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MR.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks August 17, 2012

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Mr.CBB’s Week in Review

Well it’s been another one of those weeks in the summer where what you want to get done, doesn’t always happen.

There has been so much rain in Ontario I was starting to think I was in the UK where rain is like Tim Horton’s Coffee- always readily available.

This week I finished off the front entry door although I do have a bit more touch up painting to do. It took a bit longer than expected because of the rain and the on/off of the door due to painting. We are happy with the way it looks and are happy we held out until we found a great deal on the insert and door that we wanted. I’m not sure if I want to do it again although my neighbour casually mentioned he was thinking about changing his door.

Lastly, we picked (or should I say ‘I”) picked the apples this week from the tree with Mrs. CBB down below.

I’ll admit it was fun shaking the tree and watching the apples pop her off the top of the head ha… Ah come on it was fun.. just small little crab apples.

I’m sure she will get me back with something much worse. So we ended up with about 4 huge stainless steel bowls full of apples ready to be made into crab apple jelly although last year it was more like a jam.

Mrs.CBB was even so kind as to take a picture of me for all of you. See if you can spot Waldo, I mean Mr.CBB in the tree!

A big thanks to Femme Frugality for nominating Canadian Budget Binder for the Sunshine Award which is now the second nomination for this award. Cheers FF!

Well that’s all folks, hope you enjoyed your week as much as I did! Until then I leave you with CBB week in review and all the best from around the web coming straight at you from me, Mr.CBB … a.k.a Mr. Wow!

What’s Been Happening at Canadian Budget Binder

What People Searched to Find Canadian Budget Binder on the Web

One of my mates who owns a blog started this and I thought it was a great idea. Sometimes I just can’t help but laugh so I thought I would share the best to date with all of you! Here we go!

How we found Mr.CBB>>>>>>

  • Yahooshi renovations-I’m guessing they were looking for a jacuzzi but it does read good enough for anyone to get it… at least I did lol.
  • Frugal Men- are we being sought after?
  • Pinterest won’t make you skinny- no idea about this one
  • I’m a 27 yr old man not in a serious relationship- am I running out of time? no mate.. take it easy… you have a whole life ahead of you!
  • “F” the police hahaha.. no idea man.. seriously
  • Build your own washing machine games-hmmm I can only think of one thing to do besides washing clothes and that’s on the washer but it’s not a game…just sayin..
  • You only get one chance we me quote- look out someone’s gonna get told like it is….
  • Mr.Corn – hahah one of my favourites but not sure why, just makes me laugh.
  • Mr.WOW Blog June 2012- Ok I know for a joke on Facebook I called myself Mr.WOW once but can’t remember what we were going on about.. I hope no one took that seriously… I’m Mr.CBB but hey Mr.WOW is just as well…haha
  • Biker Easter Picture- Can you picture a biker clad in leather holding an easter egg and fluffy toy?
  • Check my Canadian Credit Score Everyday- If you have to check it everyday you better start pulling out your Plan B and have Plan C in standby….
  • Decent School Girl in Japan- Wrong blog mates…..way off!
  • Prehistoric Man With Time- Sounds to me like you are late mate.. time to pack it in.
  • Quotes on leaving people waiting- Someone’s in for it… never leave anyone waiting or else a quote may show up on your Facebook page!
  • How To Take Alcohol on Cruise Ships- Really I hope you aren’t sneaking that booze on the ship… oh must be how to take a cruise on a budget…. ya.. that’s the post you read! lol
  • Can I deal with the cable Company? If you have to ask someone or look for the answer.. I’m going to say NO!

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