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Mr. CBB’s Blog Post Picks Of The Week Aug 24, 2012

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Mr.CBB’s Week in Review

Working lots of hours has set me back a bit this week but I never turn down some juicy overtime, although it’s almost every week.

I’ve finished the painting for the time being this week and am now going to use my “secret weapon” to contact the landscaping company to see what the heck is going on.

There’s nothing worse than a business not returning a customers phone call. It’s been over 2 months since our visit, picked out everything we wanted. This bill will be in the thousands $$$ and we get one phone call saying our steps did not come in.

Have we heard a peep since…NOPE! A good reason never to pay any money up front.

So maybe we will have to find a company in the GTA that wants to make some money but first I will unleash….”Mrs. CBB”.

She’s the Queen of negotiations and really enjoys talking on the phone, where I hate it. Hopefully someone will step up to the plate.

Other than that we are taking it slow, soaking up all the yummy goodness in our third organic tomato of the year, haha. The garden is coming along nicely and the peppers are ready to be picked.

Next week….be on the lookout “operation landscaping”. Will it happen in 2012 remains to be seen, but we are being optimistic.

Finally, congratulations to all the PF bloggers that are finalists in the Plutus Awards for 2012 something I will look into more for next year! Some excellent blogs you may want to check out!!

What’s Been Happening at Canadian Budget Binder

Nice to meet you, welcome! Come on in and check out what Mr.CBB has been up to all week long!


What People Searched to Find Canadian Budget Binder on the Web

Here are the unique or funniest search terms that helped land people at this super awesome site…….***Canadian Budget Binder**** Note- There will be spelling errors because that’s just the way the person typed it in.

How we found Mr.CBB>>>>>> Some good one’s this week!

  • How to Make Sexy Oil Shatter- If anyone could please explain this, go for it!
  • Burned on Hot Slide- That will teach you won’t it… **Note** always test a slide for heat alert before recreational sliding activity commences or else risk a burnt arse.
  • My life meanless without you –  My life is meaningless without you.. is that what you meant?
  • Students say yes- I wonder what they are saying yes to?
  • Quotes about dads who don’t pay child support- someone’s going to the pit.. watch out “daddy no pay child support” you in big trouble!
  • Don’t spend too much time justifying- justifying what? at least finish your sentence..
  • Cartoon pizza
  • How much water do you give to a radish government- I have no idea on this one, do you?
  • Can Canadian Universities stay out of Debt- Did you mean….. can students who “go” to University stay out of debt.
  • Best Canadian Budget Blog- Oh ya baby!!! You know it!! Fist pumpin my own horn, but hey it’s like everyone saying their kids are the cutest!
  • Budget Cigarettes Canada- Hate to break it to you but either way you look at it.. it’s a waste of money. I know  I smoked for 15 years but then I was driven to quit and am now smoke free!
  • Hard Working Man- Ha ha.. ya that’s me you got it!
  • You gave me the wrong key- No kidding.. I bet I gave you the wrong address as well ha!
  • How to Find a Frugal Man- Ah.. right here!!! Smiling, Flexing, Running hand through my Edward hair… ha…oh Bella.. You have no idea how long I’ve waited for you.
  • Why couples divorce after 5 years- why do people research this stuff.. there is no “true” answer- It’s life… but I’m betting Money and Love have something to do with it lol
  • Potatoes Balls recipe- Never knew potatoes had balls… did you?
  • Is there a law in Canada to Have Garage Sales- Yes,you have to pay me first then proceed…  a little side income never hurts!
  • “Cool” binders for school- FOR REAL.. who cares? Get your education that’s what’s COOL!

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  1. So this is what people get when they google your blog? Or what they are searching in the search box on your blog? I’m confused lol Funny either way! lol

    1. When you go to say Yahoo for example and type in Mr.WOW… and it generates a page list of URL’s for you to click on this is what they did. They simply were searching for something and for one reason or another ended up clicking on a blog post of mine… some of the terms are hilarious…

  2. Your search phrases are always too funny Mr CBB. You gotta wonder how Google decided your blog was relevant for that stuff. I totally forgot to find some funny search phrases for my blog post today, but maybe I can fit it in tomorrow.

    Also thanks for the mention. Enjoy your weekend!

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