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    Sorry for the capitals, but it pisses me off when people don’t realize this. Even if I was worth $1 mill, I’d still budget – it’s only natural for me to see where my money is going!

    1. Awesome! I know that we want everyone to get it but the harsh reality is that it’s somewhat difficult for some to understand. Sounds silly but hopefully we as pf bloggers can keep spreading the word. If people choose to listen that’s their choice. It’s their life, sad I know but what can you do. Cheers Mate, thanks for dropping in. Mr.CBB

  2. It’s true, whether you’re worth $1 million or – $50,000, you need a budget. I am continually trying to convince everyone I come in contact with of this. Most people spend more time planning their excursion to the beach for a day than they do planning their entire financial future. I hope to change that 🙂

    1. Ha.. that’s so true mate. People will put more effort into planning something that is exciting than their budget. I think, but isn’t the future just as exciting.. no debt,money, travelling etc… odd.. but I hear ya!

  3. I think that everyone should have a budget- regardless of their financial situation. A budget is only a plan for how your money should be spent. Why work so hard to earn money then not make a thoughtful plan for how it should be spent?

    1. I agree with all of you and I think the reader when he/she reads your comments he/she will see that it’s not just coming from me but others that are PF bloggers that live for this kind of stuff. Now if only we could get others to understand what we see and do! Cheers mate. Mr.CBB

  4. I agree with Modest Money. I think any debt is worth working your butt off to get rid of, but obviously there’s some points in your life where you just have to chip away at it (ie. student loans, mortgage.) It’s still good to pay those off early, but they’re investments you willingly go into and aren’t, in my opinion, as horrible as consumer debt.

  5. With a budget and some support from Mr CBB you can do it!!! Budgeting with Mr CBB’s support has made a HUGE difference for me! 🙂

  6. I think if they are asking that question, then they likely should start budgeting. Obviously that debt is of some concern to them. The great thing about budgeting is that it will get you out of debt sooner and also help you reach any other financial goal quicker. So the sooner you embrace budgeting, the sooner you’ll take control of your finances.

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