The Ultimate Canadian Grocery Savings Guide

The Grocery Game Challenge June 11-17 Easy Savings!

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I’m often asked how to get the most out of frugal easy cooking and I simply say plan your shopping trip. Know what you want to eat for the week by menu planning and stocking your pantry with healthy foods. Armed with our shopping list we took to the stores this afternoon looking for the best price on the products we love.

This weeks shop I’m afraid is a bit boring and not near as exciting as last week. We’ve been stockpiling when a good sale comes up on items we will need such as vegetables,milk,eggs and bread. Our garden is also ready with plenty of spinach,fresh onions, basil,chives mint, rhubarb,and radish. We look forward to the peppers,tomatoes,celery and raspberries. There’s nothing better than an organic fresh tomato and green pepper salad with olive oil, fresh garlic,fresh basil,fresh chives, onions, salt, pepper and bocconcini balls.

I’m also starting to think we need to find more recipes for rhubarb as we did a freezer inventory of this product and have about 15 bags of it. I was shocked when I was in food basics to see how expensive rhubarb truly is at $3.99 lb. I simply said to Mrs. CBB we need to do something with what have so it doesn’t waste. If anyone has any awesome Rhubarb recipes please send them my way.

Last week we overshot the budget simply because I made an error reading the Mail in Rebate for Nestle Water. So this week our budget was less the $7.95 overspend from last week as well as the 2 wasted Canadian Stamps totalling       $9.35.

So, for this weeks shop we have a total of $64.00-$9.35=$54.65 to spend. We only managed to go to two shops as we really didn’t need too much. We spent under budget this week and will carry the difference over if needed.

This week we also had an amazing guest post called “Knowing Your Price Is The Key To Saving Money On Your Grocery Bill”  by Theresa at Canadian Free Stuff who wanted to help us out here with The Grocery Game Challenge by explaining the best prices vs average prices. She also has a virtual price book you can use to help you out when trying to figure out the best shops to get the best prices.

You can also check out the coupon match-ups for this week here from Save Big Live Better. It’s always a blessing to have this done for all of us, so thanks SBLB!

Walmart Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


1x Baby Rays Bbq sauce $1.97-$2.00

6x Country Naturals Hot Fresh Sausages pkg of 5 $5.47 Reg price- Sale $3.83 all had 30% off sticker and $2.00 coupon attached – 3x BOGO coupons =+.51

Tomatoes on the Vine PM Freshco $0.55

Total Oop=$0.04

Coupons Used: $25.49

The new (2006) Food Basics USA Stores' Trademark
The new (2006) Food Basics USA Stores’ Trademark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Food Basics

2x Dry Chickpeas 1.81 kgs per bag  Reg $3.99 Sale $1.99 awesome price!

1 pkg of 6 avocados reduced price $2.99

4 Red Delicious Apples Sale $1.55

1x Mushrooms Reduced $0.99

9x Chinese Noodles Salen$0.33

2x Zinda Cous-Cous $3.49

2x Garlic 5pk  Sale $0.98

1x Selection Make-up remover pads $1.49

1 Jar of minced Ginger Sale $1.49

1 Jar of sauerkraut Sale $1.79 (Mrs.CBB is addicted to this stuff)

1x Crosby molasses for low-fat cookies Sale $2.19

4x bags of Sugar $1.77 each (jam making season coming up soon!)

Total $34.26

Coupons Used-none

Total spent this week: $34.30

Total budget to Spend this week $54.65-$34.30=$20.35 to carry over to another week if needed.

Total Coupons Used this Week $25.49

How well did you make out this week? Share your shop for the week in the comments section of this post exactly like I have above. You also get an entry into our monthly give-away!

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