MR.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks July 20,2012

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Good Day Mates!-

Wow, did I ever read lots of blog posts this week!

I’ll be honest it’s been a doozy of a week for me though so I’be been doing some serious multi-tasking. I’ve painted up a storm as you may already know and still waiting for my landscaping materials.

I’m actually to the point where I don’t care if they come in around September as it will be cooler for me to lay my new path and dig the holes I will need.

Next weeks project is to put our new entry door in, paint the garage, and put in the new man door on the garage and cold room. I don’t need a “honey do” list I make them for myself!

We’ve also been busy with our out-of-town student visiting for the month and so far so good.  

Our grass looks like hay as we are no longer permitted to water it without permission. I’m happy to say my front garden will have minimal grass next year after I’m done with it.

There’s nothing worse than spending money on your lawn only for the city to turn around and say, ya you can’t water it. Pointless!

That’s my week.. I hope yours was just as good!

What’s been happening at Canadian Budget Binder this week?

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I didn’t realize you guys were dealing with toasted grass up there too. It’s very dry in Central Illinois. We aren’t under water restrictions yet, but we’ve been warned. Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh it’s ridiculous mate. The funny thing is we spend all this money to make our landscaping look good then this happens and we can’t water the bloody lawn. Now everyone’s property looks like a bale of hay! That’s money $$$ oh ya! I’m put the least amount of grass in the front of our property as I can so it looks good year round. It will cost me more money but at least I won’t have to mow it, water it. Cheers, you as well. Mr.CBB

  2. Thanks for the mention! Those things were bomb. Sounds like you’ve been super busy! Almost sounds super human to me…kudos. 🙂 These heat wave is crazy…we just finally got some rain in our area, and it’s ALWAYS rainy here. Glad to finally have it, though I never thought I’d say that.

  3. Thank you sir! Our grass is green because IT’S POURING DOWN RAIN HERE! UGH! Good thing we’re off to another (warmer) part of the state today. Have a great weekend.

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