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Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks September 7, 2012

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Mr.CBB’s Week in Review

Zoom, Zoom that’s how my week has gone once yet again but I am optimistic I will keep the engine rolling right through the weekend. A shout out to all the Personal Finance Bloggers at Fin-Con 2012 whom I’m sure are having a great time will come back fully charged with lots of information to share. Learning from each other and sharing were 2 of my number one priorities when starting this blog, not money (obviously as I’m still not making any).

Thanks to everyone who mentioned Canadian Budget Binder in the past week, much appreciated. It’s been lovely to see people taking the time out to say I read something of yours and I want to share it with my fans as well. The only competition in the Personal Finance world is the competition you set up for yourself.

No one likes someone who always talks about themselves so spread the word and tell others about ways they can learn.

So, a big thanks to everyone that took the time to mention Canadian Budget Binder or simply stopped in to leave a comment or chat with me on Facebook and Twitter!

What’s Been Happening at Canadian Budget Binder

Not alot going on around Canadian Budget Binder as I’ve been a busy boy at work training to be the best I can be. I think when we stop learning, life just gets boring. On a semi-good note I posted our Net Worth Update this week and we are pleased to say we have enough cash to pay off our mortgage.

However as good as this should sound to us we simply aren’t sure if that is the right decision at this time. How can decisions in life be so difficult?

Risk is what sets us back if we let it take over so the both us need to take charge and sort out our options soon.

What People Searched to Find Canadian Budget Binder on the Web

I’m continuing with the search terms of the week as I think it adds some spice to Mr. CBB’s Blog picks and hey who doesn’t like a laugh. Sometimes I just can’t help but laugh so I thought I would share the best to date with all of you!

How we found Mr.CBB>>>>>>

  • Open Concept Frugal Kitchen-I need me an open concept frugal kitchen.. wonder where I can buy me one!
  • Chocolate Hankering- Ha, ya I get those once in a while as well but I don’t search on-line for it…
  • I will wait for you- no comment
  • I love you Mr.CBB- I think I have a fan who thinks this frugal bloke is sexy, that or my bank account, have you met my wife yet?. (ok I ran with it and plugged a post of mine.. why not!)
  • Any geocaches at Canada’s Wonderland?
  • Mr. Get it On. com – What? You won’t be getting on nothing here unless it’s a budget you crave.
  • Organizing My Backyard for Winter- Sometimes it’s too easy isn’t it.
  • Do Laundry after 9- That’s great we do our laundry after 7
  • What not to say to my wife’s divorce lawyer- haha.. better just to keep it shut mate.
  • Another place to stash- at least finish your sentence geesh.. stash what?
  • How Can I Budget to save- Easy.. spend less than you earn.
  • Where to get cool binders?- Yep the successful one’s get the cool binders. Who cares.. bloody hell
  • Takes a real man to put his foot down- haha I guess so
  • No OSAP Money Yet- One day you will wish you never got it at all… unless of course you are the rare few that make 6 figures to start after University or College.

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  1. I read Finance Fox’s article on protection, the only time I got that was when we bought our currant gas stove. It replaced one that we had problems with (a sensor crapped out a couple of times on it so I couldn’t use the oven) and I bought a floor model. I saved enough on it to pay the taxes, delivery charges, and the extended protection with change left over. It’s the only time we did that and it did pay off as the igniter crapped out a couple of weeks before the extended period ended…..the repair didn’t cost us anything and would have been over a hundred dollars. Not that we kept on with it when that expired.We’ve turned down mortgage insurance too, never had it and never will. My husband had a bad fall in 2009 and was off work for a while, when we went in to talk to the bank the girl that does the loans there was rather snippy when she told us that if we had got the insurance the bank would have taken over the payments….maybe so but I wasn’t impressed with her attitude. Then last year when we had the mortgage come up for renewal, she insisted that we had to get an appraisal and re-write the mortgage (all at our expense) I have found her to be pushy at times and would really rather not have to deal with her. If it was up to me, we would be looking for a new bank. Hubby won’t change and really, we’ve been with this bank for 30 plus years.
    Oh and for a laugh we keep getting robo-calls from some company about some important information about our credit cards, don’t worry there’s nothing wrong with them…..that’s about when I hang up. If there really was a problem I seriously doubt we’d be getting a recorded call!!

    1. We keep getting that robo call as well about the credit card. The only time we bought the extended warranty was on a laptop that Mrs.CBB bough about 7 years ago and that’s about it. It did pay off as she needed a new motherboard which was replaced. Glad you read some of the articles I posted. I like to pick the best ones I think my fans might relate to. Cheers Mr.CBB

    1. Nice to meet you! I’m Mr.CBB and ya I hang out with the coolest bloggers 😉 Great blog by the way I’ve reading around. Look forward to your future posts and maybe a guest post one day :-). Cheers Mr.CBB

    1. Anytime.. hopefully life will get back to normal soon and I can catch up with everyone’s blog posts. I’ve been leaving it all until the last minute….but I do manage to read them all. Cheers Mr.CBB

  2. You are always welcome for the mentions – I love your posts, whether they are yours or from a guest. And thanks for promoting my twitter feed. Much appreciated!

    1. You’d be surprised to know that I read every post of the people I follow. I sure do learn alot although I don’t always have the time to comment on each one. Lately I’ve been leaving alot of it to Thursday evening and reading and commenting alot. Time is money they say! Now I just need to make some. Cheers Mr.CBB

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