The Grocery Game Challenge-Sept 24-Sept 30, 2012~ It’s Fall!

The Grocery Game Challenge and Canadian Couponing go hand in hand because we know that using coupons we can lower our grocery budget significantly. We also know that Canadian Coupons can come from various outlets such as Canadian coupons from tear pads, mailed Canadian coupons, printable Canadian coupons, Canadian insert coupons etc. The point I wish to stress is to keep your eyes open for coupons and don’t be shy to ask for them. The savings from one product may off-set the cost on another product that might cost you out the nose.

Now that the Fall is here don’t forget that shops may put end of season products on offer and now is the best time to stock up for next year. We often buy in bulk when we see the opportunity or an end of season sale because in the long run it will save us money in our grocery budget or our overall budget. The hard part is sticking to the monthly budget while buying bulk items which can be a challenge and where most people fail. They fail to see that although they are getting deals and using coupons they are STILL spending more than they earn or more than they have budgeted.

If you don’t know what you are spending every month, if you are not documenting it, come post your shop. If you want to know how to start saving money on groceries in Canada post your shops. I’m betting after one month you will see, just like we did last year how much MORE we were spending rather than saving even with coupons.

Happy Fall and enjoy all the beautiful colours.

Coupon Match-Ups

Here are your Coupon Match-ups for the week compliments of Save Big Live Better one of my favourite Couponing sites for finding the hottest grocery deals in Canada!


  • 2x Neilson Cream Sale $2.00
  • 1x Activia Sale $2.87- $1.00
  • 6x Bags of Sugar Sale $1.87 PM Freshco
  • 2x Eggs Sale $1.87 PM Freshco – $1.00 coupons
  • Broccoli Sale $0.79 PM Freshco
  • Seedless Cucumber Sale $0.79 PM Freshco
  • Lettuce Sale $0.57 PM No Frills
  • Bean Sprouts Sale $0.88 PM No Frills

Total Coupons Used: $2.00

Total Out Of Pocket: $22.86


  • 2x Lactancia Milk $3.99- $1.00

Total Coupons Used: $2.00

Total Out Of Pocket: $5.98

Weekly Grocery Game Challenge Results for Mr. and Mrs. CBB

  • Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $190.00
  • Total Coupons Used this Week : $4.00
  • Total Spent This Week:$28.84
  • Total Spent So Far for September: $7.26+$89.88 +63.41+ $28.84=$189.39
  • Total Over/Under spend this shop: $0.61
  • Total Over/Under spend for the month of September: $0.61
  • Total Left to Spend for the Month: $0.61
  • Total Coupons Used This Month : $4.00+$51.37+$1.00+$28.00= $84.37

Weekly Overview:

We were cutting it close this month but we were trying to eat up what we already have in this house. We saved an additional $84.37 on top of regular savings using coupons this month. If someone says they are a waste of time, well hey, keep on spending like you do. I’m not here to judge.

With the gardening season coming to an end we have so many vegetables from our garden we haven’t had to purchase too many. I’m hoping from now until December we can stick to the budget and we will need all of your support just like I give to you each week. So please motivate and inspire not only yourselves but me to only spend what we have in our grocery budget-Mr.CBB

I’ve added a Template to the Grocery Game Rules Page which will make it easier for you and for everyone else to follow your shops. It will keep you nice and organized each week so you know your numbers. It looks like the picture below.

How well did you stick to your Grocery Budget This Week?

What are your end of month totals?

What did you learn about your shopping habits?

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  1. Store: Item Amount Coupon Disc Total Tax Weekly Sub-total

    Froz. PC Baby carrots 1.99 1.99
    Froz. Corn 1.99 1.99
    Camp. Cream of Mush. Soup 0.98 0.98
    Camp. Veg. Soup 0.98 0.98
    Finish Quantum Dishwasher Soap 7.99 2 5.99
    iogo Yogurt 3.69 0.75 2.94
    Kraft P. Butter 3.99 3.99
    2L 2% Milk 3.19 3.19
    NN Baking Soda 0.99 0.99
    Fruit Punch 2.37 2.37
    Worches. Sauce 2.99 2.99
    Molasses 2.49 2.49
    Prego Spag. Sauce 1.99 1.99
    Rasp. Spread 3.79 3.79
    Pumpkin Puree 2.99 2.99
    Whole Wheat Bread 2.2 2.2
    Bacon 5.99 5.99
    Chicken 7.93 2 5.93
    Ham Steak 3.99 3.99
    Med. Ground Beef 7.59 7.59
    Pork Chops 5.3 5.3
    Egg Rolls – Veggie 4.99 4.99
    Engl. Cucumber 0.97 0.97
    Sweet & Sour Pork (Deli) 4.83 4.83
    81.45 1.04 82.49

    Giant Tiger (Sept 25)
    10lb Wh. Potatoes 3.97 3.97
    Always Pantyliners 1.67 1.67
    5.64 0.22 5.86

    Shoppers (Sept 29)
    Royale Facial Tissue (x4) 2.76 2.76
    Royale Facial Tissue 0.89 0.89
    Carefree Pant. Liner 3.49 3.49
    Ritz Crackers 1.99 1.99
    Catelli WW Pasta 1.79 1.79
    Uncle Ben’s Rice 0.99 0.99
    Lipton Side Kicks 0.99 0.99
    Quaker Mini Rice Cakes 0.99 0.99
    Majesta Bathroom Tissue (x2) 9.98 1.00 8.98
    Campbell’s Mush. Soup (X2) 1.38 1.38
    Raisins 1.99 1.99
    Butter 3.49 3.49
    Eggs 2.29 2.29
    Baxter Sour Cream 2.99 2.99
    Neilson Milk Shake 0.99 0.99
    36.00 2.48 38.48


    Weekly budget 100 amount spent 126.83 -26.83
    for 2 adults
    23.48 carry forward from last week
    -3.35 overspent

  2. So after a few conversions with the hubby we sat down and redid our budget and are really wanting to stick to the $100 a week for food, cleaners and haba items and the $150 for the 10% tuesday week if I plan a big shop. It is a much needed that we are strict with this and have made it a $200 cash for two weeks since we have a double pay day we take it from that week. So I may spend more in one week than another but amount I have to spend will stay the same.
    We usually do a few shops at the same places throughout the week if time alllows or if we forgot things.
    .99 kaiser buns
    $1.89×2 marshmallows
    $2.99×2-$4C sch naturals smokies
    $4.99-.75C cheese
    $4.99 creamsicle ice cream
    $2.99 chips
    .88 kit kat
    $1.50 3pk gum
    $21.81 total oop
    $4.75 total coupons

    .88×4 gravy mix
    $1.69×2-2cz fpc coupon zone flavour packs
    $2.99x$2 tostitos chips
    $4.37-fpc dip
    $2.47-$2C astro yogurt
    $4.48 swiss cheese
    $2.98 garlic-for the garden but I kept some of it for the kitchen
    $2×2-$1.50C international creamer
    $2.66×2-$2C eggs dzn
    $1.33×2-$2C evaporated milk
    $1.88-.75C rice thins
    $1.97×2-$2C fruit snacks
    $2.97 maragrine
    .99 red beans
    $1.88 croutons
    $33.06 total oop
    $18 total coupons

    $1.87 twizzlers
    $1.50 cake frosting
    $1.57 gv ranch
    $1.33×6-$6C evaporated milk
    $7.01 total oop
    $6 total coupons

    $61.08 total oop
    $28.75 total coupons

    We are under budget again 🙂 Horray…………Happy dance………
    Unsure if we are doing thanksgiving dinner yet, but it will have to be done under budget for sure!

    1. Hi Juanita!
      Glad to see you are doing the Happy Dance!!! I’m happy to hear that you both took the time to look over your budget and make the needed changes. So often I hear of only one person in the relationship tackling this job but both should be involved. Sounds to me you are both on the right track. Love that feeling as well. See we can accomplish anything if we put our minds to it. What other ways have you both thought of to stick to your new budget?
      Keep up the great work… you did awesome this week!!!
      You get ballot #5!
      Cheers Mr.CBB

  3. weekly budget 40.00
    over this month so far 1.15

    did not shop this week as I was in the hospital
    so…….zero spent
    38.85 under spent for the month 🙂

    I am home and doing well now… out in a week….lol

  4. My grocery budget for the week is $92.31 for 2 adults and 1 child and includes all food, household items, personal hygiene items etc.

    Food Basics

    Chocolate milk – sale 4x $1.00
    Green beans – $.87
    Coleslaw mix – sale $1.00
    Cloverleaf tuna – sale 3 x $1.00
    Red Pepper – $.81
    Carrots – sale $1.00
    Seedless cucumber – sale $.75
    Tomatoes (2) – sale $.81
    Bag McIntosh apples – $3.97
    Sliced Cheddar Cheese – sale $1.00
    Maple Leaf shaved roastbeef – sale $3.00 – $1c
    Blackdiamond cheese strings – sale $4.99 – $.75c
    Selection chips – sale 2 x $1.29
    Oreo cookies – sale $2.00
    Goldfish crackers – sale $1.99
    Plastic bag – $.05

    Coupons used: $1.75
    Total oop – $30.42

    Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $400.00
    Total Coupons Used this Week : $1.75
    Total Spent This Week:$30.42
    Total Spent So Far for September: $91.00 + $82.3 4 + $124.48 + $30.42 = $328.24
    Total /Under spend this shop: $61.89
    Total /Under spend for the month of September: $71.76
    Total Left to Spend for the Month: $71.76
    Total Coupons Used This Month : $1.75 + $13.73 + $14.25 +$13.25 = $42.98

    So I had another good month and was under budget. I will see how this next month goes and will look at perhaps making some adjustments, maybe I have over estimated what I need to spend on groceries. My freezer is getting down though so we will see. I really have been saving since posting my shops on the grocery game challenge. I’ve also been using more coupons.

    1. Hi Joanna!
      I was just saying to Joanne who was also under budget for the month how proud I am. She is also thinking she has budgeted too much for grocery and may do a no shop week or lower her budget by $25 per month and put it towards her Christmas. I am so proud of all of you. Posting and document our family shop has helped us go from $600 to $190 and it’s about posting, accountability and motivation from all of you. You may not all know it but you all motivate and challenge us to stick to our budget. We know we will be posting for all of you to see so we want to stick to the budget, come up with new frugal healthy recipes and are cutting down on any convenience foods. We have learned so much about our eating habits this year and where we can save and where we spend far too much money on crap. I hope we can make it even better for next year. Thanks for playing and I’m so happy to hear of your success. Keep up the great work.. you are inspiring to all of us. How do you like the layout.. I like how I can read your breakdown at the end easily. The only part I struggled with was the over and under budget …where I wasn’t sure if it was over or under… You get ballot #30 for the month. Good Luck! Mr.CBB

      1. Same thing here, trying to make more healthy meals and less convenience foods. The game has really helped me as well to cut down on my spending. I am going to give it one more month to see and then perhaps will follow Joanne and cut back the grocery budget only I hope to bank the savings instead of using it elsewhere in the budget. I already have budgeted in Christmas and birthday gifts. I also like the new layout as it makes it easy for everyone to follow if we are all doing the same thing. I think we all inspire each other here.

        1. hey Joanna,
          Thanks I’m glad you like the new layout, me too. I’m sure once I go self-hosted with my blog I can get something more sophisticated but for now this will do. I think that would be awesome to start a “what I saved from my grocery budget’ category. This will truly open your eyes as to how much you saved and how much time you invested in making positive changes for your family. I’m so excited to see how much we spent last year compared to this year. We realized we didn’t need to stockpile tonnes of food because we honestly still have not gone through it all and for the most part if we bought granola bars etc we would eat them and we simply don’t want that in our home any longer. IF we want a treat I will bake one here and there. Using dry beans and coming up with homemade recipes, eating less etc has all contributed to a lower budget. It all makes sense to us but for everyone else they have to do what makes sense to them. We can all do this together and hopefully have a virtual “look what we saved this year” party! Mr.CBB

  5. Larry likes his English Muffins with Cheez Whiz (I know). I use 1/2 an english muffin to build open faced sandwiches. Got some lovely tomatoes today so I see that in my near future! 😀

    1. Mmm tomatoes on english muffins… sounds good to me.. I do not like cheese whiz at all.. tried it.. won’t ever eat it again.. I’m not a fan of cheese anything unless it’s proper cheese. Mrs.CBB likes that cheese whiz on celery.. not this bloke.. ha.. Have a good night Mary!

  6. Here’s my shop for the week…didnt actually stock up on meats like i had planned…bought enough to last for almost two weeks when i go shopping again….


    Stuffing 1.00×2=2.00 ( Hubby adores it…i do make my own…but he wanted it as a midnight snack..weird i know)
    Hotdog buns 3.39-1.70=1.69
    hamburger buns 2.89-1.45=1.4

    No coupons but did have discounts on both bags of bread.


    Campbells beef broth 1.67
    2 LB baby carrots 1.99
    Stewing Beef 5.00-2.50=2.50

    No coupons but did have 50 percent off beef cubes.


    Formula 9.43×4=37.72 (I know have enough formula to last basically until my little guy is one in which he will switch to homo milk)



    Iogo Yogurt Tubes 2.48-.75=1.73
    Large eggs 1.85×2=3.70-1.00=3.70
    Source yogurt 1.97-1.00=0.97
    Ham Lunchmate-FPC
    Club pack breakfast sausage 5.28-1.58=3.70
    Garnier Cream 7.99-FPC

    Saved 1.04 on GST/HST
    Total Coupons=15.03

    No Frills

    Catelli Pasta 1.47-1.00=.47
    Heinz pasta-0.99
    Red cabbage 2.79
    Ice Tea 3.97
    Ketchup 2.17 x2=4.34
    Taco Kit 2.99
    Butter tarts 3.00
    Dinner rolls 1.99
    Chicken thighs 4.26-1.28=2.98
    chicken breasts 5.89
    ground pork 4.60-1.38=3.22
    ground beef 8.98-2.69=6.29-4.00 from buying this and taco kit=2.29
    cucumber 0.97
    romaine lettuce 1.50
    hair clips 2.00

    total coupons used=5.00


    Fabric Refresher 4.00
    OJ 3.97
    candy for my daughter 1.67 and 1.98 (but she paid for it with her allowance)
    cream 2.00
    fruit punch 1.16×2=2.32
    cream of chicken soup 1.67
    shake and bake 2.27
    fries 1.00×2=2.00
    Baby Treats 1.93-1.00=.93
    Baby Food 1.93×2=3.86-1.00=2.86
    apples 2.97
    bread crumbs 2.98
    seasoning 1.34×2=2.68
    grapes 3.78
    bologna 4.67
    bananas 1.61
    lemonade 2.97
    scrubbing bubbles 4.54 (SCOP was supposed to be 2.97)
    Total coupons=2.00

    Total coupons for the week=22.03
    Total for the week=145.09
    I’m under budget this week by 4.91

    So for the month of september i was under buget by 114.01. Going to try to either cut my weekly budget down now to 25 dollars a week…or try to do a no shop week once a month! Appreciate this game so much….actually made me try to stick to my budget…was able to put the extra money into my christmas fund 🙂

    1. Hi Joanne!
      I guess there could be worse things for a midnight snack, right lol… Good going on geting the bread discounts. We get them all the time and always look on the reduced rack. You got a SCOP as well… good for you noticing that. Many people don’t have any idea about SCOP! WOW, you were way under budget for the month… AWESOME!!! I’m so proud of you Joanne! I hope I am whispering to you while you shop. I think it’s a great idea whichever you chose to lower your budget or having a no shop week. You can save that extra money and put it towards whatever is in need for your budget. Keep us updated… I’m so HAPPY to hear when fans are happy to be saving by posting their shops. It’s a motivational group like a weight watchers group where we check in each week. It’s a challenge to stay under budget.. and it works because we all know we have to report in. Love it! Keep at it Joanne! Mr.CBB You get Ballot #29!

    2. I forgot to mention… click on the grocery Game rules on the home page and you will see I have a template you can use each week which will make posting your shop SO much Easier… just copy paste it in.. and you will be able to track it easily and we can see your weekly progress all month. Cheers Mr.CBB If you can’t find it ask me and I will help you.

  7. My grocery budget is $100/week for 2 adults and one 22 month old toddler and it includes baby items, health and beauty, cleaning and laundry, etc.

    Last week I carried a balance over and went over budget and I wanted to make it up again this week and I was once again unsuccessful. I keep forgetting to use the $20 gc I have for RCSS! I am on track to make it up this week to fingers crossed!

    Ahoy extras 2 x $2.49 – 2 x $.50 coupon
    Eggs 2 x $1.87 – $1.00 coupon
    Chocolate chips 1kg (PM) $6.97
    Ritz bites 2/$3 (PM)
    Cloverleaf tuna (PM) 2 x $1.00
    DelMonte canned veggies (PM Fresh Co) 5 x $.77
    Green Giant yellow beans (PM) 4 x $1.00
    Knorr sidekicks (PM) 6 x $.97 – 2 x $1.00 coupons
    Miracle whip (1.5L) $5.00
    NN chicken broth low sodium $1.27
    PC white mac & cheese 2 x $.97
    Peek freans (PM) 2 x $2.00 – BOGO $2.00 coupon
    Rice cakes (PM SDM) 6 x $.99
    Redpath sugar 2 x $1.87
    Yogurt tub $1.97 – $.50 coupon
    ML Deli fresh (PM Food Basics) 2 x $3.00 – 2 x $1.00 coupons
    Tortillas $3.49 (ouch!)
    Chicken breast (PM) $11.48
    Lean beef family size (PM Fresh Co) $6.81
    T-bone steak club pack (PM Sobeys) $11.18
    Apples $4.57
    Bananas $.93 (PM Metro)
    10lbs potatoes (PM) $2.00
    Romaine lettuce $.99
    2lb strawberries $4.77
    Coupons $9.50
    CD $11.54
    OOP $96.95

    Lactancia homo milk 2 x $4.29 – 2 x $1.00 coupon
    Lactancia 1% milk $3.99 – $1.00 coupon
    Coupons $3.00
    OOP $9.57

    Skippy PB $3.98
    Yogurt (16 pack) (PM Giant Tiger) $4.97
    ML Deli Fresh (PM Food Basics) $3.00 – $1.00 coupon
    Bananas $.74
    Coupons $2.00
    CD $1.27
    OOP $9.42

    Totals $96.95 + $9.57 + $9.42=$115.94
    $115.94 + $34.99 (over from last week)=$150.93
    I’m over $50.93 for the month! OUCH! I think I’ll make $33.31 of it up this week as I have $33.31 left in my grocery budget this week with a few more things to buy but I will use my gift cards for them.

    1. Hey Jen!
      Ouch.. you’re over but I’m sure you will make it up. Those side kicks, I don’t know why but they rub me the wrong way.. them and any of those rice in a bag or can dishes or tv dinners michelinas.. all those products are HUGE money makers for the companies who make them. You can buy an entire bag of rice for $5.99 and add some spices and feed an army on what you would pay for a couple of those meals. IMO. What drives you to purchase the side kicks? Convenience? I’m betting in the time it takes you to make that you can make it from scratch! There’s a challenge for ya now hahaha… The apples and tortillas I found were pretty pricey as well but they always are. The apples in some shops have come down in price but some shops wan $1.47 lb.. ouch. Sugar and eggs were a great deal and the eggs are even cheaper this week. Gotta love that $1.00 coupon. Keep at it Jen! Like Mary we will start to track our overage and make sure we carry it to the next week then month if we have to in order to correct it so it doesn’t affect our end of year total. This year will be off but next year I’m going to number crunch and make sure we stick to the budget all year even if I have to make sure the next month to spend less… Cheers mate.. You get ballot #28! Don’t forget your challenge …. are you up for it? 😉

  8. Grocery Accounting for Sept 24-30


    2 dozen Dempster English Muffins $5.99

    Total Spent at Costco $5.99

    Save On Foods

    1 dozen eggs $2.79
    1 Western Family Boccoli Slaw $3.49
    Total Spent at Save On Foods $6.28
    Save On Foods
    1 Warehouse pkg chicken thighs $16.28
    1 pkg spinach $3.49
    2 Walla Walla Onions $3.13
    4 potatoes $3.42
    2 cans Western Family sliced beets $4.58
    2 cans white kidney beans $4.38
    1 doz Western Family large eggs $2.79
    1 pkg Western Family small shells $2.79

    Total Spent at Save On Foods $40.86

    Total Out of Pocket This Week: $47.14

    Monthly Grocery Budget = $190/4 weeks = $47.50 per week

    Actual September Grocery Spent: 11.03+109.20+47.14 = $167.37 but when you add the $44.78 overage from last month, my total is = $212.15.

    So, I am still over budget by $22.15 on my annual groceries budget, even though I was under $22.63 on the month. I will get this overage eliminated as soon as I can though. 🙂

    1. Hi Mary!
      How do you like to prepare your english muffins? My mum used to make them all the time with butter and marmalade or with eggs on top. I love them. I think you are doing awesome even with the tiny bit of overage and wanting to catch it. Next year we are going to do exactly what you are doing and carry over the overage so we can make up for it to stay on track. I never really thought to do that. Cheers Mary!! Mr.CBB You get ballot #27 Good Luck. 🙂

  9. I was doing pretty good until the hubby decided he wanted some treats…. oh well. The only place I went was the Foodland across the street
    Sept 23
    2 chocolate milk 1l @2/3.00
    2 spaghetti sauce@1.79– 3.58
    1 pkg cole slaw-1.99
    1pkg frozen veggies for stir-fry-3.49
    1 box of gravy thickener-3.99
    1 bag apples-3.99
    1 bottle of pancake syrup-3.99
    1 4l bag milk-5.49
    1 12 case gingerale-5.78
    1 pkg smokes-9.69
    Total $51.79, no coupons

    Sept 24, treat run
    1 500ml chocolate milk-1.99
    1 pkg licorice- 2.79
    1 box froot loops-4.99
    Total- $10.39, no coupons

    Sept 26
    1 raison bread-3.19
    1 parmesan cheese-5.99
    1 pkg smokes-9.69
    Total-$20.13, no coupons

    Sept 28
    4 mac and cheese packs@.50-2.00
    2 can pineapple bits@.99-1.98
    3 cans spaghetti sauce@1.33-3.99
    1 pkg wafer cookies(treat)-1.49
    1 10lb bag potatoes-1.97
    2 lg eggs@2.58-5.16 ($1.00 coupon when you buy 2)
    1 bread-2.99
    1 raison bread-3.19
    1 4l milk-4.79
    2cases gingerale@5.78-11.56($2.00 coupon when you buy 2 cases)
    1 Iogo yogurt-5.99($4.00 coupon from newspaper)
    1 cheesecake-6.99 (treat)
    1 pack smokes-9.69
    Total $63.14, $7.00 coupons

    Total for the week$145.35, under for the week
    Total for the month-$139.55+$172.85+$147.80+$145.35=$605.55($27.75 in coupons for the month)
    Over for the month by $5.55.
    We would have been OK except for the $18.25 in treats a sick hubby wanted.Still a lot better by $200.00 from last month so it`s still a good start.
    I`m not sure what Thanksgiving will do to the budget in Oct. but it might balance out with the left-overs. Time will tell.

    1. Blame the hubby lol… that’s alot of money on treats $18.25 lol. Yes that was a great start and you know it all takes time and it’s baby steps. I’m curious do you buy a pack of smokes every day? If you separated that from your grocery items what are you paying out of pocket for smokes each month compared to food and whatever else you bundle in your shops? Your coupons are low this month is that unusual for you or about right? What will you try to do different next month? We are heading to the relatives for Thanksgiving so we won’t be cooking here but that turkey and trimmings can cost some money. It’s important to factor in these expenses or holidays when deciding on a grocery budget. OR you can save each month a bit of money for Holiday Meals.. so say for example you know you will cook for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas and you estimate that will cost you around $200 for all three meals then you can save $200/12 and set it aside each month. When the month comes for that meal you have the money in a projected expenses account. Alternatively you fit it into your budget that you already have.

      Keep at it mate… good stuff.. almost a few more months until December and I can’t wait to see all our end of year numbers!
      You get ballot #26

      1. Hubby is the one that wanted the treats so, yes..he gets the blame. Smokes tend to last 2-3 days for a pack, down from one a day when our son first come home from the military. I make him go outside to smoke, he’s not allowed to in the house. The coupons are about par for us, I’m trying to cut down on the processed stuff but if I’m getting it then I try to get a sale price with a coupon if possible. The holidays we usually end up going to my sister-in-law’s place as she is the halfway point for the family to get together. I still like cooking the turkey as I can make so many inexpensive meals from those left-overs!! Example was tonight’s supper…..turkey and rice soup with the stock and meat I had from an earlier bird with the left-over rice and veggies from last night’s chicken stir-fry and rice. Took maybe 20 minutes to thaw, toss together and heat up. The grocery store across the street has what they call ‘turkey bucks’ in Nov and early Dec that I save up to help pay for the bird for Christmas. I’ll be watching the sales for things like fresh cranberries for the sauce and such between now and then. The cost will get spread out pretty good. Sorry about the two entries… I put the first one in, couldn’t find it and came back an hour later to put in the second one…I pressed send on the second one and both popped up at the same time!!!!!

  10. I think we’ll try and participate in this next month – we’re on a similar grocery budget to you and Mrs. CBB at $200/month for two people, although usually come in under this.

    Looking forward to joining the fun!

  11. OK, Mr. CBB. Here it is, the good, the bad, and the ugly. My last shop of the month. I had $130.10 left in my $350 budget for 3 people. I couldn’t get the template to copy so I’ll try to list it as well as I can.

    Local Produce stand for tomatoes and peaches $13.00

    City Market 09/17 (I ran out of some stuff)

    Kashi Cereal 3.99-.70
    Clearance Take and Bake French Bread .79
    Silk Soymilk 2.99
    Lettuce 1.15
    Tax .32
    Total 8.24 Card Savings .70

    City Market 9/22

    V8 Splash 2.09
    Kroger Black Olives 2×1.39
    Kashi Cereal 3.99-.70
    Groger Green Beans 2x.69
    Amy’s Tomato Soup 2.79
    Campbells soup x 4 1.58-.58
    Egg Beaters 3.29-.20-1.00 coupon
    Kroger popcorn 1.25-.25
    Cliff Kid’s Bar multipack 4.99-1.00
    Kroger potato wedges 1.99-.11
    Toaster Strudel 2.09-.30
    Wonderkids bread3.79-1.29-1.00 coupon
    Kroger Colby/Jack Cheese 2×2.99-1.00-1.00 coupon
    Kroger Sour Cream 1.69-.69
    1lb Bacon 4.49-.99
    1.85lb Red grapes 21.99lb 3.68
    Salad Greens 1.49-.80 coupon
    Whole Pinapple 3.99
    Celery 1.60
    4 ears yellow corn 1.34
    Tax 2.18

    Total=48.86 Card Savings=9.37 Coupon Savings 3.00 Total Savings 12.37

    Safeway 9/22

    Nature Valley Granola Bars (only thing hubby will eat for breakfast) 2.79
    Quaker Granola Bars 4×3.49-1.24-.50ecoupon
    Keebler cookies 4.19-2.20
    Ragu Pasta Sauce 4x 2.20-.95
    Chips Ahoy cookies 4.19-1.19
    Campbells soup x 2.49-1.00
    V8 V-Fusion 3.99-1.00-1.00 coupon
    propel water 1.39-.51
    Dr Pepper 12 pk 6.29-6.29 (free!)
    Dreamfields Low Carb pasta 2.69-.69
    Safeway 16 oz yogur 1.89
    Safeway Ice Cream 5.99-3.00
    Safeway Pizza 2x 4.49-1.00
    Silk Almond Milk 2x 3.19-3.19 BOGO coupon
    Silk Vanila soymilk 2.50-1.30 coupon
    Lean Pockets 2.59-.59
    Sugar Free Jello 2.99

    Total 50.93 Total Card Savings 24.83 E coupons 11.65 Paper coupons 1.30 Total savings 37.78

    I thought we were done BUT after having the discussion that we would give up potato chips or crisps as you call them, my husband went out and bought ingredients for homemade Chex mix which cost 14.65. Yes, I would have used coupons and looked for sales, but he is not that patient.He is also very picky and only eats certain brands of things. I think this is a good compromise, as it will make many batches. We’re working on it, but I can’t expect miracles overnight.

    So our total was 135.68 OVER budget by 5.58. Not terrible BUT we also went to the orchard to pick our own fruit for .40/lb. We got 44 lbs! of peaches, apples, pears, and plums. So we spent $17.60 on fresh fruit that is now mostly frozen for later use. If you count this as groceries, we’re 23.18 over this month. If you count is as entertainment, we’re only 5.58 over. I think not bad for the first month, but we have room to improve. What are your thoughts Mr. CBB?

    1. Thanks for letting me know about copy and pasting as I forgot it was a jpeg oops. I’ve since changed it to text so anyone can copy paste. Wow, that was alot of fruit you picked up this month. It all takes work getting the budget down and it will take time. Keep working at it and find what’s best for you,and use up food that is already in the home before buying more to add to it (unless it’s an amazing deal). I would count the fruit as groceries yes. Anything that you eat is groceries unless you go out for dinner we put that under dining out/entertinment which hasn’t happened in a couple years except for the odd pizza. Keep at it my dear.. you can do this!! Only a few months left until the end of the year and we are so excited to see how well we stuck to the budget, especially the grocery budget… You get ballot #24~ Mr.CBB

      Name Your Store ie: Zehrs
      List what you purchased and coupons used below it with bullet points.
      Total Coupons Used: $
      Total Out Of Pocket: $
      Do the above for each receipt you have.
      Weekly Grocery Game Challenge Results
      Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $1
      Total Coupons Used this Week : $
      Total Spent This Week:$
      Total Spent So Far for September: $
      Total Over/Under spend this shop: $
      Total Over/Under spend for the month of September: $
      Total Left to Spend for the Month: $
      Total Coupons Used This Month : $

      Weekly Overview: Share your overall thoughts on your shop and what improvements you will need to make.

  12. Hi! This is what our week looked for us!

    Bananas 1.11
    Mushrooms 1.77

    Total Coupons
    Total Out of pocket 2.88

    Mushroom 1.77
    Broccoli 1.27
    Onion Powder 2
    2x Canned Mushrooms 1.94
    Oregano 1.5
    Tomato Sauce 1

    Total Coupons
    Total Out of pocket 9.48

    Spinach 1.27
    Raspberries 4.77
    Ritz crackers 1.88

    Total Coupons
    Total Out of pocket 7.92

    Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $200.00
    Total Coupons Used this Week : $0
    Total Spent This Week:$2.88 + $9.48 + $7.92 = $20.28
    Total Spent So Far for September: $46.44+$27.02 + $20.28 = $93.74
    Total Over/Under spend this shop: -$29.72
    Total Over/Under spend for the month of September: -$56.26
    Total Left to Spend for the Month: $106.26

    It’s been a good month so far. I’ve been focusing on emptying our pantry, and we stocked up on meats last month, so next month will be higher as we replace the supplies.

    I need to look around for more coupons, but I also have to remember to do the price matching as well! Do you receive flyers for No Frills?

    I also put aside $40 a month towards a savings account that I will give to my mom at the end of the year. Every week, she gives me a bunch of stuff (this week, I received fried rice, fried noodles, a couple meat buns, and some fresh farm eggs) and this definitely impacts our grocery spending. I’m not sure how, or if I should reflect it in my monthly grocery spending. What do you think Mr. CBB?

    Is this going to be a no-spend week for you, then?


    1. Hey Vicky,
      Wow, you had an amazing month however like you mentioned you will be stocking up next month. We do the same as we try to eat what we already have in our home instead of buying more. Yes we get the No Frills Flyers here as well. You can see in the post a link to Save Big Live Better which I post every week which has all the deals for each store and the coupons that match up to them. This is run by my mate Julia.

      As for what you are giving back to your mom- well I would count that as grocery as it’s essentially you paying her to cook for you. That’s what I would do as it’s all about food and the grocery budget is about feeding you. I wouldn’t call it eating out or entertainment as it really isn’t. You are giving back to your mom and there’s nothing wrong with that but I’d count it as grocery if it were me.

      It was supposed to be a no-spend week for us… but we made it right down to the wire. We aim for no-spend weeks but it doesn’t always happen. We won’t go out just because we would only go out if we had to get something. We can always wait for the next week for something that we don’t really need in the moment.

      Great Shopping this month. I would love to hear what kind of dishes you cook with your shopping.
      Cheers Vicky!
      Keep up the wicked work mate…
      You get ballot #22.

  13. My wife is becoming insanely good at couponing. We even have a database set up so that we can easily know what our 400+ coupons are for :0 She is pretty good at matching up the coupons to sales. This weekend we got an all-purpose cleaner for .69…something like $3 off of list price!

    1. Wow, a database.. with the amount of coupons we have and the expiry dates it would be a full time job doing that for us. Good for her! See you now you have $3.00 in your pocket or you can put it towards something that might not go on sale often or ever. Smart! What we learned is we still need to stick to the budget even with coupons. That was our problem,as we got loads of stuff for cheap but we were still spending more than we should have been. We will be tossing out 2 huge bags of dog food because we got them cheap but they are far past expiry and the dog didn’t eat them on time.. wasted money again.. that’s what I mean. Great example. Cheers Mr.CBB… hope your wife can post her shops I would love to see how you both save and what your grocery budget is. Cheers Mate! Mr.CBB

  14. The Grocery Game sounds interesting. I am all for anything that can help stay within budget, especially on groceries. My wife and I have really learned about our shopping habits the past few years and seen that we can still shop for what we need and not bust our budget. In fact, we’ve been able to have about $100 at the end of each month from our grocery budget which has me starting to think where else we could use that money better.

    1. Ever since we started posting our shops John we have amazed ourselves. We used to convince ourselves that we needed this or that but we really didn’t. We have a huge stockpile and alot of the stuff we look at now, we just don’t need but bought because we had a coupon or it was a great deal etc even though we were budgeting last year. Now we are at $190 a month and LOVE having the money in the bank. I hope you can post your shops… there are a few other bloggers that post! Cheers John… Mr.CBB

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