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Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Pics Aug 31, 2012

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Mr.CBB’s Week in Review

This week seemed to fly by so fast that I hardly had a moment to enjoy it.

I’ve slacked in certain areas of my life simply as there hasn’t been enough time this week. I’m hoping in the upcoming weeks to be back to somewhat of a normal routine.

I’m sure most families that have young children or students off to University or College will be busy this upcoming week. With Labour Day just around the corner life will get a bit chaotic.

For others it’s a time to relax and enjoy the long weekend, like me. What are your plans for the long weekend?

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing when kids go back to school but most of my mates are happy their kids are off and away.

Sort of like “don’t let the door hit you on the way out”, ok not that bad. Don’t forget to send your University and College kids off with a Student Budget.

Give them the knowledge they need to get ahead in life. If they take it, it’s their win!

As mentioned earlier this week we have harvested at least 5 tomatoes every day and we actually have 2 baby figs on our fig tree which is exciting.

The nights are getting colder here in Ontario and I haven’t even started my landscape project that I so desperately need to complete.

I’m still looking for a landscape company willing to deliver what I need.

Is that too much to ask? I’m sure that will be priority along with the rest of my “honey to-do list”.

On a good note it’s been 7 months and 2 days since Mrs. CBB and I quit smoking and I started this blog. So much to celebrate but the best part is having our life back and having some amazing fans, so thanks.

I know, not too much excitement at the CBB home but it has been a busy week at the blog and around the web.

Check out what’s been going on and please share your comments and share this post with your friends!

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What’s Been Happening at Canadian Budget Binder


What People Searched to Find Canadian Budget Binder on the Web

Here are the unique or funniest search terms that helped land people at this super awesome site…….***Canadian Budget Binder*** We all need a good laugh so sit back and smile, life’s too short to always whine and complain.

Note- There will be spelling errors because that’s just the way the person typed it in.

How we found Mr.CBB>>>>>> Some good one’s this week!

  • Learning brain-smart way how our brains work– Sheldon, Sheldon, Sheldon….. Is that you?  Well, it’s certainly not Penny!
  • Don’t trust too much, Don’t love too much, Don’t hope too much as that too can hurt too much- WOW! Someone was having a bad day. I hope they found my Mr. CBB’s Fudgy Brownie Recipe...that should put a nice chocolate smile on their face.
  • How much do you have saved?– Not enough and that’s why we keep on budgeting
  • You don’t love me like I do– Hey no one said it was wrong to love yourself, lots of people do. Do you?.. Yes you.. the person reading this.
  • Best RESP in Canada– Hook up the other parents here when you find out, ok… we lost our crystal ball.
  • Tricks To Paying Off Mortgage Early– #1 trick>> Win the lottery! Good Luck!
  • Crock-pot Saved My Budget- Great tip I’m going to see if it will save mine 🙂
  • What are you waiting for? Quote to get married and have kids- Someone is getting the serious “marriage” “white picket fence” 
  • Value Village Found Antique Worth– They never tell me the good stuff, like what it is… meh
  • Why do people forget where they came from? I don’t, but if they are referring to people who come into money or fame, well for the most part that’s obvious.
  • Canada Nurse Mortgage– I’d like to know what a nurse mortgage is. Maybe you want to know how much of a mortgage a nurse in Canada has or should have? Either way… it doesn’t make a difference what anyone has it’s what you can afford.
  • Dollarama York Peppermint Patties- Just because those are better than regular York Peppermint Patties right? lol..
  • HBC card works at Value Village- Imagine that… shhh you don’t want to tell too many people.
  • Unless You Willing to Pay, Spongebob- Is Spongebob code word for pimp boss in Canada. Pay Spongebob, or else?
  • What do budget binders look like? – They are big and hairy.. you might not like them. (a budget binder is a binder with sheets of paper in them where you document your expenses and income or a spreadsheet)

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  1. lol…I always buy my peppermint patties at the dollarama but it wasn’t me who searched that!

    Congrats on 7 months of quitting smoking! It’s hard work but well worth it! Keep up the great work with quitting smoking and the blog! 🙂

    1. Honestly I’ll admit I thought about you but only because I know I saw it in your grocery game post once. Thanks.. it was hard as you know, you went through it but we keep on going with motivation… Cheers Mr.CBB

  2. Congrats on your quitting smoking – something that’s very tough, and something that I’m battling everyday. Yet I lead a great healthy lifestyle in other faucets of my life. Sad, I know!!

    Thanks for the mention of my article, glad you enjoyed the read. Are you staying in the city or heading out?

    1. I probably wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for Mrs.CBB as she was the one who motivated me to quit. I’m happier than ever mate, didn’t think I could do it, but I did. I’m staying in as I’m working this weekend. What are you up to? Mr.CBB

  3. Congratulations on 7 months + not smoking. Such a wonderful thing. It pains me to see people struggling with cigarette addiction as many of my relatives suffered from smoking related illnesses. Now you’ll be able to be around for everyone much longer! I agree with you, this week did fly by. Where did the time go? I am in Ontario too, and am welcoming the cooler weather, until it gets too cool that is. 😛

    1. I was just saying to Eddie at Finance Fox that it was one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do in my life, but I did it. One can’t tell someone they need to quit or should quit it has to come from inside. So although Mrs.CBB motivated me I took her challenge on as inside I really did want to quit but didn’t know how. Cheers MR.CBB

  4. Yes, congrats to you and the Mrs. on quitting smoking. Besides the health benefits I am sure your wallet has benefited from quitting, have you calculated how much money you have saved during that time by not purchasing cigarettes? I am sure it is quite a bit! Will try to check some of these blogs out if I can find any free time.

    1. I was going to do the math today but time was not on my side as this is a big weekly post for me. Yes please check out some of the posts… that’s why I post them, for all of my fans. Thanks Joanna for reading and thanks for the congrats… maybe we can inspire others as well. Mr.CBB

  5. Thanks for the mention Mr CBB. And no problem about the recent help. I have to say your search keywords are pretty tame this week. The one with Spongebob intrigues me though. Enjoy your long weekend!

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