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Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks Friday July 13, 2012

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Friday the 13th Weekly Blog Picks…..are you superstitious?

What a week it’s been for me, busy and our volunteer services for the summer has begun.

My landscaping materials were delayed due to truck malfunction and route delay.

The company is promising me it will be in by next week once the truck catches up with the delivery.

I think it’s a bunch of phooey (is that a word) but ah well, they are the best in the area and I had to custom order our front steps for the house.

In the meantime since I am on holidays and didn’t want to waste my time waiting for my landscaping materials I got on with painting.

The primed doors in the house have never been painted and are still the same as the builder put them in.

As soon as the first coat of paint went on you could see the difference paint can easily make for a small price.

I also added new hardware to jazz them up and they sure look 100% better. 

Well that’s been my week along with some great blog posts I’ve written along with a few excellent guest posts submitted at Canadian Budget Binder…..

Here’s what I posted at Canadian Budget Binder this Week- If you missed these amazing posts please take a moment to read them and share them with your mates.

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