The Grocery Game Challenge June 11-17 Easy Savings!

I’m often asked how to get the most out of frugal easy cooking and I simply say plan your shopping trip. Know what you want to eat for the week by menu planning and stocking your pantry with healthy foods. Armed with our shopping list we took to the stores this afternoon looking for the best price on the products we love.

This weeks shop I’m afraid is a bit boring and not near as exciting as last week. We’ve been stockpiling when a good sale comes up on items we will need such as vegetables,milk,eggs and bread. Our garden is also ready with plenty of spinach,fresh onions, basil,chives mint, rhubarb,and radish. We look forward to the peppers,tomatoes,celery and raspberries. There’s nothing better than an organic fresh tomato and green pepper salad with olive oil, fresh garlic,fresh basil,fresh chives, onions, salt, pepper and bocconcini balls.

I’m also starting to think we need to find more recipes for rhubarb as we did a freezer inventory of this product and have about 15 bags of it. I was shocked when I was in food basics to see how expensive rhubarb truly is at $3.99 lb. I simply said to Mrs. CBB we need to do something with what have so it doesn’t waste. If anyone has any awesome Rhubarb recipes please send them my way.

Last week we overshot the budget simply because I made an error reading the Mail in Rebate for Nestle Water. So this week our budget was less the $7.95 overspend from last week as well as the 2 wasted Canadian Stamps totalling       $9.35.

So, for this weeks shop we have a total of $64.00-$9.35=$54.65 to spend. We only managed to go to two shops as we really didn’t need too much. We spent under budget this week and will carry the difference over if needed.

This week we also had an amazing guest post called “Knowing Your Price Is The Key To Saving Money On Your Grocery Bill”  by Theresa at Canadian Free Stuff who wanted to help us out here with The Grocery Game Challenge by explaining the best prices vs average prices. She also has a virtual price book you can use to help you out when trying to figure out the best shops to get the best prices.

You can also check out the coupon match-ups for this week here from Save Big Live Better. It’s always a blessing to have this done for all of us, so thanks SBLB!

Walmart Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


1x Baby Rays Bbq sauce $1.97-$2.00

6x Country Naturals Hot Fresh Sausages pkg of 5 $5.47 Reg price- Sale $3.83 all had 30% off sticker and $2.00 coupon attached – 3x BOGO coupons =+.51

Tomatoes on the Vine PM Freshco $0.55

Total Oop=$0.04

Coupons Used: $25.49

The new (2006) Food Basics USA Stores' Trademark
The new (2006) Food Basics USA Stores’ Trademark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Food Basics

2x Dry Chickpeas 1.81 kgs per bag  Reg $3.99 Sale $1.99 awesome price!

1 pkg of 6 avocados reduced price $2.99

4 Red Delicious Apples Sale $1.55

1x Mushrooms Reduced $0.99

9x Chinese Noodles Salen$0.33

2x Zinda Cous-Cous $3.49

2x Garlic 5pk  Sale $0.98

1x Selection Make-up remover pads $1.49

1 Jar of minced Ginger Sale $1.49

1 Jar of sauerkraut Sale $1.79 (Mrs.CBB is addicted to this stuff)

1x Crosby molasses for low-fat cookies Sale $2.19

4x bags of Sugar $1.77 each (jam making season coming up soon!)

Total $34.26

Coupons Used-none

Total spent this week: $34.30

Total budget to Spend this week $54.65-$34.30=$20.35 to carry over to another week if needed.

Total Coupons Used this Week $25.49

How well did you make out this week? Share your shop for the week in the comments section of this post exactly like I have above. You also get an entry into our monthly give-away!

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  1. Yes I PM every week so that I get the discount with my MIL. She doesn’t work this weekend so I will have to shop on Monday 🙂 The coffee FPC was from the end of April. It was a Kraft promo. All I remember was getting an email and printing two coupons. One for a free Dairymilk and the other Nabob coffee. They choco bar was when you buy 2 participating products and the Nabob was when you buy 3 participating products. I happened to buy them and a few weeks later looked at my receipt and the coupon and realized I should have used it so I went back to customer service and got it 🙂 The choco bar at RCSS and the Nabob at Walmart.

  2. our weekly budget is $100 for food, cleaners and haba items
    I added up everything and thought I was under budget this week but then found a debit reciept that put me over 🙁 and I don’t have the till reciept so I honestly don’t remember what we bought. lesson learned about keeping all my shopping reciepts in my wallet and not laying around.
    We do shop a lot of stores but here in edmonton everything is super close together and I don’t always have patience to price match all the time.


    $1 x3 -$3C instant noodles
    $1 mushrooms
    $1.57 grapes
    $3.49 x2 – bogo sales snap peas
    $3.95 -$2C chicken
    $4.69 x2 – bogo sale & $2.50C hidden valley ranch
    $1 – fpc powerade
    $2.99 -$1 special k cereal w/ free breakfast item on box 🙂
    $8.99 cheese block
    $21.33 total oop
    $9.50 total coupon

    .99 x4 – $2C stagg chilli
    .49 x8 -$2C mushroom soup
    $3.88 total oop
    $4 total coupons

    Save on foods
    $8.59 – $3C folgers k cup
    $5.59 total oop
    $3 total coupon

    h &w produce
    $2.03 red peppers
    .36 garlic
    .92 yellow peppers
    $2.85 green peppers
    $1.27 orange pepper
    .18 jalapeno
    .99 corn
    $1.88 mini watermelon
    $10.48 total oop

    $3.84 -$3C zero liquid
    $2.49 x2 -$1.50 cheese strings
    $3.99 -$2C yellow potatoes
    $7.50 total oop
    $4.50 total coupons

    $1.97 x4 -$8C sweet baby ray bbq sauce
    $1.58 x6 -$4.25C stagg chilli
    $1.65 -$1 catelli pasta
    $7.73 -$1.50 folgers k cup
    2.50 clearance strudel
    $1.98 carrots
    .66 lettuce
    $1.99 x10 -$19.90C pure protein bars (the cashier couldn’t be bother to argue the one per customer, which I didn’t know about, gotta read the fine print next time)
    $17.12 total oop
    $34.65 total coupon


    $2 -$1C twistos
    $1.50 (pm save on foods) x12 – $24C sweet baby rays bbq sauce (donated to food bank)
    $6 baby out fit for that overage from the bbq sauce
    $1.30 total oop
    $25 total coupons

    $106.10 total oop (including missing reciept)
    $80.65 total coupons used

    1. Hi Juanita,
      You know a few Grocery Games Back I’ve had some problems with my budget and it bothered me but not for long. What I did was simply set a goal so it wouldn’t happen again. The mail in rebate for Nestle that I mis-read for example. I will now make sure I read everything on a mail in rebate form. That mistake put me over $11 on my shop.
      When it comes to receipts Mrs.CBB keeps an OLG Lottery sleeve in her purse and each time she gets a receipt she puts it in there. When we get home she transfers the receipts to the file folder in the office. You can simply keep an envelope in your purse and do the same. When I shop it’s a bit different obviously as I have no purse so I have to be mindful of where I put my receipts which 99% of the time end up in my wallet. When I get home they are the first thing I take out and give them to Mrs.CBB or leave them in the file folder.

      Don’t sweat it.. just make a plan and move forward. You had a great shop this week and I’m proud of you sticking to your budget the way that you do. Keep up the good work! It will pay off for you in the end. Mr.CBB You get Ballot #10!

  3. I shop for myself, my husband and our 18 month old. I include grocery items as well as baby items and cleaning, laundry, etc. My budget is $100/week.

    June 11 – RCSS
    Campbell’s mushroom soup 2 x $1.77
    Quaker Crispy Mini’s 2 x $.99 (PM to SDM)
    Fibre 1 bars (20 pack) $7.95
    Distilled water $1.29
    Eggs (PM to SDM) $2.29
    Egg whites on sale $2.28 – $1.00 coupon
    Tuna 2 x $1.09
    Old El Paso kit 2 x $2.99 (PM to FB) – $.75 coupon
    PC mac & cheese on sale $1.00
    Goldfish crackers on sale $1.97
    4L spring water $1.27
    Brown sugar $2.49
    Resolve 2 x $1.97 – 2 x $2.00 coupon (FREE!)
    Source yogurt (PM to Walmart) 3 x $3.97 – 3 x $.50 coupon
    Tide $6.77 (PM to Walmart) – $2.00 coupon
    Banana’s $1.00
    Cauliflower (PM to NF) $1.47
    Cucumber English (PM to NF) $.67
    Cucumber field $.99
    Salad $1.99
    2lb Carrots $1.96
    Apple $.54
    Potatoes $5.99
    Strawberries 2 x $2.48
    Tomatoes $.51
    Vaseline moisturizer on blowout $2.14 – FPC (FREE!)
    Magazine $2.99
    Jarred baby food on sale 7 x $.80
    Gerber puffs $1.97

    Total Coupons $11.45
    Total Colleague Discount $9.04
    Total OOP $$72.34

    June 13 Walmart
    Ground turkey $4.00
    Pancake syrup $1.97
    Nabob coffee $5.97 – $5.97 coupon (FREE!)

    Total OOP $5.97

    June 14 RCSS
    Oxiclean $4.97 – $1.00
    Bacon 2 x $2.98 (raincheque)
    Onions $1.77
    Green pepper $.91
    Huggies Overnights Diapers 2 x $6.94 – 2 x $2.00
    Safety lock for cupboard $3.99

    Total Coupons $5.00
    Total OOP $26.47

    Total for the week $26.47 + $5.97 + $72.34 + $1.99 (discovered a receipt too late last week) =$106.77

    So I was over by $6.77 for the week but I was way under last week so I did well 🙂

    1. I have to give you credit Jen you are so organized when it comes to shopping and you’ve been doing SO MUCH better since you started posting. Where did you get the coffee FPC? DId I miss a promo? I like how you are price matching as much as possible at RCSS to get your discount. Is what you try to do on a weekly basis then? You get ballot #10… keep up the good work.. wait til you see your end of year figures… I bet you will be happy! Mr.CBB

  4. I do try to use a budget. My goal was to keep the grocery total at about $250.00 for this month. So next month’s grocery bill won’t be as much. I don’t really document everything, but i do try and keep track of what & where im spending so i don’t end up behind on anything.

      1. YES!!! I would love to have the spreadsheet! I really need to see where my money is going and how i can start putting it to better use! Thank you!

  5. I try to live simple=I pay $650.00 a month in rent and that includes hydro. I am on Shaw and i have basic cable, phone and high speed internet at a cost of $100.00 per month inc. taxes. (amout will vary depending on long distance charges & if we rent movies through S.O.D.) So i have $750.00 woth of expenses every month which leaves me about $150.00 a month for everything else.Sometimes i pay less to Shaw one month to get more food. Then i have to make it up the next month & get less food. Its a juggling act, but i manage to keep us afloat. I have no credit cards.

  6. Walmart trip#1
    Zantac $2.22×6=$13.32 – coupons $3.00×6 = -$4.68
    Mousse/hairspray $2.00×11=$22.00 – coupons $2.00×11= FREE
    Perfect10 Haircolour $13.96 – FPC = FREE
    John Frieda Haircolour $12.97×2=$25.94 – FPC x2 = FREE
    Oasis Smoothie $3.97 – FPC = FREE
    Trop50 Juice $4.67 – FPC = FREE
    Cottage Cheese $2.87 – FPC = FREE
    Natrel Baboo $3.26 – FPC = FREE *donated to the foodbank*
    Eggo Waffles $2.77×4= $11.08 – FPC x4=FREE
    Great Grain Cereal $4.97 – FPC = FREE
    Dr.Oetker Mousse $1.87 – FPC = FREE
    Glade Expressions Kit $8.97 – FPC = FREE
    M&M Peanut $1.08 x2 = $2.16 – FPCx2 = FREE
    Pretzels $3.67- FPC = FREE
    Popcorn $3.27 – FPC = FREE
    Twisto crackers $2.67 – FPC = FREE
    V8 Fusion $3.37 x4=$13.48 – FPC x4 = FREE
    2L Diet Pepsi $1.67 – FPC = FREE
    Baby Rays BBQ sauce $1.97 x2 = $3.94 – coupon s $2.00×2= -$0.06
    Cottons swabs $1.27
    Hair colour & shampoo $3.00
    V8 multi buy discount -$1.48

    Regular retail cost $152.01
    Subtotal before tax -$1.95 OOP-> tax $10.84

    Walmart trip #2
    Scrub bubbles $3.98×2= $7.96 – FPC x2 = FREE
    pure protein bar $1.50×4 = $6.00 – FPC X4 = FREE
    febreze $1.97 – coupon $1.00 = $0.97
    febreze car $3.00 – FPC = FREE
    glade expressions $4.49×2 =$8.98 – FPC x2 = FREE
    dr.oetker mug cake $1.99 – FPC = FREE
    life cereal $2.50
    spinach $3.97
    blueberries $1.44
    mini carrots $1.47
    thinsations $2.00 – coupon .75 = $1.25
    bananas $1.41
    3lb grapefruit $3.27
    Pears $1.03
    Oranges $2.68
    Pickles $2.97
    Chard $1.97
    steak spice $3.00- coupon $2 = $1.00
    kolbassa $3.97
    pineapple $1.77
    deoderant pm from 2.97ea $1.99×6= $11.94-coupons $1×6= $5.94
    juicy jumbos pm from 3.97 $3.44×2= $6.88 – coupon $3.44 = $3.44
    peak freans pm from 3.67 $1.77- coupon $1.00=$0.77
    armstrong cheese pm from 6.97 $3.97×2=$7.94
    1L choc milk pm from 2.78 $0.88×2=$1.76
    OOP $53.46

    Reesor Farm
    Strawberries $4.25
    Peas 0.36


    Budget for the week $125
    Overage from last week $42.54 new budget total $82.46
    Total OOP $68.91

    66 coupons used
    Savings $206.08

    **an exciting and fulfilling week! Was able to do some stockpiling, pre-vacation shopping and planned a yummy father’s day luncheon, all while making up last week’s overage!

    1. Wow! You weren’t kidding when you said you had alot of FPC’s good for you. I’m also shocked to see how many people find the zantac. Our city never has it stocked perhaps they will discontinue carrying it in our store as long as the coupon is out. We’ve got quite a few FPC’s we have to use by end of month so I hope you will be just as excited to see our shop. So because you were over budget last week – this weeks budget you were left with $82.46 to spend and you only spend $68.91 oop.. impressive! Good for you… Hope you have a lovely Father’s Day! You win ballot #9! Way to go Barb, keep up the good work! Mr.CBB

  7. Well, in terms of what my budget is… varies from month to month because both my jobs are unpredictable. So, because i don’t have assured hours every week its hard for me to set a budget. That’s why i did a big shop, and i still have to buy more.
    Haven’t used the Glade oil diffusers yet, but the Glade expressions are nice. Its my understanding that Walmart’s police is that there is no tax charged on free items. When i inquired, they sent over a manager? and she got so wrapped up in my coupons that my question never got answered.
    What you see is the price i paid and the total saved is after price matching & coupon used. I had some really good coupons, like the $2.00 off the Dial. The 1.18L was on for $2.97-$2.00. So i got 4.72L for $3.88. Not only is that a good deal, i won’t need hand wash for a long time!! lol So because i have a varied budget, i do try to stock up on things like that so it saves me money for the next shopping trip.

    1. Ok, I understand that’s fine. How do you calculate how much you are able to spend per month on food so you are able to balance paying your bills? Does this type of fluctuation in pay cause you to use credit cards and lines of credit or do you have an emergency fund? Where did you get the Dial coupons from, great deal you got.. that’s awesome. I might just use my FPC’s at Metro or SDM…..

  8. Walmart

    5x Milk to go-$1.00= $5.00=$1.25 saved
    3xStrawberries- 3lbs-$5.00=$1.81 saved
    3xQuaker Cereal- $2.00=$6.00=$1.50 saved
    2x Quaker instant oatmeal=$5.00=$1.74 saved
    2xNesquik chocolate syrup 700mL=$3.98=$3.96 saved
    1xHoney Bunches of Oats=$1.24=$3.43 saved
    6xHidden Valley Ranch dressing=$6.97=$16.85 saved!
    4xCatelli smart pasta=$3.83=$4.85 saved
    3xBarilla pasta=$3.73=$1.88 saved
    8xSidekicks=$6.00=$6.00 saved
    1xOld el paso taco kit=$3.97 reg price
    3xSmuckers Jam=$7.74=$4.47 saved
    48xMr.Noodles=$12.00=$5.76 saved
    2xSchniders=$2.47=$4.47 saved (bogox$1.00 off0
    1xCoke 2L=$1.67=FREE
    1xPowerade Zero=$1.67=FREE
    1xRoyal 12dbl rolls=$4.19=$5.69 saved
    2xGlade expressions starterkits=FREE ($9.94)
    2xGlade Oil Diffusers starter kits=FREE ($17.94)
    1xParkay margarine= 1.28kg=$3.47 Sale price
    2xIsland farms milk(8L)=$9.94 reg price
    1xFriskies wet=Free
    2xTampax 2x40count=$3.33ea.=$6.66=$7.34 saved
    1xAlways 36count=$2.33=$4.67 saved
    2xListerine Zero1L=$3.94=$9.60 saved
    4xListerine Total Care 250mL=$3.88=$12.00 saved!
    4xDial foaming hand soap refill 1.18L=$3.88=$8.00 saved
    1xCoppertone Sport 60spf=$7.97=$1.00 saved
    1x12pack Whiskas wet food=$4.48=$2.00 saved
    1xPurina Cat chow 8kg=$15.97=$5.00 saved

    Total cost before PM & coupons=$278.55 (before taxes)
    Total cost after Pm & coupons=$157.51 (before taxes)
    Total coupons used=$82.60
    That’s $158.28 in product saving!!!

    Thanks for letting me post!!
    Happy savings everyone!
    Paula Agnew

    1. Hi Paula,
      Wow, that’s a huge shop! What is your grocery budget for the week and do you include health and beauty in the budget? When you post if you can put your budget say for example $200 per week.. and this is what I bought this week.. that way you will see if you went over budget or not and so can we. If you look at my grocery post you can post it the same as I have. You used alot of coupons which is great you must be a smart shopper. What do you think about the glade you picked up for free have you tried them yet? I’m still wondering if it’s even worth paying the tax on them. When you type what you saved does that mean the coupons you used? Lots of questions I know. I’m just trying to understand your shop and the way you like to spend your grocery budget. Cheers Mr.CBB.. You Win ballot #8 this week!! Good Luck. Mr.CBB

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