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Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Posts Picks Aug 10,2012

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It’s the end of another week here at Canadian Budget Binder and a busy week it’s been. We started off the week with a holiday on Monday which was the August Civic Holiday here in Canada. We spent time with our mates and had a barbeque pot-luck and ate foods from Japan, Spain and Germany. Our favourite was the sticky rice balls. I will be making this recipe and showcasing it on the blog shortly. We brought our Spanish Potato Tortilla and everyone loved it! I hope you get a chance to make it as I’m sure your guests will say the same.

I finally got most of the painting done but will be back at it next week.

I did have a bit of a rough day this week on Wednesday where a migraine hit me out of no where. I almost forgot what it was like to sleep for 12 hours straight, boy was that great.

I’m going to take it easy for a bit as I think I’m pulling myself in a million directions.

Well at least that’s what I keep telling myself. Sometimes it’s hard to slow down when you’re a self-confessed workaholic,Type A personality who loves to help others.

A thumbs up to everyone who has mentioned Canadian Budget Binder around the web this past week. Just know that I do my best to respond as I learn of your links, tweets,shares and the like.

I want to thank-you personally for taking the time to think of us here at CBB, so Thanks!

Some great posts went up at Canadian Budget Binder this week and I read many interesting blog posts from around the web.

I tend to stick to the posts that I believe you learn something from. I don’t mind similar posts that I have read before as each writer brings something unique for our reading pleasure.

I hope you can appreciate the posts that I present to you as I believe they will bring you solid information that you can build on.

 No one has the power to make you feel unwelcome but yourself, so if you don’t feel welcome.. walk away.  -Mr.CBB

What’s been happening at Canadian Budget Binder this week?


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  1. Mr. CBB I know how much you put into your blog…..because you thoroughly comb tons of blogs each week…..exhausting! but you do…..I am very much looking forward to the Sticky Rice balls recipe….I have had them before and I know they are delish….can’t wait to see your version. I am really looking forward to the posts you picked on the “Homemade Fabric Softener” and the blog about canning the Pinto Beans both look very compelling to me! Also hope you feel better soon….I don’t have migraines but I have had friends who have had them and say they are awful. I gave up all regular soda about a year ago and every now and then I have a diet soda when I am at a party and their are no food options for this “eating healthy now” gal! Have a great week and by the way thanks for sharing my Summer Porridge post. Wish I could have included our honey giveaway to Canadian residents but something about import and export (red tape) to Canada…I am sure there is a reason.

    1. That’s ok about the Honey.. I don’t have US contests on my blog Unless a blog owner from the US wants to sponsor one for my US fans which there are alot of. In the future if you are interested let me know. Ilike to add a couple recipes per week if I can as recipes are a part of my blog and i think are important to the overall umbrella of finances and the household. Cheers my dear, it’s raining cats and dogs here.. so I’m off to empty my barrel. Cheers Mr.CBB

  2. Just read through and decided to check the Meatless Monday link. It’s a great idea! I’ll have to see what the hubby thinks of it. I would rather do it for the health benefits then for the $. We’re also going to cut out Diet Coke soon for the health benefits 🙂

    1. I used to drink coke but have since cut that out last year and I feel alot better and so does the budget. Every little bit helps and before long you won’t even be asking for it because it tastes disgusting. Cheers Mr.CBB

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