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Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks July 27, 2012

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It’s Friday, time for Weekly Blog Post picks and that also means another week has come and gone for us. As the month draws to a close reflecting on the past days has made me realize how busy we get this time of year.

July has been filled with lots of working days, mainly in and around the house and the garden for me. I know this time of year most people tend to be outdoors and super busy with summer family outings.

This week I want to send a special Thank-You to all the blogs that take a minute out of their day to read my blog posts and link up to them. I take notice and am honoured that you showcase something I or a guest has poured their heart and energy into writing for every one of the fans.

Taking a step out of the norm can be difficult especially when numbers mean more than the reason the online journey began, but not so much for me.  I think reason first, no sense trying to push the envelope over the cliff.

The other day I had contacted a blog owner and asked them if they would be interested in writing a guest post. I was impressed with her blogs overall strategy of teaching sustainability in everyday life.

I knew my fans would learn something special from this writer especially us since we are trying to get back to basics in our own budget.

The owner emailed me back thrilled at the opportunity but asked me why I would want a small blog with hardly any readers to write a guest post. My answer was simple, “what goes around comes around”.

On the flip side if a fan of mine has something important they want to share that would help other fans then I’m listening and they appreciate that opportunity.

I can’t tell you the feeling I get when fans tell me that something I said has influenced them.

Giving fans the opportunity to help others is paramount to Canadian Budget Binders overall goals and objectives.

There was a time when I had no readers and another blog owner took me under her wing.

No one knew Mr.CBB let alone Canadian Budget Binder. I sat at my kitchen table with a piece of paper and a pen and brainstormed about blogging and what I wanted from a blog.

Would readers actually want to know about our life and finances?

I still have that piece of paper in my binder today. I was not far off and you know,that mini-session of thoughts really did help me overcome the fear of what readers might want to know.

Canadian Budget Binder is far from being a high traffic blog but I do realize that I at one point was at the starting line, waiting for the gun to sound… GO.

No one was around to listen until Julia came into my life. Now we are sitting at almost 2000 Amazing Facebook Fans, over 300 Blog Subscribers, over 300 Twitter fans and just over 43,000 blog views in less than 6 months of starting this blog.

I will forever be grateful to Julia at Save Big Live Better for the help and dedication for getting me to the next level without even a whimper. She reminds me of the person I am, someone who is always willing to go the extra mile.

I can’t tell you the silly amount of emails I sent her seeking assistance, likely in the hundreds.

I keep them all so one day I can look back to read about how far we have come here and where we started.  I know now why Julia’s fans love her so much and this isn’t a plug for her, she doesn’t need that, they all know.

Sometimes we tend to put more emphasis on the big guys and forget about the small ones. I still remember the day The Brighter Life  linked to a Canadian Budget Binder Blog post titled “How much should my Grocery Budget Be” which was a guest post for us here as well from Aunt B on a Budget.

I can’t tell you how thrilled we both were to have them take a moment to say, great post and share it with their fans.

When these little guys grow up to be “blogger-stars”  I hope they remember how Mr.CBB and others gave them a read, a link, a smile, a like,a share,a mention, a retweet or simply an introduction.

I know that I would  give back to all of those that motivated or guided me if that happened to us.  

So don’t forget the little guys on your rounds, you were once in their shoes and a smile, well I have lots of those to give so should you.  

Keep Hope close to your dreams in all that you do.

So if you want a smile take one, I have plenty where these came from!

What’s been happening at Canadian Budget Binder this week?

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  1. What a great story! The unselfishness and support of fellow bloggers is one of the most fun things about starting this journey. Thanks for taking notice of my efforts and for providing the information you do.

  2. I really enjoyed “Young,Cheap Living- Can Travelling For Work Substitute For A Vacation?” – thanks for the link! I have historically used work related travels to add & eliminate certain destinations from my bucket list. I didn’t do a lot of business travel but a considerable amount took me to places like Baton Rouge, LA and Casper, WY – not exactly must do destinations but I am certainly glad I had the chance!

    1. It’s a give and take when it comes to business and pleasure. Sometimes you have to make the best of it as you never know if you will return. I’m well travelled but none of it is work related but I thought many of the fans might enjoy this, especially you! Cheers Mary… you’re a CBB rock and I appreciate it! 😉 xo Mr.CBB

  3. That is the sweetest thing EVER! Thanks so much for the kind words CBB, but you did all the work to get where you are:)
    So proud of how far you’ve come and can’t wait to see where the rest of the year takes you!!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! I’m a strong believer in what goes around comes around…I don’t let my student friends and relatives pay for drinks or food because I know when I was studying, people used to treat me and it made a huge difference to my quality of life. Great message!

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