food Basics
    Old El Paso Taco kit $2.99 – $.75
    Coupon total=$.75

    May 12 Dollarama
    2x Reese $2
    No coupons

    Therefore my new total over budget is $13.71

    1. Thanks for being honest to your budget and coming back to add to your budget. You my dear will succeed at this as this is what I want to see. I want to see people taking charge and control of their budget. You recognize that you went over, came back posted the shop and now know you have to spend less next week. Good for you Jen! I truly hope posting every week gets you in the groove you won’t be dissapointed I promise you.

      I want those BD coupons when do they expire..

      We’ve never tried the LICKS burgers but always see them so I thought I would ask what you thought of them. We have been making them from mince but when they go on offer will pick them up. With the summer just around the corner we use the bbq for everything. I just put out my new bbq the other day and love it.. will be frying out there now with the side burners and taking advantage of not cooking indoors.

      Anyhow… keep up the good work, I go over as well sometimes but always have a plan for what you will do the next week to keep under budget for the month.


  2. well I am over in Alberta. So they have customer apperication day on the first tuesday of the month. kinda like superstores spend $250 get $25 gift card. at sobeys (where I work) has 10% off when you spend $50 or more. I think save on foods is 15% with you spend $35 or more. Safeway is 10% with $50 or more. Most stores will let you coupon as well as the tuesday %. This months discount tuesday I saved $25 in coupons and 10% with my total oop being $86. Now the sandwich card was from work and is no longer available. But for every 10 sandwiches you bought you recieved one free. Looking forward to next weeks budget 🙂

    1. Thanks for clarifying for us.. glad to see you take advantage of the 10% off day I would as well. You did very well with your shop…A guest Post I just wrote was posted tonight at about Saving On One OF Life’s Biggest Expenses -Food” I hope you get a chance to read it.. lots of great tips in there that might help you in The grocery Game Quest to lower your grocery budget. Cheers Mr.CBB.. Look forward to your next shop.

  3. otay hoping I’m doing this right 🙂
    we try to budget $100 for food, cleaners, haba, etc
    now I did a large 10% tuesday shop this month so it has really helped this month
    we usually make multiple shops at the same few stores

    walmart (didn’t use any coupons, how strange)
    I have been saving my zantac and nexxus coupons but I dont think that my walmart is carring any of these while the coupons are out floating around
    2.47 x2 cream cheese
    2.47 x3 bistros(for lunches on no left over nights)
    2.50 gum
    3.00 ice cream sandwiches (gotta splurge a bit)
    18.00 total oop

    1.99 special k cereal (reg 6.99! and it was my fav kind too)
    1.99 x2 sugar
    .99 table salt
    6.96 total opp

    5.99-50% sticker 2.99 pizza prestels (that were moldy that night! should have took them back and got my money back but was too tired from getting the garden in)
    2.99 total opp

    save on foods
    2.50-$1C special k fruit crisps
    2.50-$2C kashi crackers
    1.29×2-$1C bushs baked beans
    2.44-$1C newmanns salad dressing
    $5 in coupons
    $5.15 total oop

    1.89 x2 old dutch tort chips
    4.29 wub2chips=free C quenso dip
    2.99-$1C white cheedar slices
    2.34 x2-.50C olymel wieners
    3.49 x2 -$2C boursin cheese
    1.65 x2 hot dog buns
    .50 x4 pop
    1.6 pop
    1.98 corn
    2.29 mushrooms
    1.00 x2 smokies
    1.99 x4 sandwiches -1 free sandwich coupon stamp card
    4.91 beef roast
    3.99 x3 -$3C cereal kelloggs
    4.99 milk = free wub3kelloggs cereals
    2.50 x4 -$4 nutrigrain bars
    1.91 apples = free wub2nurtigrain bars
    1.97 apples = free wub2nurtigrain bars
    $25.65 in Coupons
    $61.50 total oop

    grand total coupons $30.65 (need to work on using more!)
    grand total oop $94.61 (under by $5.39)

    hope I did it right
    I do an end of the month add ups, but I think these weeklys will really help keep this budget in check and really see where the cash is going
    thanks mr.cbb

    1. Hi Juanita,
      Thanks for joining The Grocery Game Challenge!
      Yes you are doing it correctly, post your weekly budget and detail your shop like you did using coupons,pink stickers and deals, what you saved with coupons, and what you paid out of pocket. If you were over budget tell us how you will do better next week.

      You picked up some great deals especially the cereal with the coupons on them. Those are the deals to look out for. I don’t think our Walmart is stocking the zantac or Nexxus as well as it’s been empty for over a month now. They do catch on however they will get the money back so I’m not sure why they would stop carrying it.

      What is a 10% off Tuesday so everyone who reads understands that as I’ve never heard of it.
      What is a Sandwich coupon stamp card?

      Awesome you were under budget this week!! Do you carry over the $5.39 to next weeks shop budget or just forget about it. Posting weekly and being mindful of what we were buying has dramatically cut down our grocery budget. Anyone who posts in the game will tell you when they shop now they think about their budget as well they have to post their shop so they should stick to it best they can. We stopped buying items even if we had a coupon that we didn’t need or wouldn’t use. Even paying the taxes for crap you might not use is pointless.

      Thanks for posting … can’t wait to see your next shop Juanita! Good luck for next weeks shopping. You get ballot # 8 for the May Contest! Good Luck and please share the game with your friends or couponing community, the more players we have the more we learn and save together… we went from over $500 a month to $190 a month just from posting here! Love the savings in our Budget. Mr.CBB

  4. we go! My budget is $100 a week for groceries and health and beauty, baby items, etc. I spent $75.41 last week (my post says $77.41 but I noticed a coupon error and went back and got my $2! lol) so I have an extra $24.59 this week…I still think I went over but we’ll see by the end of this post! I shopped a few times this week…I just happened to be out hunting a mother’s day gift for my mom and had to buy a few extra things since I’m hosting mother’s day dinner.

    May 8 – RCSS
    PC BM Margerine $2.79
    Hot dog buns (on sale and needed for mother’s day dinner) $1.98
    No coupons

    May 8 – Walmart
    Egg whites $2.77 – $1.00 coupon=$1.77
    Yogurt on sale $4.47 – $1.00 coupon=$3.47

    May 10 – Dollarama
    3 x York peppermint patties $3.00
    2 x labels (for an upcoming garage sale) $2.00
    Plastic sheets (for couponing binder) $1.00
    No coupons

    May 10 – Walmart
    Baby bottle liners $6.97
    Wipes $1.27
    Cracker Barrel cheese $4.44 – $.75 coupon
    Wipes $9.97 (won’t have to buy for months now)

    May 11 – Walmart
    2 x Children’s Tylenol $9.94 – $6.00 coupons
    4 x zantac $8.88 – $12.00 coupons

    May 12 – RCSS
    Bryer’s ice cream (on sale – dessert for mothers day dinner) $4.97
    Tomato soup PM to SDM 3 x $.59
    GG yellow beans PM to Fresh co 6 x $1.00
    NN canned mushrooms 2 x $.99
    NN canned tuna 2 x $1.07
    PC mac and cheese (on sale) 2 x $1.00
    RC spring water 4L (on sale) $.97
    SOS pads PM to CDN Tire 2 x $1.49
    Yogurt (on sale) $4.98 – $.50 coupon
    Homo Milk (on sale) 3 x $4.97 – 3 x $1.00 coupon (Neilsons Trutaste)
    Janes Chicken burgers PM to SDM $6.99 – $1.00 coupon
    Janes Chicken strips PM to SDM $6.99 – $1.00 coupon
    Chicken breasts (on sale) $8.83
    Lick’s Nature Burgers (on sale) $5.98
    Banana’s $1.60
    Oranges $5.64
    Salad $1.99
    White potatoes $5.88
    Strawberries 2lb $3.98
    Tomatoes PM to Food Basics $.65
    Colgate Total PM to Fresh co 2 x $1.00 – 2 x $1.00 coupons
    Secret deodorant PM to Food Basics 6 x $2.49 – 3 x $2.00 coupons
    PC Gripe water (on blowout) $1.94
    MIL’s discount=$11.34

    Total coupons for the week=$37.39
    Total OOP for the week=$135.50
    Over budget by $11.21 🙁 But I’ll make it up next week! (I bought $11.24 in wipes that I won’t have to buy for months!)

    1. I love the discount you get I’m so jealous lol. I’m happy to see you stood your ground and got your $2 back from your shop. Did you by chance use the scanning code of practice? Don’t forget if an items scans higher than the listed or shelf price you get it free up to $10 an provided the store uses the SCOP program.

      I’ve never tried the LICKS burgers what are they like? I’m on the hunt to load up on burgers and hotdogs for the summer when the kids come. I see you found zantac good for you, don’t forget to also look for defensia kleenex as there is a printable 2.00 coupon and it’s on for 1.00 at Walmart… our WM has neither.

      So next week you will be under budget by $11.21… just making note of that lol… Happy Mother’s Day Jen! Mr.CBB You get ballot 7 this week…. Where are the crackle barrel coupons from… I want those…. lol..

  5. i got the hunts coupons from a trade with a woman in BC…why do they always get the good coupons lol…those stackers!

    1. Oh I know.. dang it… I could use them especially with the kids coming soon,they will take them in their lunch… Although they say we get all the coupons…. I guess trading is all there is left to do lol…

  6. I decided to do a big shopping trip this week because I haven’t done grocery shopping in a couple of weeks and I had coupons expiring soon. The grocery list is huge – so here is a summary – Went to Real Canadian Superstore – purchased $467.24 in grocery items used $101.60 in coupons(which includes manufactures coupons, superbucks from fuel & prescriptions), $75.00 in gift cards from previous shopping trips that I had saved up, $40.00 in free groceries from PC = Total paid $250.64. I used the coupon for gas which saved me $31.38 in fuel and then got back $6.28 in superbucks from purchasing gas which I will save for the next shopping trip.

    I think this was the best shopping trip ever!

    1. Wow that is some great shopping. I realize if you do a HUGE shop it might be alot to post although I post about 5 different stores a week.. I’m detail oriented that way I like to see exactly what I purchased. I also realize you took the time to do the math and that’s the most important part. Understanding whether you are spending more than you budgeted for. Good For you! I hope I can see next shop in full, I love to read the breakdowns! Cheers Christine and keep up the awesome, awesome work! What is your monthly or weekly grocery budget as well? Are you meeting your goals? Posting here has helped us SO much! You get Ballot #6 in the draw yayyyyyyy!

  7. forgot to mention the weekly total with tax after sales and pm’s $132.55
    less coupons $85.79
    less money found on the ground $.11
    less free gift card $3.31
    total oop $43.34

  8. my budget is $200 per month broke down to $50 a week. i had $5.39 left from last week, so $55.39 to spend this week.
    2 x 5 lb white potatoes $1 x 2
    2 x bagged salad $1 x 2
    1 marc angelo pork souvlaki $1 – $1
    oop $4

    1 fresh garlic $.30 -$.11 found on ground lol
    oop $.19

    2 x allens apple juice box 8 pks $.97 ea
    3 x bacon $2.88 ea
    (wish they had that pasta sauce you bought!)
    oop $10.58

    2 x dempsters bagels $1.99 x 2 – $1 – $.50
    1 x yoplait yogurt $1.99 – $1
    2 x hunts snack puddings $.99 x 2
    5 granny smith apples $2.18 – $2 wub 2 hunts snack packs
    2 green peppers $.77 – $.75
    4 x lactantia butter $2.88 – $.75 x 4
    1 x donfio havarti $4.49 – $.75
    5 x europes best frozen fruit $2.74 -$2 x 5
    oop $21.61

    Walmart (various trips)
    1 x laughing cow cheese $2.77 – $1
    1 x quaker dipps granola bars pm giant tiger $1.99 +tax – $4 =$-1.75
    6 x hunts snack pack juicy gels $1 x 6
    8 x red grapefruit $.47 ea less $2 wub 2 hunts snack pack x 2…comp to $0
    1 x strawberries 1lb $1.97 less $2 wub 2 hunts snack pack…comp to $0
    1 x pk mushrooms $1
    1 x cucumber pm no frills $.57
    1 x kashi crackers $2.97 – $2
    2 x olymel weiners pm metro $1.49 – .50 x 2 = $1.98
    1 x kraft salad dressing $1.97
    2 x cadburry choc bars $1.50 + tax – .50 x 2=$2.39
    1 x kraft bbq sauce free wub 3 participating products (dressing & choc)
    1 x oasis refrigerated juice $3.97 – fpc = free
    1 x nexxus shampoo $2 + tax – $3 = $-.74
    3 x colgate total advanced health $1 + tax – $1.50 x 3 =$-1.11
    9 x zantac $2.22 +tax – $3 x 9 = $-4.41
    1 x scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner $3.98 – $3.98 (had to pay $.52 tax)
    1 x glade aerosol spray $4.97 + tax – fpc = free
    1 x tampax radiant $2.97 + 5% tax – $2 = $1.12
    less gift card balance $3.31
    oop $6.96

    total oop this week $43.34
    balance forward to next week $12.05

    1. Wow that’s an amazing shop holy! Where are the hunts coupons $2 wub.. I’m going to see if I can find more of those boxes of pasta sauce this week.. hoping so. We have no zantac at our WM or Defensia although I did find it in Hamilton when we went, surprisingly. I need to get back to trading some coupons it’s been a long time. You get ballot #5 this week. Good for you!!! Mr.CBB Please make sure to share this game with others so we can spread the word!:-)

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