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The Grocery Game Challenge-May 7-13 What’s Your Savings?

As promised for The Grocery Game Challenge I will post the Coupon Match-Ups May 4-May 10 from SaveBigLiveBetter.  We typically sit on a Sunday and go through these match-ups and design our menu plan for the week and savings attack.  I’m thrilled to see so many new players that want to keep track of their grocery budget and savings by committing to posting it here each week along with me.

Last weeks shop consisted of quite a few pink 50% off stickers which we all know Mr.CBB loves… and so do you if you keep an eye out for them at any Loblaw’s stores.  This weeks shop can be up to $82.70 as we had $18.70 left in the grocery budget from last week. Now we don’t have to spend it and sometimes we don’t add it to the following weeks budget. This week it will come in handy as Shopper’s Drug Mart sent us an email Spend $50 and save $10.

Here is our shops so far!


8x Sponge Towel Paper Towels $1.00- $0.75 coupons Reg $2.99 each

6x Relish $1.00-$0.50  Reg $1.79 each

2x Bicks Dill Pickle $1.99- Buy 2 save $1.00 Reg $2.99 each

1x Cream Cheese Lactancia Sale $2.49 ( the big tub)

Coupons Used $9.50

Total Oop-$12.51

Food-basics-sun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Food Basics

2x Primo Pasta $0.88 each Reg $2.29

Reduced Produce $0.99 (tomatoes)

Reduced Produce $1.29 Baby Zucchini

x3 Aluminum Alcan/Bake King pie dishes, baking sheets Sale $.89  Reg $2.99 each

Total Oop- $7.06

We weren’t going to go to No Frills but I wanted to pop in to check the cheap racks and so glad we did!

Inside the Oak Ridges No Frills store.

No Frills (grocery store)

No Frills

1x English Cucumber Sale $0.57

20x Loney’s Pomodoro Pasta Sauce sale 4/$1.00 Save $3.16 a box!! Total saved here was $63.50…this is great and the sauce is amazing and great for those nights you want a quick meal. Reg $3.41 a box

4x Large packs of Mushrooms Reduced $0.99 each (awesome deal)

9x 4 packs of Red peppers.. and they are awesome as well… I don’t know why these end up on the cheap rack but I’ll buy them! $0.99 each

Total Oop- $18.44

A Shoppers Drug Mart store on Dupont Street in...

Shoppers Drug Mart

2x Milk- $4.29 each

10x Hershey’s Chipits Milk Chocolate Clear Out $1.69 each Reg $4.29 each

2x Sugar $2.29 each

2x Bags Everyday Peanuts Sale $2.99 each Reg $3.99

3x cases of coke Sale $9.99  $3.33 a case

Receipt says we saved $38.78

Total with tax $52.69-$10.00 printable coupon when you spend $50= $42.60 Oop

Total for The Week $80.61  

$82.70-$80.61=$2.09 left to spend this week!





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