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Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks July 6, 2012

My weekly blog picks might be slim this week as it’s been a hectic week for me with Canada Day and Landscaping the yard.

I’ll admit I haven’t gotten so far with the yard but I promise you that once the materials get dropped off I will be a hot n sweaty bloke for days on end.

So far my vacation has been good with visiting the relatives for Canada Day to hanging out with Mrs.CBB doing some of the fun things we like to do such as hiking,making olive bread, walks in the evening and hanging out with our friends.

Picture: Making Olive Bread- recipe to follow on Blog!

This week I was able to get in a few good reads from the blogs that I follow.  I hope you all get a chance to check these awesome blogs out.

I want to start by thanking Jeremy at Modest Money for hosting a poll for fans to vote for their favourite  Top Personal Financial Blogs.

Congratulations to Canadian Budget Binder for taking Top Spot! All Blogs have something unique to share but at the end of the day it’s about helping Canadians save money for all of us.

Here is what I had to say!

Happy Canada Day!
Congratulations to everyone who takes the time each and every day to blog, we are all winners for teaching, sharing and motivating.

Thanks Jeremy for hosting this as I’ve met some amazing bloggers and read many new blogs that I had never heard of.

The fans who read Canadian Budget Binder I also want to take a moment and thank. Without them sharing and reading the blog there would be no blog. It’s all for the people!


Here’s what I posted at Canadian Budget Binder this Week- If you missed these amazing posts please take a moment to read them and share them with your mates.



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