Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks August 3,2012

Weekly Update and Words of Wisdom

This week has been a very busy week for me with going back to work after a 3 week vacation and working plenty of overtime.  My holidays were lovely, filled with a picnic and bbq’s, hanging out with my beautiful wife, chilling out with my mates, and taking in some small trips in and around our area. Next year we hope to head to England with a detour or 3 to Spain, Italy, and France. I’ll be doing all the planning for that so bring on the savings!

Although I love to blog I do work full-time (and then some) with odd hours every week. I’ve since realized how much time one needs to devote to a blog for it to gain momentum with the fans. Is it worth it? You know, only the blogger can answer that question. For me, it’s not a get rich, get famous, I’m better than you, bigger than you scheme. It’s a way to say, this is our journey and what we are doing,would you like to join us and share your experiences.

So I leave you today in hopes you do something for someone who needs it just because you want to and not because it’s taking time out of your day and time=money or time=fame. We all need to be thankful for what we have in life and no better time than with someone you can lend a hand to.

I hope your week has went well and thanks again for following and supporting Canadian Budget Binder!

What’s been happening at Canadian Budget Binder this week?

Congratulations to Jen Peacock for winning our TOP FAN Contest on Facebook for the Month of JULY! We are well on our way to reaching our goal of  2000 Fans on Facebook and over 300 Blog Followers!!!!

It was only 6 months ago a few days back that I started this blog and am utterly amazed at the amount of sharing that has built up among our community.

Happy 6 month Anniversary Canadian Budget Binder and Fans!

That’s all the fun we had this week at Canadian Budget Binder but……

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  1. Thanks for putting me in your picks this week! Very exciting! I also love how you share you follow friday twitter posts in your blog! I am so glad you have had such a great time on your vacay……a blog is a lot of work once I got back to work full time mine slows down a bit just the way it is…..

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